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  1. Thanks for the info...it DID arrive today, but I set up a GMail account just in case I have troubles down the road. Thanks for the help! Six
  2. Thanks for the replies, I use Yahoo for most everything now. My RoadRunner e-mail through Brighthouse Networks was beginning to irritate me with all of their e-mail address changes etc...so I stick to Yahoo now. I keep the inbox pretty clean, I delete any e-mail that I have responded to or have no need for, so at anytime there are usually no more than 3 or 4 e-mails in my inbox. Trash is automatically emptied everyday. Seeing as how it is Yahoo, I get a TON of spam which is filtered out...I'm assuming that the mail in there counts towards the size alottment? I'm due for a PQ today, so I'll see if it arrives! (Fingers Crossed) Thanks, SixTen
  3. Hello, I haven't received a Pocket Query in a few days, so I checked my PQ page and it said it was generated. I have PQs set up to send to me on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. It shows it was generated on Sunday but I never received it...I haven't received one since the 16th! I checked my e-mails spam folder and nothing was there either... I checked my profile and my e-mail address listed is correct... Any suggestions?
  4. Nope...I had cleared all the track, routes, miles traveled etc...everything... But it seems to be OK now...so I am not sure what the issue was...I'll post back here if it starts acting up again... Thanks, Six
  5. I know of someone looking for a unit...this one would be perfect for her...I sent her the link...hopefully she sees it soon... Six
  6. Well..I did a hard reset and so far so good...I'll post back here if anything happens. Thanks again for your help. Six
  7. Nope...still get the memory full message with just 24.4mb of maps...
  8. Thank you...I'm trying that now...but I have always had the same map set loaded...roughly 44mb of map data. I am not sure why all of a sudden it would decide that that is too much? I've loaded the surrounding areas from just my home and my work...and it's 31mb. I still get the Memory Full message on Power-up... I'm trying it again with just 24.4mb...I'll let you know what happens.
  9. Thanks for the replies! This is a stupid question...but how do I clear out the maps?? Six
  10. Hello all... I'm having a Memory Full issue with my 60CS. I have cleared all routes and tracks etc. (Altimeter Page>Menu>Reset>Select All>Apply). I load my 448 Waypoints (Child waypoints are excluded) from GSAK, and after the load is complete I get the "Memory Full" message (The message also appears after powering the unit on). Here is some info on my unit: Software Version: 4.10 City Select North America V6.0 I have tried updating the software several times...thinking that maybe there was an issue with a corrupted download... A related/unrelated issue is that I also get Route Calculation errors very frequently...when it tries to calculate a route, sometimes it gives me the Route Calculation Error message...other times it just goes back to the Map Page and the normally highlighted route is either not there...or nowhere near my current location. Any help with this/these issues would be greatly appreciated. I have an e-mail into Garmin about this...but I figure I would try here as well... Thank you, Six
  11. Not sure...but the Original Can of Beans (OCB) will be on display at the 2005 MiGO Fall Fun Day!
  12. I recently purchased a 60CS...and I love it! However, I am trying to do a cache that requires you to proceed x feet, bearing x degrees from the posted coordinates to arrive at the next clue...from there you need to proceed y feet, bearing y degrees to the next step...etc etc. I am not sure how to get the 60Cs to display the bearing in degrees...I have "Bearing" chosen as one of the data fields, but it shows the direction as N, or SW...not as a degree... Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Six
  13. Anyone looking to get a new GPS might want to check out www.gpsexplorer.com I just bought a 60cs from there last Tuesday, and according to UPS, it will be delivered tomorrow...Monday. They have no tax and free shipping...I did quite a bit of shopping around and haven't found it for this cheap anywhere...not even used ones on ebay can beat that price. Just thought I'd share this with everyone here SixTen
  14. I just got my friend interested in Geocaching...she is having a blast...she is getting all set up, but has a Macintosh...is GSAK not available in Macintosh format? (sorry if this has been covered...I did a search and didn't see anything...) Thanks for your help! Six
  15. Another note for the 315...when the GPS says you are withing 80-100 feet...you are usually on top of the cache It takes it about that long to catch up...so when mine hits 100 feet, I stop and watch the numbers continue to drop...it usually gets me pretty close when I stop at 100 feet. Six
  16. WalruZ, I seem to be having some difficulties with viewing the waypoints on the mapopolis maps...if you get a minute could you explain to me exactly how you exported/imported and/or view them on the map? Thanks! SixTen
  17. I'm getting the same thing here on my end...seems to be running very very slow and I get those timeouts every few pages I visit...
  18. Not only did this guy stick his hand in there...but he is holding the whole thing between his thumb and forefinger!
  19. Thats is great!...I would love to run into someone like that unexpectedly! This should be in the main forum...it's caching related...I think more people would like to hear about this...
  20. I like the direction that this is heading...I think that we all need to be reminded of that fact...that even though we disagree with someone...disagree in a civil manner...all too many times these disagreements get turned into personal insults and jabs at the other person...even I have been guilty of this....but I think as long as we keep in mind that not everyone is going to agree and we can agree to disagree and have great debates with each other...but we need to keep civil about it then we will be fine... Thanks, Six
  21. Thats definately true...one of the reasons I found all of this to be interesting is that I have a degree in Sociology, and I minored in Psychology...perfect group of people to be surrounded with here huh?!!
  22. I think that may be exactly why the local organizations don't have the serious flaming problems we have here. After all, if you flame me here on this international forum, what's the chances I'll be at your door the next day? Pretty slim. The distance factor and the relative anonymity emboldens some to say things they'd never say to your face. But if you flame me on our local group, this 6'4" 229lb scary-looking unemployed dude with the skin-head and ray-bans might be paying you a visit in person to "talk things over." So people are nicer on the local groups. Good theory...I am sure there is a lot of truth to that...local forums are filled with people you will generally encounter at events or meetings...I could see how things may get less dramatic.
  23. No disrespect taken...I can see where you are coming from, and I think thats what Briansnat was trying to point out by linking some old posts...I can imagine that things were a lot less civil in the days before moderating. Great analogy to the cartoon as well...I like to think that all debates should be done that way...but often times it becomes an argument instead of a debate. I did not mean this to be a Negative post...hence my hesitation to post it in the first place. I think I have my answer though...I guess I am just noticing these things more now than I did when I first started...and maybe letting them get to me more now...so as I stated in my original post...shame on me for letting that happen. All in all Geocahers are great, and yes there will always be a few bad apples in the bunch wherever you go... As Briansnat said, Geocaching is NOT the forum...I do think he is right when he says that a lot of people confuse that. Thanks for the replies!
  24. And the I? The "I" is a good reference Anyways...thanks for all of the good feedback...just wanted to know if it was just me or if things had changed....or if they had been like this always and I have just not been aware of a lot of it...
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