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  1. How many people read the 'more detail' link on the category page to see these requirements? If there's specific guidelines maybe they should at least be hinted at in the category's short description. Otherwise, some people are only going to read the "This is a listing of mountain summits and the locations. Directions to trails would be appreciated." and list any summit accordingly.
  2. You could have some nice variables with each listing - is public moorage available, power/water/pumpout/fuel available, max slip size, etc.
  3. On the Seek a Cache page, simply search by state and click Go. The caches will be listed by date, with the oldest active caches in that state on the last page. Below are a few examples North Carolina South Carolina Ohio If you want to get into any advanced sorting options, PQ's and GSAK are the way to go
  4. Each new cache would have to be reviewed and approved, and the difficulty/terrain/ description would likely have to change with each addition. Who would be responsible for maintaining each stage? The owner? Seems unfair (and impossible) for him to have to maintain all those caches (5, 10, 20, 50...no telling how many) he has never even seen. The hiders? Yeah, right. The cache idea, while novel, seems like it would be a GIGANTIC headache for all involved. Not to mention the possibility of devolving into a never ending string of film canisters placed every 0.1 miles
  5. When out with the kids I use a camera bag, a bit smaller than a daypack. With so many small items, it's nice to have the pouches & compartments to keep everything in it's own place. I took the same approach for our hiking daypack - got the one with the most zippers/compartments.
  6. I can picture the hint now Whfg xrrc urnqvat abegu gvy lbh svaq vg.
  7. Spotted in today's Seattle Times King County seeks volunteers to patrol parks as vandalism becomes frequent From the end of the article Park Watch Patrol To volunteer: Contact the King County Parks Department, 206-296-4248. If park users see vandalism happening, they should call 911, park officials said. If they see damaged facilities, they should call the county at 206-296-4232.
  8. Now at $1,156 with an hour + to go
  9. Are these clay or plastic? Does anyone know how well the clay chips hold up in thru the summer/winter?
  10. Wife emailed me this (does she know me or what?) SwissMemory features: 1. USB memory with 1GB, 512MB, 256MB, 128MB or 64MB memory stick 2. Blade 3. Nail file 4. Screwdriver 5. Scissors 6. Key Ring 7. LED mini light 8. Retractable ball point pen Or should I wait and see what Leatherman has to offer?
  11. I see in the photos the pallets holding 14x2 cans - that would be roughly 2 feet by 4.5 feet. 28 cans per pallet times 37 = 1036 (134 short) - are some of these on larger pallets?
  12. Well, if this is serious, I could go for up to 20.
  13. Just wait for this model - you could cache and never be more than inches away from 80 gigs of your favorite tv shows.
  14. Maybe repost after all 9 bugs are out of your inventory? Would be interesting to see how many of the 7 you didn't take are still there by the time you finish dropping off the 9th tb.
  15. For getting the caches into your Palm, check out this site http://www.geocacher-u.com/resources/paperless.html
  16. Will this bookmark feature be used to "rate" caches in the future? As in running a pocket query listing only caches that have been bookmarked at least X amount of times. This should (hopefully) give you something close to a "can't miss" list of caches for the area, as most people will spend their efforts bookmarking good caches. As with any query, you could then sort the results by distance, found/not found, difficulty, etc. Or add to each state's page 'Most bookmarked caches'? Just exploring some possibilities...
  17. SporTrak Map purchased at Costco April 04 D/C 4103, cracks on both middle screws & lower left. Currently waiting for Return Auth number - it's been 3 working days - any idea how long this usually takes?
  18. Sorry to see ya go. Just coming out of my winter caching hibernation to read this today. I'd be willing to adopt Little Bit of Everett History, Sarah's Silver Lake Cache, Everett Night Cache and/or Cast Your Vote.
  19. What Night Stalker said - make A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Y separate multi's, with E, J, O, T & Y all having some piece of the coordinates for Z (a mystery cache).
  20. Just started this year, so my only experience (so far) is with my 3 yr old - he doesn't have a problem with 2 mile walks, as long as we take time to stop and look at whatever peaks his interest. We nearly always "trade up" vs. "trading even" because he has a nack for taking broken hot wheels, etc. As far as 1 or 2 year olds caching, I'll have to get back to you next year on that. My youngest is only 2 months old, but he's got a few caches under his belt, including a Project APE cache. (All of those caches were along a stroller accessible gravel trail, and had my wife, sister, mother & father along - so there was always someone who could stay with the stroller while the rest of us "found treasure"). p.s. It's nice to have two lists of caches to do 1. Regular sized, 1-2 terrain caches 3. Micro's and everything else (for when you're out by yourself)
  21. I know this would probably upset the design, but would it be possible to drill the coin / have a hole made at pressing? That way a dog tag or something similar could be attached with the required info. Just a thought.
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