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  1. Yeah, but your avatar looks like you're gettin' ready to drop a bomb on the Red Baron. Or are you looking for the kick start on the Vespa?
  2. Well, you certainly did a good job of jinxing the Bears. Please stay away from Chicago on Jan 2, that game is too important. Oh btw, I hope that you at least learned the correct pronunciation of jaguar.
  3. That sounds like a "mission statement" in the finest tradition of corporate America. Dilbert's pointy haired boss would be proud.
  4. Is this a "teaser" for the off topic forum?
  5. Well, I certainly do. The cannibals kicked the Irishman out of the caldron because he kept eating all the potatoes. Or was that about the tree fellers?
  6. There you go...a little editing took care of that. Have fun, Gus.
  7. That sounds like the common Hoosier Quayle. It's hard to tell where they came from because they fly backwards. On topic : There were numerous "sightings" of cougars in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin this past summer. None were confirmed. These were probably coyotes. I've seen two coyotes. One near an airport and the other near a golf course. I think they were interested in the plentiful supply of Canada geese.
  8. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but it seems you've witnessed my Chicago Bears in "action", as their offense is truly offensive.
  9. Not everyone has to be a cunning linguist by Jeremy Oct 10,2003
  10. Wow, my ex-wife's been verbed! by Keystone Approver Apr 22,2004
  11. A geocacher walks into a tavern and sets his on the bar. The bartender yells, "Hey nerd!!...you can't bring a in here." The geocacher replies, "But bartender, this is special, he can lick.... I just remembered, I can't tell this here.
  12. What was a Moose doing in your bed?! /Groucho It was probably looking for that little flying squirrel.
  13. Rodman and Artest are ex-Bulls, and both now have a connection to Detroit. I think Rodman wore #19 in Detroit. I also think that Chicago has now banned basketball. Oops!...do I have to pony up for this?
  14. Folk songs are not stolen, they are handed down(recycled, in newspeak). My recollection on "The Streets of Laredo" is that it came from the Irish "Poor Unfortunate Rake". I could be wrong about this, and it wouldn't be the first time. Both songs are supposedly about a young man's demise from vd. I just looked at your post again. Is it possible that "sirhowy hill" is Sir Howy Hill? It's also possible this is short for Howard Hill.
  15. It was right there in front of you. These are obviously cross trainers, not tennis shoes.
  16. There was nothing wrong with his statement. The use of "k" in the spelling of American is a well known way of riling some people. As you can see, it worked.
  17. I've only been thru Seymour, Ind once, and that was way before any caches were hidden.
  18. How about normal? Altho, I think that in Oregon it's spelled Norml.
  19. This is probably a benefit for premium members only.
  20. Cholo


    Don't be shocked or awed, but it's the new "don't ask don't tell" policy.
  21. Cholo


    You wanted to write something In English, so that we who don't understand Finnish have something to read? I just found a mistake in the above sentence, can you find it?
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