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  1. Hmmm, sounds like how things are going in these C-19 days. This thread needs to be moved over to the serious side please.
  2. I believe you will get more response in the regular Geocaching forum. This is "Off Topic" forum, where we like to delve into all other kinds of things other than caching. You just might get some rather strange, off the wall answers here... Shirley~
  3. Hey Bill, does that mean that we are now famous? This is one of the better ones for a little bit of description and with the challenge of USGS posting a not found, making it all the more fun.... Plus we had Klemmer with us.... FS1133 House All of the ones we did in this area were awesome to go find -- old and the descriptions were all interesting to read. Enjoy.
  4. PID:CZ1035, AM 50 We found it in 2004, very interesting and was some history to go along with those giant concrete arrows that are airway beacons. You can pull up those threads with just typing concrete arrows in the search.... Shirley~
  5. Blue Angel Wannabe. (It is vertical in the link!) MEL It honestly gives me a bit of vertigo to see such an obviously vertical thing horizontal! Those towers are pretty rare around here. The only ones that have survived have been repurposed. One, at a sports complex on the site of an old airport, retains its lights, but was moved when soccer fields were put in. I am sure the thousands that pass by it on a tournament weekend barely look up. Upright and resized - you are welcome. Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6. This Thread might be of some interest. The OP was Holograph and his webpage link still works. You can see just how many Geocachers did reports to the NGS and how many were logged onto GC.com. We only logged them on GC but Dave D used some of our pictures for the NGS. Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Here are another three that are a little special to us. The first one is Kanabownits Lookout Tower. The drive into this one is a real B*tch! PID GQ0257 You better love 4 wheeling to get to this one. We are still the only ones to have logged this one..... PID GP0593 The Watchtower. The Desert View Indian Watch Tower as seen while you are approaching from the parking lot at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Then when you get in front of the shop and look up, this is what you can see, notice the person looking at us as we take their picture.... And the last one is up at Beaver, Utah. It is the Court House Clocktower. PID JO0512 I love this old Court House. So, the 2oldfarts have posted. I hope they meet your expectations.... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  8. Well, we finally got around to looking through our finds and we are going to bore you with just 6 of our better ones that we were very happy to log. First is the St. George Mormon Temple Spire. The old original Temple shines bright white in the desert sun. Pid HO0629 Found on Saturday, 29 October 2005, now with one more picture included of a long shot. Next is Mollies Nipple Pid HO0540My link This picture was taken along Highway 89 between Kanab, Utah and Page, AZ. You can see Mollie's Nipple from many different places, including coming down Highway 89A from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon towards Fredonia, AZ. PID GQ0323 Kanab South Cairn 1871 This was gotten to by parking a couple of fences over and of course Shirley had to crawl under them. It was later in the day so it was getting dark by the time we got back to our truck. Lots of fun though! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  9. This looks like something I would like to see also. Way cool place... here is one of the smaller photos that is included in all of the GC logs.... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  10. A very nice chiseled arrow. Thank you for posting this one for all to enjoy. Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  11. Sorry about the missing 3, that has been corrected. Normally the datasheet for an intersection station lists the point intersected. Here is the listing for HW3332 from NGS Data Explorer: "HW3332'DESCRIBED BY COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY 1965 HW3332'STATION UNIVERSITY IS LOCATED ON THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PROPERTY HW3332'IN THE SOUTH EDGE OF CHARLOTTESVILLE AT THE SITE OF THE LEANDER HW3332'MC CORMICK OBSERVATORY. HW3332' HW3332'STATION UNIVERSITY IS 37 FEET WEST OF THE WEST EDGE OF THE HW3332'OBSERVATORY, 33 FEET NORTH OF THE CENTER OF THE ROAD, 26 FEET EAST OR HW3332'THE SOUTHEAST CORNER OF A BRICK BUILDING AND 25 FEET EAST OF THE HW3332'NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE SAME BUILDING. HW3332' HW3332'NOTE--THE DIRECTION WAS TAKEN TO THE CENTER OF THE POLAR HW3332'AND DECLINATION AXIS OF THE TELESCOPE." Here is the datasheet for HW3334: HW3334'DESCRIBED BY COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY 1965 (ELH) HW3334'THE STATION IS LOCATED ON THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PROPERTY HW3334'IN THE SOUTH EDGE OF CHARLOTTESVILLE AT THE SITE OF THE LEANDER HW3334'MC CORMICK OBSERVATORY. HW3334' HW3334'STATION MARK IS 37 FEET WEST OF THE WEST EDGE OF THE OBSERVATORY, HW3334'33 FEET NORTH OF THE CENTER OF THE ROAD, 26 FEET EAST OR THE HW3334'SOUTHEAST CORNER OF A BRICK BUILDING AND 25 FEET EAST OF THE HW3334'NORTHEAST CORNER OF THE SAME BUILDING. THE MARK IS A STANDARD HW3334'DISK SET IN THE TOP OF A CONCRETE POST, SET 4 INCHES BELOW HW3334'THE SURFACE OF THE GROUND, AND IS STAMPED UNIVERSITY 1965. HW3334' HW3334'REFERENCE MARK NO. 1 IS 16 FEET SOUTH OF THE CENTER OF THE HW3334'DRIVE-WAY AND 12 FEET WEST OF A TELEPHONE POLE. THE MARK HW3334'IS A STANDARD DISK SET IN THE TOP OF A CONCRETE POST, SET HW3334'FLUSH, AND IS STAMPED UNIVERSITY NO 1 1965. HW3334' HW3334'REFERENCE MARK NO. 2 IS 62 FEET SOUTH OF THE SOUTHEAST CORNER HW3334'OF THE BRICK BUILDING AND 13 FEET SOUTH OF THE CENTER OF THE HW3334'DRIVE-WAY. THE MARK IS A STANDARD DISK SET IN THE TOP OF HW3334'A CONCRETE POST, PROJECTS 2 INCHES, AND IS STAMPED UNIVERSITY HW3334'NO 1 1965. HW3334' HW3334'NOTE--THE DIRECTION WAS TAKEN TO THE CENTER OF THE POLAR HW3334'AND DECLINATION AXIS OF THE TELESCOPE. THE DISTANCE IS TO HW3334'A NAIL SET ON LINE AS REQUESTED BY DR. LAURENCE FREDRICK HW3334'WHO IS IN CHARGE OF THE OBSERVATORY. The location of both stations has the same description as you can see with additional information regarding the triangulation station and its reference marks. With some more digging I noticed that the datasheet locations are different: HW3334: NAD 83(1993) POSITION- 38 01 58.01420(N) 078 31 21.17948(W) ADJUSTED HW3332: NAD 83(1993) POSITION- 38 01 58.18429(N) 078 31 20.52514(W) ADJUSTED So now I think that they are two separate stations but that the description for the intersection station got mixed up with the triangulation station nearby? I have been the navigator for our jaunts until we get to the site, I have been the decipher of the NGS datasheets as well as the GC datasheets. I have our laptop on my lap as we go with both the Delorme Topo Map program running while attached to the little gps unit and also our GSAK database up and handy. So I have gotten very familiar with how to look at these to let my hubby have the best on the spot info.... On the GC page it list this at the top. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Details for Benchmark: HW3332 Start a New Search Learn More About Waypoint Downloads N 38° 01.970 W 078° 31.342 (NAD 83) Altitude: 866 Coordinates may not be exact. Altitude is SCALED and location is ADJUSTED. (more info) Location:In ALBEMARLE county, VA View Original Datasheet Designation:LEANDER MC CORMICK OBS 1965Marker Type: NGS Benchmark Setting: setting not listed - see description~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These 2 lines will tell you all about the "Style" and "Type" of the mark. Then the next line -- Is the way the mark is set. When you see this "setting not listed and see description" - It can mean an unusual way of the mark being set or an intersection station as this mark is. The important original "Documented History" is where the major clue for where the confusion is... Here you see the info of the 1965 Station marked University as a reference that was used for the intersection taken to the exact center of the Polar and Declination Axis of the Telescope. The information of Station University was included just for clarification, or the Reference for the Intersection Station. So, two different data sheets for two different Designations and Types of marks - one a Benchmark Disk and the other - the Intersection Station. That is a beautiful old Observatory! Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  12. Hi adrisan143, First you can click on - Geocache Types and Additional GPS Based Gameplay Subforums - in the Geocaching forums. Then click the last few words that are actually a link to the Benchmark Hunting Page. Then click Advanced Search which is where you can click in the little circle next to By Designation: and then input the numbers or name on the disk. Scroll down and click the Find benchmarks button which will tell you that your disk is not in the GC database. This is the case for this one that you are trying to log. So now you can either just forget logging it on GC due to the old database that GC uses or you may go the the Waymarking side of GC and try there. Not all benchmarks are loggable at all. If you want to ask more questions or see other info, look into the benchmark hunting forum.... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  13. There, now everyone can look at it right here. Many of the USGS marks are not included in the older NGS database that GC uses here for us. Some of the Surveyors that come here might be able to tell you about this one or if you contacted the local USGS office, they might be able to tell you more. Good photo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  14. It would be easiest for anyone here to see the picture first and it is fairly easy to upload your picture to one of your archived cache page. Just go to one of the archived caches and then click on load a photo, you now have a picture on GC that you can use in the forums. We await your photo and then the people here will help you all they can. Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. We have never used anything on any of the marks we have found that would not be gone with the next rain. We found that a dusting with cornstarch brings out the letters and numbers just fine for a good picture and does not harm the experience of finding a mark for the next person. Other hunters have used chalk or flour - which takes a little longer to either blow or wash away but still with the thought in mind that it is not long lasting nor harmful to the mark. The idea of keeping a mark just like you found it is the best idea for the next finder. Also, there have been so many marks stolen and put up on E-bay for sale or just taken or destroyed for whatever reason, that I would not alter a mark with paint nor make it any more visible than when we found it. Remember, this is just our hobby and we are not professional surveyors, just love finding little bits and pieces of history. Our special finds were of the older and unique ones.... U 8, JO0308, chiseled square. GQ0323 KANAB SOUTH CAIRN A lot of good times and many miles.... I hope everyone has many more finds and special days....Happy Hunting Shirley - half of the 2OFs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  16. Unfortunately, GEO*Trailblazer 1 - the person who organized the overall project & had the GEOCAC benchmarks made - passed away a few years ago... I did not know about GEO passing away.... He was a great ole' boy. I have missed him being around. The following is in honor of him from one of our now archived LCs from somewhere else.... He was a great guy.... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  17. If the mark is for elevation then the coordinates are scaled and the datum is of little importance. If the mark is a horizontal mark the the coordinates are very accurate and again the datum is of little importance. Almost all GPSr use WGS84 when you select NAD83 as the primary datum, so it makes no difference which you tell your GPSr to use. Reading the description is more important than the datum you select. John
  18. Hi Path Pacer, There is a very friendly bunch of benchmark hunters over in the Benchmarking Forum --> Benchmarking <-- You can ask any question and/or get lots of info from past threads. You can download info into your GPSr. The steps are in the pinned "Me First!" thread on the benchmarking forum. Have fun and good hunting. Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  19. 3" underground in 1933. 6" underground in 1934. Not logged since 1934. We haven't benchmarked in a while. Any advice on this one? Mr. Dolphin, Get a metal detector to use there. They were known to place many underground marks at that time. The detector is to check for a surface mark that may have been covered over through the years. As you know a great many triangulation stations had buried marks with a surface mark set directly over the buried mark. The coordinates should be very accurate if it is truly a triangulation station, hence the need for the metal detector. John
  20. +1 Agreed. Also, an an EC owner, if I start having to log in to check messages, I will most likely archive our three EC's. It is currently quick and easy to read the answers in the e-mail notification and if all is well, I'm done. We are a husband/wife team. Mr. Car54 has a smart phone and is a tech geek (writes code for a living). He has the paid app on his phone. I have a flip phone and use a handheld GPS and I plan to keep it that way. I am the one who uses the website - from a PC - to submit caches, plan our caching outings, create bookmark lists, submit PQ's, log caches, etc. The more you make it difficult for the PC user (me) to use the site, the less likely we are to use your services. No angst - just sayin'..... Mrs. Car54 +1 Agree totally. Except my hubby and I do not even use/own a smart phone. I am the one using the PC to do anything with caches and John will use his to deal with the benchmark hunting. The more difficult and time consuming you make it for the PC users (both of us) to use the site, the less likely we are to use your services and stick around with this hobby. No angst - just sayin'..... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  21. Erica, all you need do is pick one of the people who frequent this forum, send them a PM or an e-mail. Anyone of us would be willing to let you tag along with us or plan a day to show you what our hobby is all about. All you need do is to reply here or contact one of us. We are really a friendly group of people. And we all take wonderful pictures, just check out any of our profiles and check out our benchmark finds or gallery. You just need to make the first move..... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  22. The directions on how to find events by state using the new search are posted in multiple threads including one posted by a lackey. I also think it is in the FAQs linked in the release notes. To find upcoming events in a state leave the search box on the first page blank. That page resolves whatever you enter into a set of coordinates and centers a search there. On the second page clear all cache types, except for events. Then start to type your state into the box and select United States Connecticut. Depending on where you live though you may find it more satisfactory to use a saved pq that you preview since you might also be interested in events in RI. MA, or NY. Hi Planet, as Team Taran already mentioned...the statewide event search is indeed possible for Premium Members, so you should be able to find all events in Connecticut quite quickly. Team Taran's post describes how to do that, but sometimes a picture helps and so you can see a screenshot of searching for statewide events in this post. The linked results use North Carolina as an example, but you can replace your own state. Just make sure to select the state from the drop-down list that will appear when you start typing Connecticut. Here is what search results for Connecticut events look like, sorted by date: https://www.geocachi...rch?types=6&r=7 If this gives you results, then you can click "Change Filters" in the Results page and made adjustments to the filters (like selecting a different state or filtering to show only specific cache types), then click "Update Search". The search results can be viewed on a map by clicking "Map These Results" on the Results page. The link is in the lower right corner of the mountains image that spans the top of the page. As a PM, you also have the option of using a PQ to search events within a certain radius, so you might want to consider that option since there are several states near you. So, we have to use 'back door' ways that are so difficult to understand that we need pictures to navigate the site now. And if you are not PM members anymore, you cannot use the site at all? Gee, thank you very much for making a site that is hard to use where it used to be so simple and fun. Also, are the benchmark hunting links going to be put back onto the main page? No one is answering that question at all. Just wondering the "Why" of all of the changes that do not make things easier for the people who still want to play here.... Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  23. You all might want to go here to see my reply to thebruce0 in Release Notes - March 25, 2015. I might get bannanated for that one.... But, at least I feel better now.... Geesh, I am just getting too old.!.! Shirley~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  24. This. Neither the PQs or Bookmarks page have a link back to the 'top' level of its section. Well, aside from going 'back' by using the link in the Play dropdown menu... I think, intuitively, one would expect a link back to the PQ/Bookmark parent page when viewing or editing a child from the list. (it's the page navigation hierarchy line that has been removed) Thank you msrubble, The question is, how or where did you get to "here it is"? The link can also be found in the 'Search Options' block of your profile page (clicking your name in the upper right) as View nearby benchmarks. Thank you thebruce0, but that just takes you to the nearby benchmarks list which really does no good, if you have found other marks and want to log them. If you click on the link at the top of that link that says New Search - that takes you to the advanced search page for benchmarks and not the the Benchmark Hunting page where I would think a link should go to find a particular mark for logging. I think it was very simple and now if people have to search the entire site for what used to be at our fingertips, you might just push people away from our great hobby. Is that what you are trying to do? Or is it that you want new blood only and want to see all of the oldtimers go away? Just stop and think about ease of use instead of how pretty it all is.... Shirley - an oldtimer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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