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  1. Thanks Matt/Craig - I just registered there, but alas now I must wait til I pass muster... Interestingly, I'm doing a bunch of couchsurfing (couchsurfing.com) in Oz, and I've already fallen into TWO different hosts that are geocachers in the Byron Bay area! As for Sydney, yes Matt, please point me to a bookmark list of "best caches" else drop a couple of gc codes and I'll look them up. If it's anything like Seattle (the geocaching capital of the world, after all) There's probably names of local cachers that are reliably the most creative hiders. Dayspring in Seattle is a sheer genius - if you ever get there, don't miss his caches. Thanks again.
  2. Sorry to butt in here, but I'm visiting Oz next week (actually in just a few days) and... It doesn't look like there's much activity here in the Australian gc.com forums. I also tried peering into some of the .au geocaching sites, but of course can't post anything there. Question is simple: Is there anybody in Sydney (or Port Macquarie, or Byron Bay, or Noosa, or Hervey Bay where I plan to be over the next near month) that might like to show me the Oz georopes/point me to the best caches in Sydney, etc.? In the past, I've met up with geocachers in many of my travels, e.g. a couple of lads for a full day in Taipei, a whole group in Amsterdam on my 12 hour layover there, etc. It's one of the things I like best about geocaching - meeting up with cachers all over the globe. I'm originally from Seattle (with 1k+ finds) but have been living in Vietnam for the past year. I can only imagine that you Aussies are RABID geocachers. So... where is everybody???
  3. Just a quick note to thank all that helped me here. Apparently irisisleuk has posted a separate note both here and in the Dutch gc forums (though of course I can't read a blessed word of them!). In any case, it won't be long now. I fly out of Seattle tomorrow night, and arrive in Amsterdam at noon on Saturday. Meanwhile, Iris, Maurice and Petra have kindly offered to show me around the town, and we're hoping to go after Urban 2 (among others) and sample some cheese and that legendary delish herring along the way. Apparently we're also planning on meeting to tip a few beers before I head back to the airport (dunno exactly what time), but I hope to meet a few more Dutch geocachers before I hop back on the plane to Cairo at 9pm. Can't wait to grab some Dutch geojoy soon! globalgirl
  4. LOL - I can't read a blessed word of this thread but... I just wanted to pop in here to thank irisisleuk for posting it, and to say that I'm greatly looking forward to grabbing a few geocaches with Iris, Maurice and Petra there in Amsterdam during my achingly brief visit. I fly out of Seattle tomorrow night and arrive in Amsterdam at noon on Saturday. I'd surely love to tip a Dutch beer with some of the local geocachers before my onward flight to Cairo departs at 9 pm Saturday night. Dear Iris is making all the plans, so I hope to meet some of you soon. globalgirl
  5. I agree rhr, personally I much prefer a good multi. But with so little time on a layover, I was just hoping for a couple of cleverly hidden trads. Yes, dfx mentioned this, and I rather like the idea of going after the oldest NL cache. Heck, but for finding the Original Stash in Portland, that would nearly be my oldest find. So, it's just a short stroll from the train station? And yes, I like the idea of strolling along, stopping to load up on those wondrously delish freshly roasted herring along the way. Seriously? You can rent a watercycle to do that one? Now that sounds like serious fun! At 5' 5" do you think I'll be able to reach it? -Any{tall}body want to join me? And of course, if any of you ever manage to land in the Emerald City (Seattle) I'd be happy to point you to our very best hides (e.g. "Radio Days", anything by Dayspring, the lone remaining U.S. "A.P.E.", etc. Else if logistics allow - give you a personal tour myself!
  6. LOL Sivota - and I thought the Brits had a monopoly on that legendary tongue-in-cheek humor. Move over Mr. Cameron! But seriously, thanks so much (and if all goes well, we'll name our first born "Sivota"!
  7. Thanks to All for trying to help. Thanks for the link to the NL forums ME, and though I speak a couple few languages, alas one of them sadly isn't Dutch! Nonetheless I spent a goodly time this morning huddled in Babelfish translating the various 'n sundry login screens for the NL forums. I even managed to register and got a verification email back. But after that things went downhill swiftly cuz... While I can feebly wend my way to the "Algemene vragen" thread (which apparently is the "General Asking" thread), suffice that it's proving all too wearisome to try to post in the NL forum. So yes, yes dear Sivota, if you could kindly post a query there on my behalf that would be great. But of course do please add that I need replies in English - dank! Meanwhile, I've created a little bookmark list of some of the caches near the Amsterdam central train station. Curiously, there seems to be a preponderance of multi caches (with unusually bountiful waypoints!), along with puzzle caches. Precious few simple traditionals on 1-2 star terrain for we bumbling geotourists looking for a quick grab in between flights. Nonetheless, I may try to grab the earth cache, along with one or two of the virtuals. But it'd be great if someone could point me to the most creative hides in that general vicinity - even if I have to find a bike or take a bus to get to it. Better still, a little meet up with a cacher or two that Saturday, would be super.
  8. Hi All there in the Netherlands! The globalgirl is off again - this time to Egypt. But I DELIBERATELY set my air from Seattle to Cairo with a somewhat generous layover in Amsterdam so I could grab a cache or two in your fair city. My flight arrives at about noon on Saturday, 28 August, and I'll have had a nice sleep airborne over the Atlantic so should be ready to go when the wheels hit the Schiphol tarmac! I plan to take the train into the city and would love to meet up with a local geocacher or three to grab a few boxes in Amsterdam before I depart that night for Cairo at 9 pm. I've been to Amsterdam before, but it was many years ago, so I'm looking forward to: A. eating a delish herring or three from those wondrous street carts I so fondly remember (did I mention I travel mainly to eat... and cache of course!) B. Hopefully meeting up with a local cacher(s) to grab a few of boxes of Dutch joy. Similarly, I once had a most outstanding 24 hr. Transiet Geofling with local geocachers in Taipei, so I'm hoping to do the same (albeit a tad shorter - 9 hrs. - layover) in Amsterdam. At the very least - can anyone there kindly point me to a few of your BEST hides that might be doable for me while I'm there?
  9. That's some fine whittlin'! Thanks! Can you add the word "Magazine" across the bottom? Email your snail-mailing address to TheAlabamaRambler@gmail.com and I will send you a custom cache container for your effort! Why sure - your every digital wish is my command! Note that I also cleaned up the fuzzy aliasing on the bitty onlinegeocacher.com a tad - tough to get such bitsy text nice 'n sharp. Meanwhile - as gc.com of course turns all images into .jpgs (which is a majorly "lossy" format), I'll send you the .gif file via your gmail addy (along w/ my snail addy - thanks!)
  10. Or better yet... @#&% Baldwin!! Simply drop an entire piano in the woods along with a good supply of felt-tip pens and... use the keys as the logbook.
  11. Yes, it can be confusing. The last thing you want in a puzzle is the possibility of more than one way of calculating the solution. Ideally, you want to supply an example of just how to do the math in the cache description. That and... supply a checksum (i.e. add up all the digits of the solution coords either totally else by N and W) or provide a link to geochecker etc.
  12. Is it just me or... does Bryan look a tad like Jeremy?
  13. If all you want to do is view a set of caches on a map - yes, you can do it w/ a bookmark list. Just create the list and then (on the Bookmark Lists page) click on "Download Google Earth KML" else "Create a Pocket Query" and then on the little magnifying glass icon next to the query on the PQ listing page.
  14. Yes, very clever (especially the one that's actually numbered "404" - the quintessential page not found). Then again, you could get the same effect w/o the trouble of creating the bogus pages. i.e. w/o the actual pages, folks will still get a real page not found, yet still be able to view the numbers via a mouseover showing the broken link at the bottom of the page. But... what I'm wondering is - what significance is/do I do with all those many numbers? And meanwhile, bear in mind that folks can derive all the numbers w/o mouseover nor clicking anything via viewing the page source. Indeed, they could have all along even when your area alt tags ceased to work. And of course now you needn't have the dreaded "only works in IE" qualifier" on the cache page - all will work fine in both IE, FF, etc.
  15. uh-oh! It just occurred to me that you probably want at least two of those "319" numbers, yes? Sorry, but - again, leastwise on my Collage cache that also uses an image map - even the title tags won't show up in your individual area tags. As an alternative (albeit more digitally dicey), you could slice your crossword puzzle into however many image chunks you need separate numbers for, and then set them in a table - again, with title tags for each of the diced images. HTH...
  16. PS is right, you need to use the title tag to accomplish what you seek. But even they won't work in your area tags (not even in IE). You need to put the title="319" inside the img src tag of your image map. e.g. copying the code from your crossword puzzle cache page (via right click and "View Source"), this is the tag you need to change: From this: (your current tag) <img src="http://mysite.verizon.net/res02mt8/puzzle1.jpg" width="435" height="376" border="0" usemap="#map" /> To this: <img src="http://mysite.verizon.net/res02mt8/puzzle1.jpg" width="435" height="376" title="319" border="0" usemap="#map" /> Leastwise it works just fine that way on my Collage cache - both in IE6 and FF3.0.4 Though I use the title tags only as an extra hint - the puzzle isn't dependent on the tag.
  17. Great to see WM and TM again (and yup, the sparkly doubloon surely was a surprise treat - thanks TM!), as well as meeting both GEMS and HOG. Such fun to see the grins on the faces of the noobies when they spied the joy (and to be reminded of the innocent glee in finding my own early finds.) Even the weather turned to sunshine - a most happy way to contribute to a fine cause!
  18. It was the pic of all those sweet GPS toys that did it Count me in for Thursday - afternoon is best, but could also do the morning shift if need be. Just let me know which is most needed.
  19. Indeed, though I've been faithfully checking airfares to Brazil for the past 12 months, none have proved sweet enough to prompt me to proffer plastic. Meanwhile, I'll have to content myself w/ a couple of earthcaches in Bali next week...
  20. Indeed with but hours til game's end, I just officially tossed in Xanadu's geotowel Rather ironic that - after starting out with such a magnificent bang - little Xanadu would end up M.I.A. in a cache dubbed "...Stone Cold Dead!" Still, barring any last-minute sprinters, he'll end up in 4th place (of near 90 racer coins) with 287 pts. earned in 41 feats - with a consistent average of 7+ pts. per feat, the highest of ANY coin in the game! BIG THANKS to All the kindly cachers (as far away as the Netherlands) who so swiftly and diligently toted little Xanadu from cache to cache to earn most all of the most challenging (highest pts.) feats. And special thanks to avroair for devising such a fun game. Hmmm... who knows, maybe Xanadu's twin will turn up in Bali...
  21. Well I most surely have javascript enabled here - but only now can I see the pics - thanks!
  22. I too have ceased collecting yellow grins (for various reasons). But regardless of how I choose to play the game, I believe it's common courtesy to at least post a note to assure the hider that the cache as once again been found (and likewise a DNF when it hasn't of course!)
  23. There, there, dear sweet WSR - I'll be your friend.
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