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  1. I once considered placing a cache in a Men's bathroom in the office building I worked in. I was going to call it For Men Only. Then I learned that GPSrs don't usually work well indoors and I decided that I was really only considering it for the funny value. If, however, a woman had decided to find and log the cache I would have allowed it. (Isn't it nice of me to allow a find for a cache I never placed? )
  2. I did a house cache that very clearly stated that it could be reached from the sidewalk and that you did not need to go into the yard. I figured that this was because the owner didn't want people walking all over his grass. A few weeks later I happen to go to that same house with a friend who knew the owners and I told them I had found thier geocache. They gave me a big blank look. It turns out they had never heard of geocaching and they had no idea a cache was in their front yard. At least it was a credit to the sneakyness of our local cachers because this was a very popular drive by cache with several finds a day.
  3. These malicious personal attacks perfectly illustrate why you were on my ignore list prior to the recent forums upgrade. If you don't like my signature item, just open the container, move the hamster aside, sign the log, replace the log *gently* under the hamster, and move along to the next cache. (But I do recommend wearing gloves.) There is no need to snipe at me. Okay, I'm a little dense, I don't frequent the forums a lot, and I don't think I cache in your area...do you really leave hamsters? I'm just curious. Is there a joke that I'm not getting? Feel free to e-mail me if I am asking you to let some cat out of the bag by replying in public. I love unique signature items.
  4. I wold submit the cache with the same explanation you gave here. That way the approver can decide if you are due for an exception. I know besides safety another reason for not placing near tracks is you don't want it to look like a terrorist bomb. In this case though i don't think it would look that way becuase the tracks are not very visible from the cache. On the other hand I am not an approver so my opinion counts for very little Edit: Holy cow lots of replies while I was typing.
  5. I find the case you are making to be quite silly indeed. Is it really a problem that a couple of stones have been shifted in a stone wall out in the middle of the woods that no human being would ever notice? This is hardly a cause for concern and hardly worthy of even a passing thought. Hobbyists (in any hobby) tend to create superfluous, self-defeating "rules and regulations" when they are too deepy entrenched. This is clearly one of them. Move a stone two inches every day and see how far away it gets from it's original spot. Did you notice that part about this being illegal in some places? I have not seen these stone walls, having never been to New England. I hope, however, that if I ever get out there they won't all be destroyed by someone who doesn't relize how special they are.
  6. I have just recieved 10 yellows too and I will be caching as part of my Outdoor Ed class wil grade 7-9's. There are several staff members here who cache as well. Keep promoting it! You're school district must be rich. We are lucky to get new 4-Square balls. I'm not complaining, just jealous. I actually started a couple of TBs for some 5th grade classes and they loved it. I would love to see GPSr in the hands of students.
  7. I think there was talk once of selling a TB number without the tag for just this type of purpose. The idea is that it would be cheaper since there would be no tag to create and no shipping since numbers and activation codes could be e-mailed but I don't think the idea ever went anywhere.
  8. I would have been surprised. Seemd like every one here liked the idea of the swap and wanted to find it. Too bad it too stalled out and disappeared like the rest. Team Sand Dollar I think the question is, would you make it right and send them the Yellow Jeep that you took for your own. I love your idea of sending out a White Cherokee to match your own. Too bad you had to deface another travel bug to do it. Why not spring for the few dollars for your own tag and release it that way? It's not the value of the bug or how neat the one you release is its the principle of the matter. You took something that wasn't yours and you kept it and replaced it with something else. That's not what travel bugs are for. I don't care who you talked to unless you had specific permission from JEEP you were wrong. I also don't care if you tried to get permission and JEEP never responded. In a matter such as taking something that doesn't belong to you, silence means leave it alone.
  9. In his defense, it looks like the two Markwells are from the Off-topic forum which, I think, can only be accessed by premium members. On the other hand I haven't been here for a while so I could be wrong.
  10. Now here is something that I have never seen. Do people really use glass containers for a cache? That would seem to be a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. Although I am APPALLED at the actions of this cache organizer. I have to say that the actions advocated by Cachemaniac (an obvious sockpuppet account) on the cache page are equally bad . It may be that others attending this event would welcome "outside cachers" I just hope the cache organizer rethinks his position and realizes that it is inappropriote to exclude anyone.
  12. Is cotton always bad in cold weather or just cotton alone without some additional protection? I always thought your underclothes were suppose to be cotton in cold weather but now I can't remember why.
  13. A micro cache is really really small. Usually from a large micro like a altoids mint tin to a medium like a film canister to the really sinister ones that seem to be the size of a pencil eraser.
  14. This is "correct" in that this is how the system is set up. What you can do is log the bug into the cache you got it out of and then log it back out again. This will show that the bug visited that cache and will reflect the mileage it traveled. The problem may have been that the placing cacher was on vacation at the time of the placement and did not have computer access to log the placement for a few days.
  15. A pocket query is a specially tailored search for caches on the website that is available to premium and charter members. The pocket query also allows you to have the results e-mailed to you in a couple different formats.
  16. I suppose that this is easy for me to say safe in my little computer chair but I'm pretty sure you don't have to produce a driver's licence unless you are actually driving. I beleive that you are required to verbally identify yourself to a police officer but in America we do not have to carry "identity papers". Yet.
  17. Anyone with less finds than me is too inexperienced. Anyone with more finds than me has too much spare time and cannot possibly understand the real world. (This goes for forum posts as well) My number of finds is perfect and therefore my opinion is perfect follow follow ME.
  18. I'm sorry but I have to ask. Did you realize that this thread was over three years old when You replied
  19. I once heard a "man on the street" radio broadcastr where they asked "When do you think the government should have started to crack down on illegal aliens?" A gentelman with a native american accent said 1620. I just realized that this is completely off topic sorry I'm done now.
  20. My heavens. I just looked and saw that you even left another TB in place of the Jeep. I have to agree with everyone else that there was no problem with what you did. Most people (I think) don't even consider TBs to be trade items but rather something just to take and move on without a trade. You went above and beyond your obligation. I know I did get frustrated when the same few cachers in my area seemed to get all the Jeeps early on but I just saw it as a challenge to beat them to one which I finally did.
  21. E-mailing someone that you see has been on the site is probably a good thing to do. Being tactful is, of course, a big help too. As long as your e-mail sounds like your post I'm sure you'll be fine. IF someone is offended they are probably WAY stressed and you can provide a service by allowing them to blow up at you and relieve some of that stress
  22. IF you check out my profile you will see Frutti Tutti, the Hunters, Frutti Tutti jr. and Wandering Wanda all released through me by classes at Timpanogos Academy. The first two did very well and the other two never moved very much. You just never know. Sorry I don't know how to post a link. I use a computer but I am not very fancy with it. By the way I see that you are in Ontario, Canada. I lived for about 3 months in Sault Ste Marie. It was beautiful up there and I can still remember (after 15 years) some great places that I would have loved to place a cache. Edit to talk about Canada.
  23. This is easier to say than to do but put some travel bugs in it especially if you can get a Yellow Jeep. You could also put in a cool 1st finder prize (lots of cash maybe)
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