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  1. Eh, I don't really care...my bug was the first casualty of war, so I havn't really been paying attention, sorry. Somebody want to give me a quick update?
  2. Could it be possible to sort through waymarks by state in the directory?
  3. Yea, I agree with this. Possibly, also having another sub-catagory under that for each type of stadium might be good, as well, like baseball, fottball, soccer
  4. I agree with it, so I vote Yes I agree with it that it would be nice to know where every gas station in America is. Would add to the directory feeling of things.
  5. I know, may feel like a racing theme, lol. Finding all of the race team's shops across America. This catagory would have sub-categories for the following: IRL, Champ Car, NASCAR, Busch, Trucks, and Regional.
  6. Basically, local and professional tracks could be found. Everything from the biggest to the smallest. Car tracks, not horse tracks. How's this one sound?
  7. The 2005 Geochums TB Poker Run has begun, so watch for bugs in your area, and help them reach their next destination. The bugs have to visit the following 5 states: Michigan Indiana Kentucky West Virginia Pennsylvania Now, I know this may seem regionalized, but the reason I post this here is to let everybody know about it so that if a bug goes outside of that area, they know how they can help. Geochums would like to thank El Diablo and Today's Cacher for helping us out with our grand prize, which we can not name at this time, as a surprise to participants. You can find more information about the race at: Geochums.com, our partners The Geochums TB Poker Run Website
  8. hmmm, may have to take advantage of this...looks awesome
  9. Darn, I was gonna use Jeff Next year...but considering my luck, and seeing Jeff's luck so far, I may just let you have him, lol
  10. Can we have this luck with Terry?? lol Good to see Jeff resurfaced.
  11. I have one that I got from the local Hiking Spree....covered with all sorts of shields from every year I've completed the hiking spree
  12. I think Terry qualifies for the Goodie's Headache award....Had the lead, and then disappeared, lol Congrats to the leaders
  13. Well, I see there's enough support for the bracelets, but Jeremy, you think there's any hope for Geocaching Buffs?
  14. Yea, that sounds like a great idea! Also, with the buffs, maybe you could have a poll to see what people think about 'em.
  15. Hey, I was just thinking of some things that you guys could prolly sell a lot of. One item could be those silicon wrist bands with sayings on it. Like a green one that says Geocaching, or a Blue one that says CITO, or something like that. They cost anywhere from $2.50 to $1 or less to produce. One place (just using it as an example) that makes them is www.reminderband.com. Another thing could be Geocaching Buffs. Buffs are those things you see people wearing on Survivor. The have also been used by pro bike teams and other traveling events. The work with competitions, companies, and more to make custom Buffs to be sold. Buffs can be worn 12 different ways, and could have a lot of potential. A link to their site is http://www.buff.es/default.cfm?idioma=3. Sorry if this isn't considered a good topic for this area...
  16. It was detirmined after the race had began after somebody raised a question about it. That is why it isn't in the original rules
  17. Misa guessing mine is the MIA bug...ugh... COngrats Ernie, err CA Racetramp!
  18. I nominate Terry Labonte...he has been taken, and has not been placed yet...lol. I'm not sure if I should look for him in Indy or SC at the moment, lol
  19. I havn't heard back from Terry's cacher's yet, so the grim part of me is starting to think Terry is a lot closer to me then he used to be...:-(
  20. Whew, crisis may have just been averted...I hope. Somebody picked up Terry Labonte and said they were going to move him to the Indy cache. I just fired off an e-mail after reading the retrieved messege, so hopefully, things will be a-ok and Terry will be the first bug in SC instead of IN
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