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  1. I just wanna let those that sent Gecoins that we have received 2 and I will get them our GeoDuck. I was just released from the hospital after a month stay and a majorly close call with my maker. I am home. I am so sorry about this and Lehigh Mafia doesn’t run like this. My medical issue just side swiped us when we weren’t even looking.
  3. Thank you so much kunarion. That worked and I would have never thought of going in the edit TB page to fix them.
  4. Ok Mind Boggling Question, at let for me. I am trying to mark my Geocoin’s as Collectible’s. Problem it seems like if this are active (logged already or moving about) I can’t seem to Marked/Moved/Log then as collectible. Now if they are not logged/moving then it’s normally not an issue. So what in the World and I doing wrong or is it that they just too late since the Trackables/Geocoins have loggged/moved. Thanks in advance. Please PM me @Lehigh_Mafia@yahoo.com
  5. Also, there is a page on FB that has been posting Trackables ID's for a while now. FB wont do anything about it, but GC seems to be by deleting logs and locking accounts.
  6. GC.com has deleted these Couch Surfer's bogus logs for a bunch of Trackables. We had 2 of ours hit by them. Their account is currently locked.
  7. Done, Over Finish. LEAVE ME ALONE
  8. Done Over Finish.. LEAVE ME ALONE
  9. Just Happen to See One of Your Top 5 on the E-Place.. All Monies Raised Goes for a Good Cause..
  10. ktprincess1.. Check Your Email When You Can..
  11. And We Also Apologized for this.. The Reason That We Started to do this.. We Paid For These GeoDucks with Our Money.. We Have Never Asked Anyone for a Dime.. We Have Only Asked that No One Sell Them.. We Have Never Sold Any of the GeoCoins We Have Traded For.. Well.. After We Found Out Someone Sold One on E-bay for Almost $500.00 Only After Receiving a Free One in the Mail and Trading For Another One (Yes, They Ended Up with 2 GeoDucks).. Well It Was a Bit Upsetting.. This Person Used Us for Their Personal Gain.. They Had Asked for a GeoDuck in Trade and We Accepted.. Little Did We Know That They Had Already Traded One Out with Someone Else.. The Only Time We Have Received Any $$ For Our GeoDucks is When We Have Placed One on E-bay to Help Raise $$ For Our Year Christmas Toy Drive (These Are the Only Ones That Have Not Been Activated By Us).. So We Figured Since We Have Put the Money, Time and Energy into Making this GeoDuck and We Are Giving Them Out for Free.. That We Can Activate Them.. If Someone Wants a GeoDuck That Bad.. Well Then They Can Contact Us and We Can Set Something Up.. We Know Let Everyone Know This Up Front.. If They Don't Like the Idea.. Then They Can Not Accept One.. We Made This GeoDuck as a Personal Trade Item.. Not to Make a Benjamin..
  12. We are Collecting the Monies and after the Auction is over we will be purchasing the Gift's and Taking them to our Contact for the Boys & Girls.. When we contacted E-Bay they were ok with the way it was typed up.. LM
  13. If you are personally interested or know someone who might be interested in one.. Please check out the following link.. Lehigh Mafia GeoDuck Geocoin Thanks LM
  14. Please Note.. Many have sent us Trade Request's.. We are holding on to those E-Mails at this time, but we are not making any Trade's at this time.. Like It was said before.. The Godfather Jumped the Gun on the Trading Offer.. We are sorry about any confusion this might be causing anyone.. The Godfather just miss understood what the Brains was talking with him about.. Just keep your eye out on Ebay as we will be Auctioning off 2 GeoDucks to help Round up some Funds for our Christmas Time GeoBash we hold Each Christmas.. Thanks for Reading LM
  15. We are Auction that GeoDuck off for a Holiday Event that we hold Every Year..
  16. Ok.. The Story Behind the Name & The Duck.. If you Check out our Profile.. You'll see Gimpy & No-Name.. Our Pet Peking Ducks.. Shortly after we started geocaching, we had no clue about the GC names or handles.. So we had something silly.. Well one day while the Brains was logging a find.. Gimpy was sitting on the Floor by the computer giving her grief because he was hungry or bored.. Either way she wasnt doing what he wanted her to be doing.. Well she stopped and took him out side to go play.. Well the Godfather was shortly in tow with No-Name.. While they where sitting in the front yard with the Ducks pulling weeds for them to eat.. Gimpy was acting as if he was the Boss Quacking at the Godfather Because he wasn't pulling the weed correctly.. Just like the Real Godfather Does.. Well We live in Lehigh Acres Florida so that's where the Lehigh comes into play.. And the Mafia shortly entered after being bosses around by a couple of Peking Duck who thought they where in Charge.. So in short.. Lehigh Mafia was born all over 2 Peking Very Spoiled Ducks who had to have everything their way.. Sadly in 2006 They where taken from us unexpectly.. They now live on in our GeoDuck Geocoins.. Yes, we know Peking's are White.. But they where Yellow to start with.. And we thought if we would have made them White folks would have thought that the coin was a Goose or Swan.. So we picked Yellow.. So.. That is how it Happen.. Hope everyone Enjoyed it.. LM
  17. As Some Know.. The Godfather Jumped the Gun on his Message to Everyone.. Please Check out.. Lehigh Mafia GeoDuck Geocoin Auction.. Sorry about the Smoke.. LM
  18. If I crack the Mafia Boss, can I get one as a FTF prize? GC18M5B I can only hope! That would be Correct.. Good Luck on Cracking the Boss.. It was Programmed by the Brains.. LM
  19. The Godfather here, We're still making a few trades of personal coins, but it must be your personal coin. If anyone is still interested in trading or getting the story behind why we use ducks, drop us a line. Cache ya laters, The Godfather, Lehigh Mafia
  20. March 10 by Duh!! (882 found) Was out with Cache Owner when they placed this cache, the cache owner let me log this as FTF. Left TB Took FTF Coin. This was a Brand New Multi w/5 Stages.. Niceness...
  21. September 3, 2007 by GuessWeWillCallItAFind (372 found) Logging this as a find. I used the hint and found what I am sure is/was the cache. There is no container or logbook there just a lid attached. Great hide though. Went and enjoyed a couple beers at the tiki hut next door afterwards. TFTH! September 3, 2007 by LearningTheWrongWay (359 found) I'm hooked! Found this with GuessWeWillCallItAFind and I decided to sign up for my own geocaching account. TFTH!
  22. TMDMom.. Honest Mistake.. Yet Easy to Fix.. Go back to that Cache in Question.. Make sure your Logged in.. Directly under your Log you will see 2 different links.. [view/edit logs/images on a separate page] <Click on this one & [upload an image for this log] At the Top of the Screen, You will see 2 Choices.. Edit Log or Delete Log.. Click on the Edit Log.. Now on the Type of Log (Pull Down Bar).. Pick the DNF.. Then Sumit Changes.. And Bingo.. Error Corrected.. Hope this Helps.. LM
  23. That's definitely what it looks like. Here are a couple of pictures that I took today. There is a college within a mile of the sign location and if they have a ROTC program it could very well have been part of an exercise course for them. Looks like it was something to do with a Night Hunt.. Those Vials are Glow in the Dark Sticks.. We have use this same type of Setup for the Boy Scouts at Night.. It's really fun.. But doesnt last long.. LM
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