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  1. Steve said that the only reason you'd be considering a mini cooper is to make yourself look taller.
  2. I saw the finished product at the Coin event. I was floored by how beautiful it turned out. I'm not a big coin person but had to come in here and post a note to let you know that this is a stunning design and one of the most beautiful coins in my collection.
  3. I don't know about the OP but I know that I love the Lackeys!!!
  4. We saw a Toyota Matrix with a Geocaching four-square & a TB sticker in the back window on I-5 yesterday afternoon. We slowed down and pulled along side of them long enough so I could write down the TB#. Then we moved ahead of them and pulled over so they could do the same with our TB tag #. We waved as they passed us.
  5. I was part of the clean-up crew, I can tell you that the travel bug bucket was empty at the end of the event. I'm sure all of the bugs will be logged eventually.
  6. Not so much an accident as an executive decision. We didn't have the number with us when we found the perfect spot. Since we couldn't get a hold of anyone who had the list we picked a number that we knew wouldn't conflict with another tombstone.
  7. I've been told on more than one occasion that I go to eleven. When planning events our group motto is "If it's worth doing, it's worth over doing!" So I think I can safely say that this years event will go to eleven.
  8. Yeah! It's a shame that this is the same weekend as Champoeg.
  9. Be careful what you wish for. Actually we've heard about the great events you put on and look forward to teaming up with you at some point in the future.
  10. Hopefully you can stop by one of the many events happening on May 2nd. The biggest event of the day will be the Spring Fling in Port Orchard. It's a day long event with lots of fun, food and friendly people.
  11. Does this mean you'll be visiting Seattle while the Maze is here? If so, let us know, we'd love to meet 'n greet (at least, I would, having traded for a couple of your coins in the past). He's going to become a PNW resident. REALLY ?!? or are you teasing us :blink: He really is! All the cool people want to live here!
  12. Awesome!!! It will be nice to see you again!
  13. LR is right, the Gig Harbor/Port Orchard/South Sound cachers are often found in the C.O.W.W.S. pastures. When will you be here? We've been looking for a reason for a casual meet-n-greet in April and we can maybe schedule one around your visit.
  14. *bump* Less than a week away from this event so I'm bumping the thread. Everything is looking good so far, this should be a fun event.
  15. Tag, Your It - A Food & Fun Event Speedway Brewing 1225 Ruddell Rd SE Lacey, WA. 98503 Saturday - March 21 12pm - 3pm Brought to you by COWWS Cache paage is in the works and will be submitted soon! This is going to be a combination event in Olympia blending several things we all love with a fun activity. This will be a meet-n-greet at Speedway Brewing a fairly new place that has great buzz. Here's a little info on the place: Specializing in handcrafted microbeer and Texas style barbeque Speedway Brewing Company began operations in November 2006. A family operation from the start, we proudly put the fun back in dysfunctional. Ever since we raised our first steer, we’ve been interested in BBQ. The beer came later as my dad spent 25 years at the Olympia Brewery, and my “experience” with beer came shortly thereafter. The theme for the brewery came from my background covering auto-racing around the globe and love for anything fast. We hope you enjoy the food and beer, and if we don’t meet your expectations, please lower them on your next visit! You've gotta like that attitude! To add a little fun to this meet-n-greet, next door is a Laser Tag place. Any one who wants to go over for a round of Laser Tag can take a break from the M & G to go shoot things! More details on both will be available once the cache page is up and running.
  16. Are you really set on that date? This event was just published for that same day.
  17. I'm bringing three cases of 'Hormel' Original.
  18. Congrats to you both! Thanks guys! It's been a fun journey!! It was great to celebrate 1,000 with you guys. Trying to get the golden ammo can painted and decorated with out you seeing it was also a challenge. (sorry it didn't get totally finished ) Thanks ya'll! Champoeg was definitely worthy of a milestone..what better way to celebrate! Purple!!!!!
  19. That's my first suggestion as well. If you want to use the sign in the cache then use the sign as the starting point for an offset multi-cache and hide the actual container some distance away where you wont have to worry about defacing the sign.
  20. It's your idea...you get to host it. I vote for a spam carving contest instead IT!
  21. We don't have a garden gnome, they give computers bad mojo. We've had a cache in our yard since 2002, many finds and a lot of good conversations with cachers. I'd say the only downside is that we have had a few people put in the wrong coordinates and wind up in our neighbors yard. Now we have lots of geo stickers and such around the house to make it clear which house is ours. If I was to do it all over again I might not put one out now. But that doesn't mean that I'm tempted to archive the one we have. It does make it really easy to tell other cachers how to find our house if we are meeting there for some reason. I just give them the GC# of the cache.
  22. Throw an event. Trust me. NOT IT! (did we do it right?) You are learning, young padawan.
  23. A great amount of time and considerable care and attention is put into setting Ground Zero for the GPS Accuracy Game.... which isn't to say that a good number of us couldn't do just as well by putting our GPSrs into a bucket and heaving them out onto the field. We have had a player get to within 3/4 of an inch of GZ. We've also had players get to within the same zip code! We urge you to try your luck. Ugh, I can't find My gps unit. With as 'well' as I've done at this the last couple of events I'll do just about as well if I left my gps at home!
  24. This about sums up my 0.02 worth on this subject.
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