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Washington State Geocoin -ordering Info


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The design is finalized and the order has been placed.


What am I ordering?



The Washington State Geocoin.


The Price?


$4.00 USD each.


How do I order?


Option 1 (PayPal preferred)

Click on the WSGA Coin Ordering Page. This link will direct you to the proper PalPal page where you can order from 1 to 25 coins. When you check out you will be charged an additional $4.00 USD for packaging and shipping anywhere in North America.


Option 2 (for orders over 25 or if you prefer not to use PayPal)

Email me directly at jnmschulte@earthlink.net. I will accept checks and cash at select local events or through the mail. Contact me for details.


Additional Details:


The initial order for 1000 coins has been placed and should arrive in Washington by September 20th. Please allow an additional week for shipping to you. To keep the costs at $4.00 the coins will be individually packaged in small ziplock bags. Coin tracking is still being worked out through the WSGA web site. A few of the low number coins will be given to the people who have helped pull this order together (i.e. Navdog gets #1). The remaining low number coins will be distributed on a lottery to all people who have put in orders of at least five coins (i.e. if I receive 100 orders for 5 coins or more then every one of those orders will receive exactly one coin that is between 1 and 100).

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Is there an order deadline? (gotta wait until payday you know)


There is no order deadline but the first 1000 are on a first come first serve basis. If there is demand for over 1000 there is the option of an additional order. If the first 1000 go within the next couple of weeks we will definetely be increasing the order size.


Within the first 6 hours of ordering we have a demand for about 300 coins. Keep the orders coming.

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Beeee-U-tiful! Worthy of our wondrous WA state home. My compliments to the designers.


I just ordered 5 (does this mean I'm in the 1-100 lottery?), but have a couple of questions:


1. what's the coin made of? i.e. is it metal?, enamaled?, details please.

2. AIS a fine design but hmmm... so is that Mt. St. Helens? As opposed to big brother Rainier? No matter, just wondering - how is it that the former won over the latter?


Can't WAIT to see these sweet puppies, and tuck them in some super special cache!

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I just ordered 5 (does this mean I'm in the 1-100 lottery?),

Yes, you will be involved in the lottery for one of those single and two digit coins.


1. what's the coin made of? i.e. is it metal?, enamaled?, details please

For those of you that have seen a new Moun10Bike Coin, the coin is very similar. For those of you that have not seen one of these, the coin has a die cast metal base (not stamped like the USA coins) that lends itself to a deep relief. The outer ring will remain metal (Antique Silver finish). The inner portion of each side will be painted and covered with an epoxy dome to protect the paint (Moun10Bike has only one side with the epoxy dome!!!),


For a look at the Moun10Bike Coin click here.

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Is there a thymephrame for receiving the coins?  I'm heading to the Gorge on Thursday and thinking what a neat thing to pass out at the Potluck 3:  Columbia River Gorge Reunion  Event by Dan & Janet

The OP said the coins won't be arriving at headquarters until September 20th. Sounds like it won't make it to the Potluck on time. <_<


BTW - I had found one of the postcard travel bugs from one of your past events. Nice idea!

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