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  1. Moving this topic to the appropriate "On Topic" forum.
  2. Trackables are like threads in Off-Topic. Sometimes they get picked up and then reappear in a completely different place.
  3. Never thought I would hear a Neopets reference on this site. Once I had a puzzle involving them, but archived it for a number of reasons. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=118523
  4. Moving to the regional forums.
  5. Oh -- I forgot to add: the macro now does not include Geocaching HQ and a couple of other not-really-charter-members. I just get a bunch of text in my browser when I click the link. Just right-click and do a Save As... then open GSAK and import the macro directly.
  6. Very nice! (Except that I only have 152 total finds from 14 Charter Members.) One of those 14 is me, from logging one of my own event caches, most likely. Is leaving one's own name in by design? Thanks for the macro, and looking forward to copying bigcall's challenge cache idea.
  7. Changing the coordinates on this thread to place it ion the correct forum.
  8. Link to online petition has been removed. Moving this to the German geocaching forum where it would be more appropriate.
  9. Diverting this thread off to the main discussion forums before it's too late.
  10. I'm moving this to a more appropriate forum for discussion.
  11. Moving to the regional forums.
  12. Moving this thread to the correct forum. Be sure to email your local reviewer directly about this issue in case the cache owner doesn't respond right away.
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