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  1. OK, this has probably been addressed. I am trying to keep different pq's seperate in GSAK. When I import a pq for an area that I'll be travelling to, GSAK seems to add it to the existing pq, which is concentrated around my hometown. I have fiddled with the settings, but can't seem to find the right ones. Thanks
  2. I agree that informing law enforcement of cache locations is a logical, sensible thing to do. Unfortunately, this endeavor would be a continuous one, given that caches are always coming and going. I also agree with those who feel that it's a bit silly for the bomb squad officers to have "check GC.com" as an item on their checklists. What I feel is the saddest truth, and many will disagree, yes, maybe I am wrong, that these guys who find their way into these bomb squads are macho-tripping pyros who will close down a whole metropolis and blow up an altoids tin just to get off on the explosion and wrap their actions up in the flag and post 911 hyper-vigilance.
  3. I run a pq once a week to update my explorist 500. Yes, I use the crummy geocaching manager software that the unit was packaged with. I have been doing this for years without any issues, no info in my pq has changed. Last weekend, my pq wouldn't load into the gpsr because of an xml error. The pq loaded into the software and the data appeared to load into the gpsr. The software generated an error log which indicated that there was an xml error in line 1 position 3. I didn't see anything unusual in the file. I am probably just going to switch to gsak, but any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Perhaps we should look at this hobby of ours as an opportunity to give. If we focus on the giving, the getting will take care of itself.
  5. I would suggest he go incognito so that he might avoid the suggestion-making minions.
  6. The actions of others degrade the hobby for me only if I allow it to. I don't waste my time worrying about the legitimacy of someone else's entries. If I was aware of someone using substandard components while they were building aircraft, then my panties would be in the requisite bunch. Put it in perspective people. Go ahead, run to Mommy and cry because Billy isn't playing fair.
  7. The best place would be a tropical island away from seasonal storms. This paradise would be rife with a lifetime supply of indigenous foods and friendly natives. That's the best place to find camo duct tape.
  8. I'll go with you when you're in my neck of the woods.
  9. Um, I don't know.... do you think the words "how many nurses geocache" make this a geocache related thread? Would it be better if I asked " How many nurse geocachers out there have placed a cache made out of a peanut butter jar, shrinking it using one of the cool cache container threads instructions, to place said shrunken peanut butter micro cache under a lamp post and how to you keep your log from getting soggy, how often do you maintain your cache, do you have any muggles or geocaching thieves who have stolen your cache and what did you do to solve your missing geocache problem, has anyone reported you for using a pb jar and it being a "lame" hide and did they do so by writing a "needs archived" log or did they just thrash you on your caches listing page and O.B.T.W. who made your geocaching forum avatar? I must go back to counting cheese now. But that is Off topic. Also the what brand of flashlight/hiking boots/backpack do you use (non) issues.
  10. I bet there's a bunch of you out there, we wouldn't want to miss you.
  11. Image hosting sites: http://imageshack.us/ Photobucket www.freeimagehosting.net allyoucanupload.webshots.com
  12. I'm a joker. It's a joke. I'll explain the humor if need be.
  13. Oh My God!!! What are you doing outside, much less hunting a cache. The world is a dangerous place for someone with such disabilities. Please, from now on, stay home and build birdhouses. We don't want to worry about you anymore.
  14. Awesome! It worked, but now I have third degree burns. Oh well, lesser of two evils I guess.
  15. Is this about paperless caching or using a pda in lieu of paper? I don't use paper or a pda. I wasn't aware that is was such a fascinating feat. I'm off to buy myself an award.
  16. I'm lucky enough to be in an area where the cachers, especially the old timers, are very courteous. I'm probably the most cynical of the bunch. Many of the old timers get together once a month for breakfast.
  17. I agree with Jhwk. Those inkjet printed business card sized signature cards mixed with a bit of moisture make for some pretty unreadable, psychedelic trash, but it's still trash.
  18. Sounds like the unbearable part was your whining compatriots.
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