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  1. I like the idea behind this one. I was thinking of doing something similar to this.
  2. cant say which one it is but i found a cache where a fake spider jumped out at you when you open the ammo can.
  3. some people say that my caches are very creative in the camouflage aspect.
  4. my condolences on your loss. This happened to a cache in the middle of nowhere that I recently visited. There was nothing man made withing 5 miles of it except for road and a state owned rest stop. They tore up an area of about half a mile in every direction of the cache. I liked that cache too
  5. Art. Now safe for families. NO NO PUT IT ON PUT IT ON.
  6. Well I am personally and indoors person also. Would you blame me it reached 105 yesterday . I don't appreciate him putting the other cachers in the light of fanatics like we are some rouge cannons. I also think he was hard set from the beginning to criticize geocaching. I believe that overall more than half of the people introduced to geocaching like it.
  7. I usually play that with my friends on long bus rides. its always a blast.
  8. Would you be for or against caches whose sole puropse is to collect golf balls. Ex you must leave a golf ball and write on it as a log.
  9. Do you like my new avitar? also I am trying to maek a staff similar to Gandalf the Whites staff in L.O.T.R. What tools would you suggest that I use. I ahve a dremil if that helps. The wood is a straight big piece of cedar approx 3 inches in diamiter and 6 feet high.
  10. Isint ebay great. Look what I found by typing in Geocache fake drain fake wall socket
  11. All you would need is the bianary code. That would take over 1 mil golf balls.
  12. I want one of these for my dog. If he gets out it is very hard to find him.
  13. I have noticed that golf balls are a common place in caches. I also have observed that many people are put off by this. I was thinking what could be done about this. I know it would be imposable to ban them from caches. So I reasoned that if they are going to be in caches anyway they could be "modified" to spice em up a little bit. So I made a guide to make ordinary golf balls extraordinarily interesting golf balls.. Here are a few of my ideas. If you have any other ideas please post them here. 1. Paint them in a color that will make them blend in with there surroundings. 2. Drill a hole in to them to make them interesting caches. WARNING THIS IS TO ONLY BE DONE TO RANGE BALLS AS THEY DON'T A CENTER THAT WILL EXPLODE OR HURT YOU. Please be EXTREMELY careful when doing this. Use safety glasses and gloves. Or you could just glue a film canister to the bottom and place it in the ground. 3. Glue random things to them like dirt or leaves.
  14. Did you decrypt the hint. Sounds like you cant find the cache without it.
  15. What do you think of a numericial size clasification. ex 1 is nano adn 10 is really big 5 is an 50 cal ammo can. They could use this in conjunction with the current system.
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