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  1. The unit itself will only upload Garmin maps. You can transfer your routes and such onto JPG maps using aftermarket software, but that's only for on your computer. You can then load the route back up to your GPS, but the JPG base map won't go with them. I love the 60CSx for ability to lock on to the distance and direction regardless of whether you are moving or not. With my old GPS when I got close I had to pace back and forth and "triangulate" the cache location. With the 60CSx I can just check the arrow and distance and follow it to the cache. So far it has always gotten me within 10 meters even under very heavy tree cover.
  2. Wow. I can't believe this thread is still going. Good work to everyone who is building avatars Sent you an idea by e-mail since I don't have any active web space to show it.
  3. I like seeing what has been left in my caches so I know if I need to make a special trip to re-stock it. While it's true that posting about a juicy swag item may entice raiders, I make a oint of leaving nice items in tough caches and posting what they are to entice people to make the extra effort to go get them.
  4. Hello all. I had fun making some avatars, but things have been WAY too busy lately to spend much time on them. I've been making custom "Italian Charms" and it takes a lot of time to edit the images to fit the charms nicely. After X-mas I should have more spare time to help make more avatars.
  5. I could do a line art version of my mud puppy
  6. No idea. It and the compass were stamps I borrowed. Can't take credit for the background, the idea was given to me.
  7. Happy to have inspired you. I'm VERY happy with how these two pages turned out. The Duck Meadows one was done during a scrap booking lesson with a lot of help from the pro, and the Geocaching one was done all by myself. These are the FIRST two scrap book pages I have ever made.
  8. Here's a quick photo of the final title page
  9. Here's the cache I did Sunday (had to scan it in two passes) The site is a Ducks Unlimited wetland project, and the cache is themed to the project
  10. Glad you like the page. When it's done the images will have borders and such. I am totally new to scrapbooking, but I have a friend who is VERY good at it so she is giving me pointers and letting me use her supplies.
  11. I know I saw a topic on scrap booking at one point, but couldn't find it in a search. I am just starting to scrap book my finds, and I am wondering how many others are doing this and if you have any pages scanned I could see. Here's my title page attempt so far. This is still just a draft.
  12. Lot more going on than a driver not watching the spotter. The driver (Tracey) was not used to driving on sandstone, so the idea of being able to driver herself over backwards was not even in her head. She lost sight of the spotter just as he started directing her to go to the passenger side. With her viual clues gone and no audibles she had no idea she was doing it wrong, and her instincts were telling her to keep moving because stopping on something that steep is dangerous on most terrain . Part of the problem was not knowing what to expect on the obstical, part of the problem was relying too much on the spotter instead of the feel of her rig, part of the problem was the spotter being in a position that made the driver lose sight of him if the wrong line was chosen, and part of it was just bad luck. Making occasional mistakes is part of progressing as a driver, you just hope the mistake doesn't cost you too much. BTW the Jeep was pulled back on it's wheels and then it finished the trail. Damage was mainly cosmetic.
  13. If you have good mechanical ability you can lift it a bit quite cheap. In the front you go to the wrecker and get three pairs of the spacers/isolators that go above the coils. Usualy costs about $5 per pair. Stack them with the existing spacers for around 1.5" of lift. In the rear you get a compatable size spring pack (YJ, Comanche, Camero, dozens of others), seperate your spring packs and the "donor" and rebuild your packs with and extra leaf of two. While you are under there get rid of the rear sway bar. Now buy a set of long-travel shocks for around $120.00, get a wheel alignment, and your suspension is done. For serious off-road travel undo the lower bolts on your front sway bar and swing it up out of the way. With this setup you can run 30x9.5" tires on the stock wheels with next to no rubbing, or 31x10.5" tires if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of turning radius and some rubbing off-road. Local 4x4 clubs or on-line forums are often a good source of nearly-new tires. Last fall I got a friend a nearly new set of four 30" tires already mounted on Jeep wheels for $200.00 This may not seem like much difference, but the little extra clearance and better shocks will transform an XJ into an excellent rig for moderate trails. My old XJ:
  14. Nice rig!! Love that bumper/brush guard/winch combo ya got on there, what kind is it? The winch is a warn 8274 that I bought used. After buying the winch I discovered that there were no good aftermarket bumpers that would fit it, so I designed and drafted that bumper and traded the design to a machine shop in exchange for having it built for materials cost only. I also designed and did tack-weld assembly on my rear bumper, then had a pro welder finish it. (tire carrier will be added later) I no longer have the yellow one. I traded it for a Rubicon model
  15. Been Jeepin for years, just started Geocaching
  16. If you want to pop South East from Kamloops British Columbia down to Vernon we have some great scenery here, and you can exit back North towards Revelstoke BX falls Cache: Kal Cache 2: Ester's Ponderosa Cache: My two caches are in parks in the city. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...12-dc0dbc205117 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...98-f6dfb86cb6c7
  17. Here's a quicky. Pulled the image off the web and added an arrow
  18. UMLAW 97 The VW is easy, but I can't find an image of an ammo can handle that I can use
  19. If you have to get into soft sand or dirt lower your tire pressure to about 2/3 of what you would normally drive at. This will keep your tire on top better and reduce wheel spin. Just remember not to drive at highway speed until you fill the tires back up.
  20. Now I'm the one really busy. Cool to see the avatar building continues. I'll be back in a week or so.
  21. I saw a chache where instead of trading you actually move the cache to a new location and log the new coordinates. Sounds perfect for my area where we have a limited number of cachers. Is this permitted?
  22. If you like the idea I'll play with it more early next week. That was just a "rough" to see if you liked the concept. Yes or no to the roo? you decide.
  23. No problem. I've had so much fun doing these I'm thinking I should take some graphic design courses. When you get a chance I think Cloudseeker and RustyTLC are both waiting on someone more creative than me.
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