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  1. Okay, well I have to be going. Thanks for the help so far. I think it's just a losing cause.
  2. The computer? Really old, but I think it's Windows XP.
  3. I have GSAK set up for Garmin USB. I've been trying to download and install the device drivers, but after I unzip them...nothing....
  4. Yes....I think I need the device driver, but when I downloaded it, I was still receiving a message that I could not find the GPS.
  5. My laptop is currently on the fritz and I want to geocache tomorrow. So I'm at the folks. Downloaded GSAK and got my pocket query, but it's not recognizing my GPS. I don't have anything with me other than my GPS and the USB cable (I brought along my Palm, but I actually already have the query on my Palm from a previous time, just don't have any waypoint in the GPS). What to do now? Any help in the next half hour or so would be really appreciated. I really don't want to hand-enter a bunch of coordinates if I don't have to....
  6. All right -- figured out what I was doing wrong!! You have to be logged into the right username to adopt coins (I have a couple geocaching identities -- not sock puppets!!) Thanks for the help! Bec
  7. It's not even getting me to that step! When I enter the TB# initially for the coin to be looked up, I get the message: "You have not been asked to adopt this listing" Still frustrated! Bec
  8. Hi, I am having troubles adopting out a couple of my coins. I go to www.geocaching.com/adopt and enter the TB number (not the number on the coin). I get a message that says, "You have not been asked to adopt this listing" Well, duh! I am trying to adopt the coin to someone, not adopt it myself. I've tried this oh, about a million times now, and am not getting anywhere. Before I throw my laptop across the room, can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've adopted out a coin before and had not troubles. Thanks! Bec
  9. I am sending all follow-up emails. I was unable to ship for almost 3 weeks due to being away from home for work. Feel free to send me another email. I had some emails without mailing addresses and need it to ship. Yep -- sent out my address to you this morning! Bec
  10. I got an email from you -- but have already mailed you the coin from my end. Probably 2+ weeks ago. I really hope you got it and I can soon get my pug coin!! I am so excited to add this to my collection. Hope your trip was good too! Bec
  11. Okay -- thanks for letting us know! I just get so antsy with anticipation! Bec
  12. Hi, I did get a return email from you in regards to a trade. I mailed out the coin (first class with insurance) on February 27, but still haven't gotten my PUG coin. Is it still on its way? I can't wait to see it!! Bec
  13. OP no longer interested. Please close topic.
  14. Ready to make a deal if you're still interested! Bec
  15. How much would you be willing to pay? I have a 2 GB, I think. White. I'm not quite sure where I put it at the moment, but it's certainly not being used. It's less than a year old. Bec
  16. Bringing in just a bit of seriousness to the conversation, I think geocaching is great for one's mental health (speaking from personal experience) but there are most certainly dangers associated with it (and any hobby, when one has certain tendencies to become a bit too over-invested). Geocaching makes me happy. Geocaching sometimes makes my family worries (I do get a bit obsessive about it from time to time). Geocaching is a healthy physical activity (as long as it's not a drive up or LPC). I'm really glad I discovered geocaching. It has replaced some of my other, less healthy activities. I'm finding that I am becoming more social as a geocacher, more willing to share my joy for it with others. Sure, you gotta be a little nutty to be a geocacher. Sure, geocaching makes you a bit nutty. But I wouldn't have it any other way! Bec
  17. Did it too. Interesting stats. At this point, the majority of cachers fall in the 41-50 year age group. Fascinating. (still in the 31-40 age group myself) Becky
  18. I no longer have the Palm and therefore have no use for the cradle (plus it doesn't work with the M500). Do anyone need this? Name your price including shipping and it's yours! Bec (oops -- sorry! I actually used this cradle with the VIIx series. I think it works with the III too though)
  19. I love micro coins -- please let me know when they are available for purchase. Bec
  20. I love my Pay It Forward coin. I bring it with me to all events I attend to share with others, in the hopes that they will take up the "pay it forward" concept. It's my most treasured coin -- it reminds me that I am on this planet for a reason (to do good for others). Bec
  21. PM sent a day or two ago -- please let me know if we can work something out! Bec
  22. I have an un-numbered Fox and the Hound coin.....am I not supposed to? I don't intend on selling it on trading it or anything. I just think it's really pretty! Bec
  23. Bec, I know you're just venting, but none of those problems seems to be Grounspeak's fault. There are lots of other Mac users (at least 3 or 4! heh) who use the forums fine. The real gripe should be the lack of Mac software and maps. IE7 has so many issues with so many different websites it's not even funny. The charter problem sounds like it's on their end. Nothing anyone else can do except keep asking them to fix it. I know -- just had to whine a little....just hoping for some giant cyber-bandaid to make it all right. Bec
  24. I've run into some problems with pocket queries through charter too. This sucks.... I had to get a laptop so I could access the forums her (Mac would keep shutting down in the forums), had to stop using IE7 to get to see photos in logs, and now I have to get another email address to get email from gc.com. Not feeling that my $30 were well spent at this point. Just crabbing, not really griping. I'll get over it. Right now I'm off to get a new email.... Bec
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