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  1. The video was released this past week... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MjLm8AI-UHc It was a lot of fun working with Reid on the shoot. Peace, Nolenator
  2. Maybe make it a requirement that finding my COTM cache is mandatory... Peace, Nolenator
  3. My brother will be in town two weeks from now, so we might head up there so he can see what a Crazy Monkey really is... Peace, Nolenator
  4. What about that gregarious hiking group from the area? Peace, Nolenator
  5. I am pretty sure since there was food in the pack that a bear has already recovered the pack... Peace, Nolenator
  6. Everybody knows H-bomb it da bomb! Love the hat too! Peace, Nolie Congrats. that's awesome!
  7. I received my HOTM signature item on Sunday, very cool! Sounds like everybody had a good time. Welcome to all the new inductees to the Crazy Monkey Club! Peace, Nolenator
  8. Big shout out to my friend Prying Pandora... just dumb luck that I decided to call while she was on the beach... Peace, Nolenator
  9. You almost got the pose right! Double peace signs intolerable! Peace, Nolenator
  10. This is so true. Nolie and FN are prolific troublemakers clever cache generators in West Seattle. I would be happy to take your family caching on the kindler, gentler side of Lake Washington if you ever choose to mosey over to the Bellevue area. Hmm... kinder gentler... seems like you are taking a jab at us Wet Siders? Not very kinder and gentler... Peace, Nolenator
  11. A friend and I rode that trail in the mid nineties on mountain bikes. Very cool area! I think I will bake a cake or maybe some cookies... Peace, Nolenator
  12. Live from West Seattle it's Nolenator. Heck it is likey one of my caches you can't find or Funnynose's. I would be happy to help out. Peace, Nolenator
  13. I don't know who the beat testers were, but I was luck enough to be one of the beta testers. I used the data on my recent hike on Cougar Mountain and found them very useful. Peace, Nolenator
  14. Nice to see that the Frito Pie tradition lives on... Peace, Nolenator
  15. and kids are welcome and the beer is award winning... Peace, Nolenator
  16. I will take that as a compliment... Peace, Nolenator
  17. I use the rubber ball technique. Keep one in your pocket and if you get caught just say you were looking for your ball then pull it out of your pocket. Of course you will have to make up some story about working on hand/eye coordination which will get a laugh because obviously you need some if it bounced under a bridge. Peace, Nolenator
  18. Actually they do care. The fact that many of the caches are off trail and creating geotrails is part of the problem. Since you mentioned CITO's there hasn't been a CITO done in a Seattle City Park to the best of my memory. Why not? Well, then maybe that is a question that should be addressed in the review process. What kind of impact will your cache have on the area it is placed? Even better... Why are you placing it there?
  19. I think you guys sorta see my point. We leave a huge digital paper trail of park usage by our logs on caches in the parks. Names, dates and even number of people in our group. Shop99er, I think your estimates might be a bit low. These folks likely give a rats patute about small geotrails that are made. The question is how do we show that our park usage is positive and add to the better of the park? Yeah CITO events are great, but I have never been to one because I do it on a regular basis anyway. Remember folks, I am a muck raker trouble maker not a politician. Peace, Nolenator
  20. Wake up and smell the coffee. The park system has seen increased users and no additional funds because of geocaching. Like many others, I have visited almost every park in the city to find a geocache. I hate to be cynical but after seeing what came about after the negotiations with the State Parks I doubt that caching in the Seattle Parks will be anything like it is now in the months to come. A person would have to be a fool to think it is just enviromental issues. If it weren't for caching I would have never known about the Metal Bugs Of Mystery. Peace, Nolenator
  21. I am in to carry one up. Peace, Nolenator
  22. Way to go, Josh! Mailbox is at the top of my To Do list, hope to get there one day soon (I guess really soon if it's this year.... else, next summer). Abby, we left you another reason to go up soon this year about halfway up. Peace, Nolenator
  23. Gotta give a real big shout out for my hiking buddy Forty-n-Eight for finding 1000 caches! Of course he did it in style. Peace, Nolenator
  24. Ah thank you very much... Keep it really real. Peace, Nolenator
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