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  1. I have several caches I need to place for adoption. One is in need of a cleaning and new log, according to the logs I have been reading. I have moved further up North and just don't get into the Lynnwood area like I need to. As much as I have enjoyed them, I can't perform the maintenance needed. I have: Pioneer Park - Lynnwood Slam Dunk Bling, Bling Go Mav's! Roots Please email me as to which ones you would like to adopt. Thanks!
  2. Seems like ages since I have been on this page or went Geocaching! Mostly because it has. Long story short, we sold out house in the city and moved out to the country. Love the new house, but the commute is a drag. However, because of all out focus on fixing our old house to sell, finding a new house, etc. we had to put caching on the back burner. Which brings me to the Geocoin page. I do have my mail forwarded, and my email address did not change, if someone tried to reach us, but when were the coins sent? Who can I check with to see if/when mine were sent. I ordered/paid for them in the early days. Any help is apprecieted. Thanks!
  3. What a beautiful coin. I have mine ordered. Thanks to all those involved for all their hard work.
  4. Sorry to ask questions that have probably already been asked. I have been pretty much out of the loop due to family commitments the past few weeks. I don't want to miss out on the initial ordering of the coins. Is there a list someone is keeping track of for those who have said they want to order? I don't want to miss the deadline for placing my order. Was it decided we are using Paypal? I love the design and would like to see the coins numbered and dated, even if they can’t be tracked. I also really like the sleeves to place them in. If there is a list somewhere, please add my name and email me when the time comes, so I can place my order.
  5. I had a similar case where a person logged a TB number on a cache page of mine. I didn't want to delete their find, the numbers of the TB would still show even if it's coded, so I posted it here and with-in minutes one of the Admins went in and deleted the number for me. It was great.
  6. If you did that you are counting the finder then returning to the first hiding spot and returning the allen key. I would bet money before long someone would put it in their pocket and forget to return it.
  7. You would never have to worry about washing it I guess. Maybe just hose it off every so ofter.
  8. I like the way you think! I am much slower than my male counterparts but do enjoy going. It's been many years since I have backpacked but it is so much fun! You could count me in (and another lady I just got involved) depending on the timing and the hike itself. (I have my only daughter getting married in a week, my parents and out of town guests are arriving tomorrow and after that...well, it's busy.) But, depending on the where and all, would like to give it a shot.
  9. Needed it by the weekend. My dad gets here tomorrow! But I would have gone for the 48 hours. I have only used Amazon once, it was not a good experience. It took almost two months, several emails and then I was over charged on freight, which I did get back. Their prices are excellent, but I haven't used them since. First impressions and all.
  10. We ended up getting the Geko 201 today. I printed the internet ad from Wal-Mart with the Geko priced at 117 and took it into GI Joes (I called the local Wal-Mart and they didn't carry it in the store.) I asked GIJoes to meet Wal-Mart’s price and they did. GIJoes regular price was 134. I took it out and put batteries in it and got it all set up to give to my dad when he gets here in a couple of days. I even tested it...just to be sure it was working properly I am currently using a Sportracker, but I REALLY like how easy the Geko is to use! Thanks for the help!
  11. I have just done straight cammo on the outside of the Ammo can. But one of mine, Bling-Bling, has lots of pretty colors, glitter and jewels on the inside!
  12. While not being one to encourage more rules and compliance issues, I do understand what RK is trying to do. I think it would be nice to have a way to resolve issues outside of the forums when a cachers has a problem. I think the GeoCourt name is an immediate turn off and many people can't get by that. But would it really be such a bad idea to have a review panel to help with dispute resolution?
  13. Sorry the cache was not approved. But I guess it's kind of like placing a cache near/on a RR track. There really is nothing unsafe, as long as people keep an eye and ear out and stay off the tracks when the train blows by. But, people think they are fast, have enough time, can get to it, etc. before disaster strikes. Human nature being what it is, you just know some idiot would try and walk on the ice when it wasn't safe....and then what? Sad but true, many rules are in place to protect us, because we are too dumb to protect ourselves.
  14. The only one close to me that I know of is: Everett Night Cache by 4Chin Seeker
  15. #10 gets my vote. I love the silver tones and the green outer circle balances the back. I think we shoot for an order of 500, to help lower the costs. But is that realistic? Do we have enough people who are interested? Pepper....Are you willing to take orders and money? That's asking A LOT from a person, it will take lots of spreadsheets, packing / shipping, etc. to organize everything. How does this work in other states where they have a coin?
  16. We have several in this area. I don't think they are hit as often as the caches that are 1/1 in parks, but I like to see different caches available so there is a variety of interests satisfied. Go for it!
  17. I think your idea sounds like a lot of fun. I would love to try and find a cache using a 'treasure' map. As long as the symbols are easy to interpret, I haven't attempted any puzzle caches yet, as I just don't have a clue where to start.
  18. These sound neat. I tried to do a search for "Coir" and came up with several pages online discussing, um, you know...reefer. And I found lots of places selling Coir mats. Can I buy Coir in the U.S.? Does it have another name? I'm so confused.
  19. I saved the directions another cacher posted for me. They are much easier to understand than my babble (Also: You can add the back ground while in the design phase, before it is officially listed.): Find a picture you like and upload it to your account information. Next, copy the link to it and paste the url into your cache description with a simple HTML code as follows <body background="http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/46085_3500.gif">. [Where http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/46085_3500.gif would be your uploaded picture.] Make sure you click the box for ''The descriptions below are in HTML''. Last, where ever you need a paragraph to end, add <p> and where you need a return, add <br>. It's that simple
  20. Auntie, I have three dogs, one of which is a newf. Send me your address, I'll be glad to help you out!
  21. I am constantly amazed at how good the cachers are in my area. I hid a micro and expected many DNF's. I think I have had one. I am getting better with the camo and have some very sneaky ones I am working on. Don't underestimate the cachers you will have looking for it. If you rate it a 2 or 3 difficulty and getting a lot of DNF's, you may want to consider editing the page and raising the level of difficulty. Also, if you think it could be a 4, why not pick out a couple of 4's in your area and go and try them, to get a better feel on rating yours. And don't forget, there is a rating guide to help you as you are entering the cache for approval.
  22. Be sure you check the 'use html' box and paste this: <body background="http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/192694_2100.jpg"> Only change the info behind the last / This also means you have to upload your picture to the Groundspeak site first. You can use the location of a different URL where your picture is located, I guess. But since I don't have a web page to host my own photos, this works for me. You can also try doing a search in the forums and use keyword "backgrounds", for more step by step instructions. Good Luck!
  23. Thanks criminal, I would be happy if I ever got a real lunch. Usually it's a Jamba Juice at the desk. But I do appreciate the offer. My daughter's fiancée is Navy. I wonder if they have the Geko at the Exchange? I might have to call him.
  24. BUMMER!!! The only good thing is, I guess we will be seeing you around in the forums a lot more. I feel for you....here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery!
  25. Maybe total removal of the star and center the logo a bit more? Then the entire state is the Geocaching capital, not just a city. But, WOW! The designs look great!
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