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  1. I used to live in Page, AZ. where it is the hub of several National parks and our little town had over 5 million visitors to our small town, where they have built many motels now. There is the Watchtower inside the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park that is a benchmark in itself. And at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, there are many well logged marks regular and some spectacular that were being logged over and over, to make the enjoyment of just being at these wonderful parks, the same also apply at Bryce National Park, and Zion National Park as well where millions of people visit each year. There is another mark between Page and heading north along highway 89 that you can pull over to log Mollies Nipple. A now famous mountain peak that is a benchmark that can be seen there and from Brice NP and other places. We have a wonderful country that has many things to do. The National Parks have learned that many people have been finding and logging benchmarks, so they sell replicas of those that within the National parks, and make a goodly amount off of those, we 2oldfarts ( the rockhounders) bought several to give away to the winners of the contests we had in the Benchmarking forums. GC could have been making money off of that kind of replicas plus keychains with small benchmarks or necklaces or stationary with Benchmarking logos. So many ways to pull in money off of our sport that you did not take advantage of. You could have made money off of our sport, not hide it. Not belittle it. NGS felt it important enough they had a locked thread at the top to explain how to go the NGS site and how to send in recoveries to them. You act like we were not an important part of GC, but you are wrong. It was a sport that was more important than any geocache could ever be. Shirley, what is left of the 2oldfarts (the rockhounders) and now 1oldfart somewhere. where it matters. If you would like to know where, just contact me.
  2. Sooo, if the Locationless caches weren't deleted, where are they? Also, I know it is a business, but businesses need to listen to their customers otherwise they will slowly but surly, not have that business after disappointing said customers being treated wrongly in the eyes of said customers. Plus, the head NGS Surveyor and others were constantly on the Benchmarking Forums to check on the errors we found (we had Dave D and a couple of others) that would check our logs here on GC and update their existing NGS data without our posting on the NGS ourselves. That happened in many cases. Now, there will no longer be that small back and forth ever again. We felt we had something extra here that in it's small way, was actually doing something good instead of just going out and leaving caches all over the world as a game. So, do not belittle the importance of Benchmark Hunting and our small part with harvesting information.
  3. By Jove, My Dear Watson, you have hit the nail on the head. If we were to transfer the info from our benchmarking finds onto Waymarking, they will probably be non-functional due to the links to Benchmark hunting being deleted. So it would be a waste of time for each of us to try to save that info by just transferring by clicking and moving it. So, if we were to want to try to save any of our logs, we would have to retype each and every one and upload new pictures also. With so many logs that, my dear Watson, would be undo-able in the amount of time they have given us. That is why it seems that was just thrown out to the benchmark crowd to seem like there was a solution. But if it was that easy, the powers that be could have just transferred all of data over to Waymarking themselves. Just saying... It is just another feature of GC that will be deleted like Locationless Caches, and others that they just decide for whatever reasons to delete without the members getting to vote on the matter. Plain and simple.
  4. It is called Complete Deletion of anything benchmark on GC. It was like when people had and found Locationless Caches = Delete. Simple. I still think that the Geocachers should get to vote on whether or not that complete sections of GC be deleted. But, I have been proven wrong on the LC's and now the Benchmarking. It was glorious while both of those lasted. Just saying.
  5. https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/226226-a-good-day/ Okay, I found a thread on Benchmarking Forum that I think might give people an idea why it means so much to all of us benchmarker hunters, please go and check this one out before it all goes away... My favorite part of it starts on page 2 about half way down the page, my post that says - YAHOO! We had a blast on Saturday and Sunday!! And be sure to check out the picture of the square white granite post with the one of the letters USBM chiseled into each corner and a perfect chiseled square in the center. Please read that one and then go down three posts later to see just how many marks we found and how old and how he was answering Okie by telling him the distance from the spot that it was posted on the NGS data sheet had been off and that was why he had not found it. (which was changed by Dave D after he found out about it.) In that thread so many tell of times like that of going out and finding something that had not been found since it was placed so long ago. I shall remember always those special days I had with my husband of almost 50 years just going out and finding those sometimes elusive marks. My best to you all. And may you enjoy whatever you find to do in this world and don't forget to share those good times with others... Just saying. That was our passion, geocaching was just a side game we did if there were any close by a benchmark. Sincerely Shirley~
  6. And here is my story for that GREAT Day 12 years ago so you don't have to go back page 2 to read it!
  7. Now, this brings back so many memories that was searching for. If John was still alive, he would have known just where to look for this thread and which pids to pull up to look at before they are deleted!!! I am sitting here crying now just thinking how much will be lost to me - it's just one more piece of John that is being striped away from me... I never thought that GC could be so cruel to the people who have loved this site so much. May God Bless each and everyone who I have had contact with and come to call my friends... Peace, Love and the best of the rest of your lives... I will miss you all... Shirley~ 1 oldfart
  8. Countdown until midnight. Anyone want to make any bets on how long until this forum will be deleted - lock, stock and barrel? And how long they leave up the Benchmarking logging? I guess it doesn't matter much one way or the other... To me it was worth it to be able to see my hubby happy. A happy hubby is a wonderful thing... That should be a song... Just saying.
  9. Thank you Dave D for coming back here to add your thoughts and your Email address for us to use if we choose to do so. You have always been in the forums when we have had questions and either you or Z15 has answered all of the them or some of out long time benchmark hunters who have been so good about logging into the NGS their professionally written logs there. It has been a privilege to me to get to know so many good people and professional people on this forum. Soon this forum will be gone along with all of our logs on GC. But our memories of the good times will remain. I feel sorry for those people that never got the chance to go hunt for those very old benchmarks and have that thrill when they are able to see something very old and still there and in good shape and then able to log it also. I hope that something else will come up somewhere some day that will rival what we had and accomplished here. Goodbye everyone! It was wonderful while it lasted. Love to you all, my dear friends... Shirley~
  10. Well, since this Benchmarking forum might be deleted along with all of the Benchmark logs, I wanted to post on this special one that so many of the people I know so well posted to for me to see what they found. Chiseled marks are very special and we met so many of the people who posted here at one time or another and of course Harry Dolphin was in Off Topic and it has been shut down and probably soon to be discarded. So that is the reason I am posting here to be able to look at all of the posts in this thread before it is deleted. I hope others that are interested in chiseled marks (which some were from the 1800's) will enjoy looking at what some of us have found. If anyone else would like to post their logs here, do so and I will be checking back until the end of it all. Thanks everyone here that have been such a big part of my life, and if John were still alive, he would thank you also. Sincerely, Shirley Bloomfield - Half of the 2oldfarts
  11. I agree wholeheartedly, but the powers that be has already made up their minds. We lose a lot enjoyment from a sport that we all loved for so many years. Below is where you may go to read about the entire thing and the why of what they are doing. Something about the Benchmark program code being to old to mess with as it would take to much time and money to update the entire Benchmarking side of GC. I have now accepted it, but with so much sadness and soon even this forum here will be deleted also. Sincerely, Shirley - half of the 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
  12. I also have fond memories of John getting with you and quite a few others to benchmark hunt. Those strings of square shiny white rock posts with U, S, G, S on each corner with a perfect chiseled square in the center. I would have to pour through so many ones of those logs to find those posts. They were beautiful! And I remember we followed your finds as well. You have found so many in very rough places... I will miss you and all of the others that we had gone hunting either benchmarks or Locationless Caches on this site. It once was the place to come to for fun of many types. It was good to hear from you again. Shirley, = half of the 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
  13. Wow! That is amazing... We had a local tour guide that had been a regular shopper in Safeway where I worked and he was kind enough to take us around to where he had seen them inside the dam. He thought it was rather funny that we were so excited to be able to log those at all, but he was pleased to help us out in that way. Thank you for letting me know that we were very lucky to have been able to get pictures and go places that others cannot go now. Sincerely, Shirley Bloomfield
  14. Thank you Bill93 for posting this! This is one that I would like to go see before I die. I love historic things and this one is just so cool! Wow! But soon even this post will be gone from this site and no one will be able to see this. Hmmm, I know, I will post it in that thread for Release Notes along with the picture. There it will remain until they either delete it or the site goes under and no more GC exists.
  15. Details for Benchmark: JV3199 Location: In WASHINGTON county, MD View Original Datasheet Designation: A Marker Type: NGS Benchmark This was the very first BM in the C&GS /NGS Leveling, in other words it is the very first Benchmark! = That folks is historic! I do believe this mark is one that is a perfect example why the people love Benchmarking that enhances there ability to enjoy GC and all of these logs (99) will be gone with many people wondering where they went due to the fact that most regular people that log these either don't come to the forums very often or they don't see this thread nor do they do Waymarking. So, tell me how great this site is that they do not inform the very people with regular emails about what is about to drastically change the site? Hmmmm, you do not even think about the feelings of hundreds or even thousands of people that will be angry to learn that there logs are gone? Now what? You just tell them that they should watch the rather hidden forum at the top of the forum pages that is almost opaque and to know to click there to see what the people that have control of this site are planning? This is a very strange way to run a site that is supposed to be run for the people that play here. Just another point to consider. PS, now I would really like to go there and see this one with my own eyes before I die. Another Bucket List thing. Hmmmm, maybe that would make a good Waymark?
  16. I have one last thing to say... Finds = 1211 result(s), Didn't Finds = 184 result(s), Mark destroyed = 43 result(s), All logs = 1465 result(s), = a work of love and fun of the hunt. Was it all worth it? Yes~ And that my friends and that is what GC is taking away from people who might have enjoyed this sport as much as the 2oldfarts did. May you all one day realize the heartache that you have caused to what you think of as a small group of people... Where I thought this site was made to make all of GC people happy in the hunt of many things. So I will go my way now and may God bless you all and bring happiness to your souls. That is what I was taught, to bless those that have done you wrong and to understand that they know not what they do that harms so many in so many ways. Sincerely, Shirley Bloomfield PS: You may now alter my post as you wish.
  17. Thank you so muchly! I love that you read some of our logs -- they were true adventures. There was one BM that was way off, but John had gone back many times to hunt for it, he knew it had to be there, and finally on the 10 time we measured from the previous BM (that was off also) in the same group and last one we found in the group and he somehow figured out where it had to be. So one beautiful day, we went back and Lo and Behold, John went there and walked over and started looking and then he did a dance like the Navajo that we have many friends who have taught us so much. And then he looked at me and smiled and winked. I knew it was worth all of the gas and time to finally find a silly disc on a rock that had been covered by dirt, leaves and time itself. Was it worth all the time, effort, and trips to the beautiful Kaibab National Forest? YUP! And would we have gone through it all again? YUP! I will always remember that golden time... That is one thing that GC cannot take away from me. My memories of John and his resolve to try again and again and again until on the 6th try, he finally recovered that mark. The sun was shining and my husband was very happy and finally had his prize, a few pictures, the extra knowledge that a string of BMs that had all been very hard to find and how to get the job done of finding them all and logging them to let others be able to continue to find them also, that is what the benchmark hunt is all about. It was about going out in the great outdoors, finding things that might not have been recovered by anyone else for such a long time by just a description written by the person who set it many moons ago... My hubby loved this sport, I so, I too loved this sport because I helped him hunt and had the pleasure of seeing him find every single one of the them! At least GC cannot take the memories away... Sincerely, Shirley~ Finds = 1211 result(s) Didn't Finds = 184 result(s) Mark destroyed = 43 result(s) All logs = 1465 result(s). = a work of love and fun of the hunt.
  18. I sent an email just now to DaveD. I thought he should be made aware of this going to happen here. Of the people that helped us all, I could come up with him as the one who was to us, an official that knew all the answers, because he had all the official knowledge of the U S National Geodetic Survey at his fingertips due to him being employed by them and our friend. I hope he will come and post something as to how he feels about this happening.... Shirley~
  19. I have to agree totally and I am heartsick that they are going to wipe out everything that my dead husband and I did all those years away. All the pictures and logs that John took and logged, all of the posts we made here in this forum, the work we did on the contests we thought up and ran where there were many that enjoyed the extra challenge. I miss you all a lot and this makes me very angry and sad and heartbroken. I do not think there is changing their mind about this terrible decision. Sorry guys, I know you will be just as angry and upset about this as I am. Sincerely, Shirley Bloomfield = half of the 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
  20. This is just another thing that GC is taking away from me, all of those places and logs and pictures that are just going to be deleted forever. My dead husband and I spent many hours, miles and love of a sport that is now going to be gone. I could come here and at least relive those times he and I had together. So, this is truly goodbye GC. On November 1, without our benchmarking logs and without being able to go to Off Topic to talk to friends that I had made there, there will be no reason for me to return. You have caused me many tears and heartache this year. There is nothing else you could do, as we had archived all our caches before John died in 2019. So this year you killed off, Off Topic and now Benchmark Hunting plus deleting all mention of any of the logs and the Benchmark forum as well. I have a very bad case of heartache right now, thanks to a place that we used to love coming to and where I could come to be with people who remembered John. There, I have had my say, and I know it won't mean a whit to anyone. But, it had to be said. Sincerely, Shirley Bloomfield
  21. Were these taken at the St George area? It sure looks familiar... And thanks for posting them, it brought back many memories...
  22. I feel this post of a fellow Off Topic poster is just how I feel and we (my husband, John who is now dead) Joined on 03/13/2003. So Corp of Discovery joined just a few months before we did. And it is true what he says... with age comes wisdom. Being serious all of the time will kill this site. It was meant--developed to be a fun sport with laughter and love (bunches of love) involved. It was Jeremy who started this wonderful adventure, and he had a great sense of humor. I remember that. Now, everyone is sooo serious about everything. I even remember a few Off Topic people who would come invade the regular forums and it would cause the mods to go crazy. I love seeing that because it was fun seeing the reaction of the people who didn't have a paid subscription or know about Off Topic. Maybe, just maybe that is why Off Topic died because the people who did that were no longer here. I guess that maybe my fault? I didn't go into the regular forums and cause Fun to be seen? Hmmmmm? What fun is there to geocaching anymore??? I don't see much... And this makes me very sad. I say to everyone, rethink things and see that people need more laughter and friends in their lives. Not so much seriousness and control and sadness and not enough L-O -V -E for your customers. Be more like Jeremy, have fun. Just thoughts of a silly, old lady that goes by many names, Shirley, Granny, half of the oldfarts (the rockhounders)... and now mainly gone.
  23. I understand. Sorry that our hopes soared for a while. So, we have until around 9 am tomorrow to enjoy the Off Topic forum... Then you are kicking us off of GC mostly forever more. Okay then, I will say good bye right now to you Lep. It was a blast while it lasted. *Walks away with head held high, but crying inside...*
  24. Heads up, I posted this in Off Topic just a few minutes ago, I am telling you this as you can ban me right now if you want to because I feel so strongly that this is unfair due to you not asking for our opinion about all of this before deciding without the people that pay to use this site. It is unfair... Posted in the Goodbye Thread in Off Topic: You know I have been thinking, if this Off Topic forum had been open to everyone coming to the forums or even been allowed to be seen and told that if you pay, you could play with the OT forum, we would have had more people posting here than any of the other forums!!! This whole thing in not fair at all, in my humble 72 year old opinion. But, I know I cannot fight the fight alone, I don't have that long to live now, life has been mostly good. It is just a shame that they couldn't give us more of a heads up or even told us that we would have to pay more to play here or started charging everyone, as I think most all would agree to pay to play, as we have all these years, if they are having money issues. This just doesn't make any sense to me at all.... Just saying. I just should have dyed back in 2019 instead of having that darn heart surgery, then I wouldn't have to go through seeing this happen without our input! Sincerely, Shirley Bloomfield, 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)
  25. Agreed~~~ And we need a person like Snoogans to fight for us once more.... We need this little crying Signal to express how we are feeling...
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