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Avatar Contest

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Some of you really old guys remember the last avatar contest we had. There are so many new ones now, I think we should do it again. What do you think?


Of course the past winners, Marky, Moun10bike, and Dinoprohet are out of it.


The rules are simple. Submit your avatar. Your peers will vote on the best. The avatars must be in line art, since they have to be carved on a staff.

I will receive entries until August 13th. After that time we will vote. Last time there were three winners, this time, only one.


Who has the best avatar? B)


El Diablo

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Well, It's NOT my avatar, but people will PM me, or send email, or even post, if I forget to use these in a post of mine.


Just plain ol' Snoog:


SNOOGAV.jpg This is almost exactly the way I sign a log book and my sig items.


sad Snoog




Really happy Snoogans




Licking lips Snoogans




Mad Snoogans




Dizzy Snoogans




Devlish (El Diablo) Snoogans (Yep, I'm sucking up.)




Reeeeeeally mad (or constipated) Snoogy....




Angelic Snoogans




Crying Snoogans




My sister, JusMeLP, is working on more for me....


BTW- Dino Hunters made these ones for me, so if I win with these, I'll buy them a staff with their own avatar on it in thanks.

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I'd like to enter mine, pretty easy to carve, nothing complicated, but man would it look cool on a hiking staff B) Hope the rest of you like it even if I don't win! By the way, if I actually do win I can send just a plain b&w outline (much bigger than my av of course) of it to make it easier for you if you want. Thanks again!

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i like the cheesehead cow. :unsure:

Oh yeah!...well, you don't live downwind of all that cheese and cow pastry. B)


On topic: I'm not in this contest, even tho I was in the original and my avatar is an example of 'line art' that is fairly easy to carve. I have a hiking stick that I made, and this contest is probably better left to the newer people.

In the original, someone made up a thread with all the entered avatars shown. The vote was by email to El Diablo, no voting in the forums and only one vote for the top three. If you tried to go Chicago and vote more than once, all your votes got thrown out. That's my recollection, I'm sure El Diablo will clarify this. :mellow:

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As someone else said, you can't win if you don't enter.

I love my avatar, Chris from the avatar forum created it, I didn't know exactly what I should use for my name (Hydnckr = Hide n Seeker) but he came up with this and I asked to have Ohio placed behind it with a flag in NW Ohio.

But I think everyone will agree, there are some great avatars out there now.


Thanks :D

(and in the long shot that I win, the state of Ohio can simply be an outline)



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