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  1. HAHAHA man if that isn't irony in it's purest form....I keep putting off getting a stamp of my avatar made, then the day I decide to do it the custom stamp line gets dropped Oh well, I guess its back to the sheet of rubber and the exacto knife
  2. Just out of curiosity since I have been searching for a nice sig item that is also inexpensive to produce, what would you estimate to do something like 50 to 100 wooden nickel type items maybe with my avatar on one side and geocaching.com or the geocaching logo on the other? Nothing fancy, no colors or anything, just plain ol' black burned images lol
  3. WOW I remember warn meters... anyway thank you CO Admin for everything you do, I am sure I don't even realize half of what you do but I bet it definetly wears on you. I hope your health recovers so you can keep on cachin'!
  4. I will fourth or seventh or whatever that I can't stand it when I fail to find the micro and I am 10 minutes beyond being discrete to the point now everyone is watching me so definetly make the clue say exactly where it is.
  5. OK I have an idea for a multi, and seeing as how I don't want to give too much away about it I am going to try to keep my question as generic as possible: Is it evil to make a multi backtrack on itself, i.e. start leads to coordinate B which leads the cacher unknowingly past another coordinate they will have to come back to later? The theme kinda makes the backtracking make sense, but at the same time I feel kinda bad for making people do so much walking Off topic, does anyone think this looks like Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  6. I think what GOT GPS? means is that the hardware (how the case is constructed, the feel of the buttons, button placement, screen size, screen placement, screen resolution) of the meridian platinum is what he likes best, but the firmware (what the GPS is actually running, you might call it software, like what shows up on the screen, how user friendly it is, etc...) of the 60C beats any other that he has seen. He also touches on the fact that the meridian has a 3-axis compass, which means it doesn't matter if you hold it vertical, flat, or on its side, the meridian will still give you a correct magnetic reading on the compass. The 60C has to be held flat both to calibrate and read the magnetic compass. Finally, the meridian has the ability to swap out memory cards via a small slot in the case, where as the 60C has a static 56mb of memory, can't change anything to make it bigger unless you have a LOT of time on your hands and can figure out how to soldier in a bigger memory chip Hope that clears things up!
  7. 76CS!!!!!!!! Can't beat that color screen, 115mb of memory is plenty (I have seen most maggies only using a single 128 stick in their GPSr, so what's 13mb in the grand scheme of things?) and it floats!!! (can you tell I'm a proud 76CS owner? ) Seriously though, go 76CS, auto nav kit, and external antenna, you won't regret it!
  8. 76CS, auto nav kit, external antenna, bike mount!!!
  9. yeah processor is the same, only real difference is the case and the memory, basically what you need to do is hold them and see what feels better. Personally I didn't mind the size of the 76cs, I preferred the feel of the 60CS but for 2x the memory the different case was not a problem
  10. The auto nav kit comes with city select (detailed maps), a beanbag mount (temporary automotive mounting), an auto mount (permanent mounting), cradle, and cigarette adapter (unlimited power from car battery). I believe your question refers more to how the gps handles autorouting. Here are the screens associated with finding an address taken directly from my 76CS, the screens are (clockwise from top left): the main selection screen, selecting the number, selecting the street, selecting the city. They all use the same on screen keyboard, and I think the LCD is a pretty good size, especially for the total size of the unit. FYI the screen is 160x240 resolution.
  11. *cough*76CS!!!*cough* Seriously though, proud 76CS owner here, can't find one thing wrong with it, excellent unit!!!
  12. Yeah I am going to have to agree with it being ok to compare a geocache to a buried treasure. It is something that the average joe can relate to and gets them excited to find it. I also agree we need to do a little tar and feathering to whoever said "some people bury them." Also, slightly off topic, there seems to be more and more people getting geocaching on the news, how does this happen? Did the news crew seek you out or was it vice versa? Just curious in case there was a way for people in more cities to get on the news and spread the geocaching word!
  13. OK Simpsons fans, here we go! Fat Tony Joey Legs Louie Anthony "Fat Tony" D'Amico William Williams
  14. Well that definetly sounds like a deal, don't have an extra 180 right now tho But, if you are still selling it when I do have the money...well we'll burn that bridge when we come to it, can't always get what I want
  15. Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the volume on the 76CS speaker? It is great for beeps and all that, but if I am in the car doing some autorouting it seems somewhat quiet sitting in it's holder, and if I have the radio on..., I would feel better with a louder alert so that it is more noticeable and I don't have to pay too much attention to the GPS to make sure I didn't miss a turn.
  16. I believe the general consensus is try not to look like you are hunting for anything if there are muggles around, definetly don't let them see where the cache is for fear of them raiding it. If questioned, use your own judgement as to what information to give away, for example if the muggles are mature adults I don't think I'd hesitate to try to explain geocaching to them. If they were of the teenage/kid range, they might want to just take the whole thing so I'd probably say "playin a game" or something like that (which is a perfectly good excuse since my 76CS has games on it ) It wouldn't be a bad idea to print and bring along some of the cards or brochures found HERE for the inquisitive types. In the end it is really up to you what to do: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the cache without compromising it's location. Should you, or any member of your I.M. force, be caught, or killed, the secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good Luck!
  17. Well the kinda obvious "Geoduck" springs to mind, this is after all a geocaching forum I am a Dallas Stars fan, and although we recently traded him, Richard Matvichuk is an excellent player and his name kinda lends itself to "Richard Matviduck" Let's see, time to just start listing where no explanation is needed... Quackenstien For those of you that remember Looney Tunes and Duck Dogers in the 24 1/2 Century: Daffy Tibbles Donald Binkley Petunia Howard Dodgers Igor Oddjob Any number of combo names: Starsky & Hutch Yin & Yang Peanut Butter & Jelly Thunder & Lightning Wind & Rain OK I am going to shut up now before anyone else thinks I am thinking wayyyyyyy to hard about this post...
  18. I had a friend tell me that due to the hand sanitizers killing all the germs that it does something that dries out the hands, so maybe it does something to dry and neutralize the oil from the plant? Just my $.02
  19. Interested? Yes, I've been thinking of getting a high-powered light for self-defense. Can I afford it? More than likely not, at least not right now But a guy can dream, can't he?
  20. C'mon, none of you Garminites can figure it out?
  21. I just got back from a bike ride from my house to the trails of a local park and back. I was recording the track and found that I jumped the gun when I started, only had a few sat locks, probably 100 feet or so of accuracy, and consequently the track I downloaded into mapsource has 5 or 6 wayward breadcrumbs that put me way off my real track. Is there a way to edit their lat/lon or even just grab the little dot and move them? Here is what I downloaded: The reason the track is yellow and on target along the actual track is because on the way back there was good sat lock, but don't be fooled, the red part is what my gps thought at first! I need to edit the start breadcrumbs to just about match the end breadcrumbs. Can anyone help?
  22. Well I have a 76CS (same firmware and all that) and I can tell you the autorouting calc is excellent! I haven't tried too far away from home, but I have tried places as many as 8 miles away and it calculated the route in about 5 seconds, started at 1%, then 2%, then jumped to 98%, 99%, done! It has taken me to several caches with the exception of one when it told me to turn right off of a major highway (there wasn't an exit or anything, it just wanted me to turn right into the grass LOL, but hopefully that will be fixed whenever my city select v6 update cd gets here, seeing as how it's several days overdue already) The routing is great though, it will give you an early warning of upcoming turns, give you a very large zoom and a huge arrow showing you which way you are going to go along with the direction and street name, then as you approach it gives you a final warning with the same info. I have my early warning set to tone 11 which is kind of an electronic whistle (like you'd make with your lips to get someone's attention) and final warning set to tone 8 (which is like someone blowing a whistle at a sporting event) But yeah as far as getting you to the closest road to a cache, it has done a supremely excellent job, taken me right into park parking lots, taken me to streets that run right into the hiking trail where a cache is, excellent little unit! BTW, I'd have to disagree with searching_ut, the 60C(S) is a general purpose unit, but it excels in all the general areas, it is great for autorouting because it has a highway mode that is almost like a 3d representation of the roads you are on (I think someone compared it to the screen while flying a fighter jet), the dedicated geocaching mode will take you right to the cache, using city select will get you to the nearest road, using topo will take you on the right trail, the option of an external antenna (which I highly recommend) will get you more often than not +/- 6 foot accuracy, and 56 MB of memory will hold a few major metropolitan areas, and depending on how dense the roads are in your area, it could even hold a state or two! If you are looking for a small size, the Vista seems fine, but just remember that the smaller size comes with sacrifices. If you are considering the Vista, don't bother, go ahead and get the 60C(S) and if you really want to go all out, I'd recommend the 76C(S) for a floating case, better basemap, and 2x the memory!
  23. I got an auto nav kit, so it came with City Select 5, if you have an older one you might think of upgrading to v6, only 75 bucks if I remember correctly... Talk to Garmin, several people have been able to get a free unlock or reduced rate just by explaining what happened, maybe they'll let you do that since you had the 60C for such a short time, who knows?
  24. Congrats on an excellent GPSr choice! I have the 76CS (couldn't pass up getting all the extra bells and whistles I could ) and I absolutely love it, not one thing I don't like about it. Has been excellent in heavy tree cover (had +/- 10 feet without an external last night!) as well as autorouting. Haven't had a chance to "test" the floating/watertight aspects of it, hopefully I never will Gotta love that 115 MB! I've only used up 21.6 MB around the DFW area, can't wait to plan a big trip and really see where it'll get me Congrats again!
  25. Woohoo, I'm a hero! No problem there Team FUBAR, glad to help out! Skatedork: Excellent choice! Now the only thing left is to order a City Select v6 update CD from Garmin if your auto nav kit came with 5 or lower (probably came with 5). FYI mine STILL hasn't arrived, checked the mail today, nothin! I don't know what I am going to do if it isn't there tomorrow, today was day 14 counting all days, day 10 counting only business days, either way it is overdue! ARGH! Anyway, let us know when you get your 76CS and how it works out for ya! Welcome to the addiction my friend
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