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  1. Wow, after reading these posts I don't feel so bad about my big mug o' joe 3 times a day. I think everyone posting to this list would enjoy this website I happened upon a while back. www.energyfiend.com When you visit, click on "the caffeine database" to see how much caffeine is in most drinks. (Also the "Death by Penguin Mints" is kinda fun) By the by....I use to be a regular Mtn Dew drinker till Vault came out. 12 oz can of Mtn Dew = 55 mg caff. 12 oz can of Vault = 70 mg caff. Vault, it's the new Surge!
  2. well, *supposedly* in order to send an awkward sized item (nickel/poker chip) in the mail (standard paper envelope or bubble mailer) you need to pay standard 39 cent postage PLUS 13 cents additional postage to cover the hand cancelling since the thicker envelope can't go thru the postal machines. Now I've had the following happen: -Paid extra, had it go thru the machine anyway and break the nickel -Paid extra, had it go thru the machine and get delivered in one piece -Rcvd nickels from cachers that paid extra and had them go thru the machine and get broken (or worse, have the machine push the coin or nickel right outta the envelope) -Rcvd nickels that had no extra postage, gone thru the machine, get broken -Rvcd nickels that had no extra postage, gone thru the machine, came out fine. However, the vast majority of the time, I've paid the extra 13 cents, handed them to the postal worker and had them arrive safely. In this case, I doubt that there'll be postage due tho. Hope everyone receives whole nickels!
  3. Well...there was a little problem. The mint messed up the codes on the coins...engraved the wrong ones or multiples of correct ones. They have to be reminted. The current coins cannot be activated. Anybody that received one already has to wait for a new one to be shipped and then send back the bad one. And.....there's no new shipping date. yet.
  4. Dino Hunters, YOU ROCK! I love it, Thanks very much for your work, I truly appreciate it. So many nice and generous people in geocaching, it's amazing. Thanks!
  5. Very cool Dino Hunters! I like it ! Even looks a bit like me....the hair and *duh* expression anyways. Is there a way to add eyeglasses to him ? And is there a larger picture as well ? (larger in size) also since I'm very illiterate in computers I'd also like an image under 10k to upload as my avatar for my local caching group. I know it's a lot to ask for something that's free, but please know I appreciate it. Again, thanks very much
  6. Hey all you wonderfully generous and talented graphics folk.... I'd love a new avatar, if someone has the time that is. Over a year or so ago I had one made by someone in this thread, but then I adjusted my geonick and it kinda became dated at that time. I like simplicity. I would like something that could be used as an avatar as well as become my personal geo-logo for a sig card or wooden nickel design. My name, Hydnckr, means quite literally hide-n-seeker. I live in NW Ohio, and I use a stick figure of a guy with his hands over his eyes as a logo currently. But it's kinda lame... If there was a way to incorporate a guy leaning against a tree (like he's counting for a game of hide and seek) with maybe an ammo can on the other side of the tree and then somehow incorporate the state of Ohio outline, well, that'd just be cool as heck! I'm open to other ideas or interpretations of my geo-nick as well. Many thanks to anyone who may be willing to give this a try.
  7. the little "quantities are low" sign is already blinking!
  8. I wonder why these types of topics are even started here on gc.com. If the OP has a problem with something that local cachers have done, then why doesn't the OP send a private email to those individual cachers? Also there exists the option of the airing of concerns in the local geocaching organization's forums. National forums are simply a way of causing angst rather than finding a solution. Oh, did I mention I'm from the local area ? and those "offenders" are friends of mine. There are local forums available at www.nwogeo.org Thanks!
  9. I posted this on page one of this topic and am reposting it here I edited the info to reflect the new postal rates as well.
  10. I swapped sig items with BikeDog thru the mail, that's very sad news to hear. I can't imagine the feelings his family has to endure during these difficult times.
  11. I've got a Right Wing Wacko nickel I can trade. I'd post the link to my cointracking.com trading list but the site is currently down.
  12. I use the MP3 player of my Palm Zire31 to play tunes while I check out caches in Cachemate.
  13. *duh* Dunno how that escaped me, thanks for your help. Told ya I liked to take the long way around things.
  14. Hi....I've been known to find the long way around an issue to get an answer that is easy to find. So I'm hoping there's a shortcut around... In order to view a cacher's profile on gc.com I currently click on "HIDE & SEEK A CACHE" go down to "caches found by username," type in their name and then click on the last cache they found, go down to where their online log is and then click on their name. This works fine if the cacher has recently made a find and their name is not far down on the cache page. But, if it's a cacher that has not gone out for a long time or when I want to view the profile for Icon SP in order to see loggable geocoins it's quite an effort. I have the Icon SP profile saved as a bookmark on my home pc, but if I'm not home it's not easy. Any suggestions ?
  15. Hi Just wanted to see if you could take a "gander" at GCNA09 - Where are the Swans (gander, swan, get it?) no really, the cache was recently replaced as the first location was compromised. The new location is evidently in a small rock cave. There is mention of the word "cave" in the hint, as well as a recent log and the owner has posted a picture of the hidey hole. I think it probably satisfies the requirements for #11 but can I get a verification before I make a special trip to it ? Thanks for the great game, I'm having fun !
  16. Friendly bump I have completed my public trading list on cointracking.com in case anyone sees a trade of wooden nickels that they'd like to make. Thanks !
  17. I have already made a trade for the other 2 wooden geocoins. Is there a way to receive the 3rd coin in the series ??
  18. I received my package over the weekend. Great looking wooden nickels and I loved the way they were packaged, very very nice. Thank you
  19. There are 2 different coins. I was told by the person that traded with me that one was sand and one was snow. At that time I was also told that there were 200 of each made.
  20. ack ! Topic slipped to dreaded 2nd page ! I have more (always have more) wooden nickels for trade. I also ordered 10 of the Northern NY Geonickels so I'll have a few of those to trade as well.
  21. Ponik - I replied to your email this evening. I'll be sending out your packet today ! Thanks
  22. Hi Ponik I emailed you a couple days ago about a trade. Perhaps it got lost somewhere. I just sent you another email. thanks
  23. Cool Just bought 10....thanks for making the offer
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