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  1. I agree with EraSeek 100 percent. My interest in geocaching started to decline with the invention of Waymarking and the end of new virtual submissions. Who ever runs geocaching now?, should have adhered to the old rule of "keep it simple stupid". But i guess like all things that start out fun, they go corporate....
  2. It's been my experience that I am usually the most dangerous thing in the woods. It also sounds like you would like to own a hand gun. If you want one, go buy one. I would recommend a good .40 S&W pistol. It's a good balance between your trail concerns, and the urban environment.(which is where you would have a better chance of needing it). Treat it like it's always loaded, and pray you never have to shoot anything besides a target.
  3. Any openings in your group?
  4. I agree with Criminal on over rating caches like the one he has. If someone sees a 1/5, They might ignore everything else and come ill prepared. A 5/5 tends to get noticed. The last thing any of us wants is someone getting killed trying to find one of our caches.
  5. slinger91

    Your Ride

    my new transportation.
  6. I thought the whole show was quite amusing. He might as well been covered in A1 sauce.
  7. MVP = referees........
  8. That avatar, and using "De-virginized" in your topic title is going to gain you some possibly wanted/unwanted attention. Anyway you have my attention...
  9. Will cachemate or plucker work on the Palm's Zire line of PDA's?
  10. Say want you want about virtuals. ie: They weren't being approved any way, the reviewers had a hard time being subjective....what ever the case. If the powers that be wanted to keep them here on this site, it would have happened. Don't reviewers have to be subjective with regular caches, and reject them when they don't meet certain guidelines anyway? And to say if we don't get rid of virtuals land managers will only allow virtuals....Hey if I have to get a permit/license to enjoy a hobby,..(virtual or otherwise) it better swallow a hook or have antlers. Where is the petition to save virtual caches. sign me up....I haven't been up on my forum reading lately, but i keep reading about how virtuals had to meet a WOW factor. Do you know what qualifys as the wow factor for me. When it happens out of no where. When I least expect it. Not when I search for a sub catagory on Coke bottle dumps or Starbucks.
  11. A paperfull cacher since I started. With no plans to go otherwise. The most fun I ever had was hand entering waypoints into my 4 scale gray etrex. Heck, I might even throw away my cell phone.
  12. Ok. dumb...that's fine. I take it back. It just seems to me, that geocaching has grown into something more and more commercial over time. And these new websites seem a little bit like overkill. Like I said in my earlier post, I am not a big fan of virts, but if done right I think they have a place here. As far as cache saturation goes, I think it's going to be, if not already a problem. I would support limiting or slowing new cache growth, no matter the type or size. It's kind of like our version of "Urban Sprawl".
  13. I Just read the new guidelines for caches. And I must say removing locationless caches and even webcam caches doesn't bother me. But virtuals... I'm no big fan of them by any means, but i think they have a place here. I took a trip back east(NY-ME) in May. Of the 30+ caches I found it was nice to hit the occasional virtual to break things up, and learn some local history. I realize that virtuals will have a new name and a new website, but i believe in one-stop caching. The last thing I think we need is spreading things out all over the web. We are up to 3 sites now? The only benefit I can see is marketing for money making advertising. I miss the old days.
  14. I'd even like to see caches that are not only archived, but were rejected totally, and not approved.
  15. Geocaching used to be a whole lot funner.................
  16. 2.99 in Raymond today, they tell me it's going up .25 cents tomorrow....
  17. Funny story. A similar thing happended to me while placing a travel bug at one of my caches. Here is my note: September 4, 2002 by slinger91 "Odd things have happened to me lately at or near my cache sites. 3 weeks ago it was the crop circle thing near a waypoint of mine. Today takes the cake however. I swam out to the structure, dropped off the bug, and swam back. The tide was out so I had to walk through 50ft. of tidal mud before I got to land. Than I spotted a small plastic box about 15ft. from the bank. It was probably 8in. by 10in., and had a lid that was 1/4 of the way open. I reached down and flipped it up. I noticed that it seemed fairly heavy for being filled with mud and water. when I opened it all the way, I noticed it had a plastic bag inside that was wound closed by metal bailing wire. Atatched to the wire was a circular brass tag. Than I got really excited thinking I had just stumblled on something equal to D.B. Coopers loot. Than I read the tag. Cherry Grove Crematorium # ----. In a matter of a second I went from Oh wow, to oh s**t. What are the odds. The moral of the story I guess is some small plastic container's have a person in them and not a dollar store toy. Somehow, I feel like I should be able to log this as a find. I'm not sure if God would see the humor though. By the way I also dropped off a t.b".
  18. I've been to 29 events. And I coudn't begain to list the names of the people I've met. It's pretty hard to remember names when you drink beer like I do.
  19. 115 people joined the day i did. I'm 15157, and my wife (bubble_luscious) is 15160. Got her beat by 3. Oh yeah baby!
  20. GPS the move, is now listed on IMDB.com: GPS The Movie
  21. Well the trip has long since come and past, but I'd thought I'd check back in. It was on for the ages. Here's some totals: Vodkas drinken in first class: 9 Miles on rental car: 1500 States traveled: NJ,NY,CT,RI,MA,ME,NH,VT,PA 31 caches found, and at least one in every state. The East Coast was a blast. I'd go again in a heart beat. Here I am getting grabbed by a New York City Police Officer. I'm always in trouble....
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