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  1. There is the Northwest Classics bookmark list at https://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=404373d8-f811-491f-bc9f-45f6dbff7b58 That should give you a few to look at. Note that this is pre-2010 so more recent ones won't be on the list.
  2. Enjoy your trip. I went through MT a few years ago, but that was further north along US 2. Check out Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park in Nebraska. It is an interesting group of fossils and all indoors.
  3. According to information on airnav.com the airport is on the sand and is closed to vehicles during the summer, but not now. http://www.airnav.com/airport/S16
  4. When I have traveled outside of North America, I get an international data plan that does not include calls. For Canada, using the phone offline as suggested would work well.
  5. Since those are both national parks, most of the caches there will be virtuals or earthcaches. Traditional caches are generally not allowed in national parks although there are some exceptions. I have only been through there once so I am not that familiar with the caches available, but you will need to check the town you enter through, or exit through. I have no finds in Cody or Jackson and have not been in West Yellowstone. I do have some finds inside Yellowstone, but all are either virtual or earth caches.
  6. The last cacher looking for Daejon Park <https://coord.info/GCJN1M> found the hook the cache was hung on so the cache must be missing. I am no longer capable of getting on my knees due to knee replacement surgery. If someone would like to adopt it, I am more than willing to let it go. If not, I will have to archive the cache.
  7. It appears the Jester has forgotten about one plant to avoid. Devil's Club looks bad and you would tend to avoid it anyhow due to the thorns. I have not been to Monte Cristo so I don't know if it grows up there. We do have poison oak which can cause severe itching. In that case, just remember to avoid leaves of three.
  8. If you are coming up I-5, be sure to take the old road through Siskiyou Summit. There are some good caches along that route. That assumes, the road is passable, of course. That would be Exit 1 off of I-5.
  9. Since you have done Firestone, how about this one, just west of the Golden Gate Bridge. I parked near the bridge and walked down the hill. Very nice area with few people. https://coord.info/GCC63B
  10. If you have not already done it, while in the San Francisco area, give Firestone a try. https://coord.info/GC78
  11. On the geocaching app, there is a button to leave a message. That is where you go to write something. If you have already logged the cache, you can go to your log and edit it in a browser.
  12. Are you using a phone app or doing it on the cache page?
  13. Mine have not run at all. I made copies on my main account on Monday and changed the day to the current day on my second account. I changed days again today and neither set have run.
  14. I had two weekly PQs not run on Saturday, although the rest of my normal Saturday runs did. I moved to my second account and checked them to run today (Sunday). That was over two hours ago and neither of them have run. Edit to note that those two had last run on my second account in 2014.
  15. Too bad I didn't know you were going to be in the Newcastle area. A bit south of there is the town of Durham. In that town is the only true Norman Cathedral in Europe. The old town portion of Durham looks like it did back in the day. Narrow streets and all. It is way too far north from Norwich. York was also a neat city to visit. For details on the Durham Cathedral see this link.
  16. When I was at Blarney Castle, I skipped kissing the stone and took a walk through the garden. There were some caches there, but the highlight was the lake at the end of the trail.
  17. For a quick and close estimate multiply the meters by three and add ten percent. Example 30 meters times three would be 90. Ten percent would be 9 so 30 meters is close to 99 feet. While not the easiest to change kilometers to miles, multiply by 0.6. I know this doesn't change the app, but it does give you a good idea. Edit to correct a math error.
  18. Be prepared for I-84 when you get to Spokane. I heard something about snow at Snoqualmie.
  19. Yeah, that's similar to what I was looking at, but add in a loop thru New England. Retirement is fun! I'm also looking at a 'short' loop thru Glacier, Yellowstone and the canyons/arches of southern Utah. Maybe even parts of northern Arizona, but I have to be careful or it'll turn into another big trip. If you do that loop with Glacier and Yellowstone, be sure to hit Wind Cave NP. There is another EC at Wind Cave. Skip Crazy Horse. You can see it from the highway and the stop is just a tourist trap. New England is a place I have to get back to. I was there before caching and so have none of those states.
  20. Hmm... Looks a little short. I was looking at something like that, but continue up thru Michigan, and into New England before looping south-ish thru the Mid-West (have to get the oldest in the state for all those states, and a couple we did visit, that we didn't get to. Maybe a fall trip for leaf color in New England. I completely understand why you think it is a bit short, but I had limited time for the trip. I had a longer trip planned that would go through the Upper Peninsula, down through Michigan, into Kentucky, coming back through Kansas and then picking up this trail. I may well do that other part later on, but start in Minneapolis and ending in Nashville.
  21. Jester, You mentioned a trip across the northern states. I did that last September on the route shown below. Unfortunately I no longer have the bookmark, but I can tell you there are some good caches along that route. I followed US 2 most of the way east.
  22. I have eaten lunch at the Lambert's in Sikeston. One of the pass-arounds was deep fried okra. That was good. Lambert's is a MUST VISIT just for the fun of it.
  23. I figured they were too involved with GeoWoodstock to post here. Hopefully soon.
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