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  1. If we got our request in before the "cutoff" message, is it safe to assume we got in "under the wire" and will get one?
  2. (edited as previous poster realized it wasn't the same coin, so my clarification is not necessary. )
  3. ...what do you think one of the .999 silver USA Geocoins would sell for today?
  4. Yahoo! Found one while doing some cache maintenance yesterday! A sweet reward to be sure! Thank you Easter Bunny, "Bock Bock!"
  5. I'm in for one, I am the only male on my father's side of the family that doesn't have this condition. (knocking on wood)
  6. Wow! Shipped 09/15 from Alasaka, and received yesterday. Talk about fast turnaround!! Got two of the .999 silver and one of the .999 silver with gold. They are SO beautiful, thanks so much for making them available-
  7. If still available, I'd like one. (although I bet I'm too late in the game) Thanks Mark!
  8. Puchased two of the .999 silver and one of the .999 silver with gold- In my opinion, there are highest quality and nicest looking coins out there. Can't wait to get them! And, be on the lookout CT area cachers, I'll be putting one of the .999 silver ones as a FTF prize in one of our new caches.
  9. Just ordered mine. I really like it.
  10. Speaking of red herrings...... That was a fake post! haha! I once was a manager for a hotel. One of my Front Desk Agents had $3000 stolen from their float. They were very upset and we had to go report it to the police. On the way back from the Police station, I told them to act happy and relieved.... tell everyone that they Police said it would be no problem to find the person that stole the money and an arrest would be coming shortly (not true). Strangely, the money re-appeared. It didn't work with the coins, but was worth a shot. Well, ya' got me with that one-
  11. "Anyhow .... I had a deer camera at the site and have given them until July 14th before their smiling face is posted to the world -- film at 11." Any photos?
  12. Reviewer identity is quite the soap opera 'round these parts!
  13. You did the right thing, stick to your guns-- jimear1e wrote: "I got caught up in the chase, picking trails with multiple caches as the main criteria. The enjoyment experienced hiking was lost, worried about getting that next smiley. Luckily, I did not let this get to far. Now we cache where we hike instead of hiking where we cache." Amen brother! Words to live by--
  14. Thanks for the update, I look forward to checking them out.
  15. I noticed that the "regular" GC.com balllcaps are no longer available in the Groundspeak store. Will they be offering them again in the future, or is my grungy green cap now a collectors item?
  16. VERY cool- Glad I got in on the ordering! Looking forward to receiveing it-
  17. Being a satisfied buyer/collector of the CT Geocoins I would like to offer my support as well. You guys stepped up to the plate and thanks to YOUR work CT has one fine Geocoin.
  18. I'll take an LE if anymore still available. (email and payment sent) MOO!
  19. I guess I am in the minority, but I got mine and really do like it!
  20. Are you talking about Southbury? If that is the case then what you are claiming is NOT true, and NOT fair to blame a Geocacher for it. Please don't let personal feelings you may or may not have toward a particular cacher get in the way of the facts-- Southbury has the "elitist" policy regarding their parks. No out-of-towners or out of staters allowed, only residents are allowed usage. So, the problem they had was non-resisidents using their parks, (the horror!) not Geocaching specifically. A quote from a now archived cache that was in the town in question- "Hello-We are pretty upset over here at the Southbury Land Trust (zip code 06488, Connecticut). One of our members found some discussion on your message boards regarding several of our town properties and some notations from your posters regarding "ignoring posted warnings 'town residents only'". While I have spent some time on your web site, and it seems your members are interested in protecting the environment, we are not happy about the promotion and encouragement of visiting our parks and land trust properties, unless they are indeed residents of the town. These lands are paid for and protected by our residents and are not open to the public. As we are short on resources, we have little means to enforce this other than signage, which we expect to be respected. Anything you can do to support us is certainly appreciated." XXX XXX Land Manager Apologies for beating the issue to death, but as another poster stated we don't need any witch hunts. If Southbury isn't the town you are talking about, apologies, and if that is the case which town has the ban?
  21. This happened today. Went to check on a multi cache of ours yesterday, happily finding both containers in good shape. Today, I had a Geocoin I wanted to drop in the final for a cacher that had been having trouble finding it, only to discover that the container is now GONE! I honestly spent over a minute looking at the spot where it was suppossed to be blinking my eyes in hopes it would re-appear- Odd, odd, odd.
  22. Apples and Oranges. Moving a couple stones doesn't pollute the environment like dumping trash or oil.
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