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  1. A bunch of the Alabama Locals hang out here:Dixiecachers
  2. I recently DL the macro as well, but the state data is not correct due to some Locationless caches I did years ago. Is there a way to correct that?
  3. Unfortunatley, no, but: http://birmingham.bizjournals.com/birmingh...its.html?page=1
  4. I work in B'ham and eat here regularly: Ted's Cafeteria for a meat & 3 type lunch: right off the 4th ave S exit off I65South. The Fish Market on Southside is GREAT, if you like seafood. Need any more info, shoot me an email!
  5. Downloaded the new update for Rino 120 and immediately found that I could NOT edit the waypoint numbers when marking a waypoint! Weird; the numbers field would change randomly and not take the number I was entering. Did a hard reset and redownloaded and same problem. Quickly went back to version 3.70 and it's working again!
  6. Some of us are communicating using YIM. (mine is crappiehunter32) I still haven't been able to get in touch with Jeff, which is unusual. At this point I am kinda worried about him more than the site!
  7. Jeff is aware of the site being down. As to the status, I am unsure at this point. Will let ya'll know if I hear anything!
  8. Yes, currently the Alacache website is down.
  9. The Alacache.com site is back up again!
  10. The Alabama Geocaching Association turns 2 years old this month! We have now grown to over 800 members strong! Come help us celebrate on Oct. 22nd at Oak Mtn State Park in Pelham, Al. Everyone is welcome!! See you there!
  11. We are heading to Gatlinburg to enjoy Labor Day with the rest of the dummies! Does any one have a bookmark list of caches we could look at? Out route will be I-59 from B'ham to Chattanooga, then I-75 to I-40 to Knoxville and on to Wilton Springs. Thanks in advance!
  12. We are currently discussing coins on our site Alacache.com and hope to have that answer soon. Saw where you joined the AGA! Good to have you, Monica!
  13. Sorry I didn't see your post until now! I don't frequent the forums much anymore. Anyway, we have a lot of FINE caches here in Alabama. The zip for Andalusia is 36420 and there are 14 within a 25 mile radius. Might want to grab a few on the way, too! Feel free to pop in at our website Alacache and ask about any of the caches in the state!
  14. I've done it 5 times, same results. Emailed Garmin and they are sending it on a CD. Said it was a known problem.....
  15. Since Garmin might be "lurking", here's one for them: Why do the Rino units only hold 500 waypoints? The Legend and Visata hold 1000 and they *are* similar in function....
  16. I tried to Dl the upgrade and when trying to open the .exe file, I get an error stating "this file is not a valid Win32 application". WTF!? windoz XP home.....found nothing on MS about this....
  17. After a quick scan of this thread, the only thing I have to offer is: The U.S. Constitution does not give anyone the right to not be offended. How could Geocaching.com provide this?
  18. There are many in Jasper that would be good. 2 of ours are close to a public lake with trails: GCDE5E and GCJVFW. This one has playgrounds nearby, but is a micro(no-trade items for the kiddies ) GCJ4BD. Many more close to hwy 78 IF you go thru town instead of I-22. Search using zip 35501. Have a safe trip and Merry Christmas!!
  19. If your party would like some company, feel free to post a thread on our site. Someone is always getting a group together to go caching!
  20. Add me to the list as well---I have a few already dried waitng for me to begin.
  21. oh yeah, check out our website for more info or opinions: ALACACHE
  22. Nearest to that zip code, my favs are: Sub pots multi GCHG31 The Preserve GCHAB6 I haven't done many of the others on the first page of the search. Most of them are in Oak Mtn. Park. You could spend all day in there and not get them all!
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