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When caching with a group, some of our local cachers yell "whootie-who", as a way of signaling they have found the cache. This first began, so I've been told, as two couples went caching together, and one member of a team wanted to let their spouse know they had located the cache, without tipping off the other couple. Sort of a secret code word. This got me to wondering, what do you say when you've found the cache? Eureka!....Found it!....Here it is! I'm sure there are as many different exclamations as there are cachers. Post your favorite victory calls here.

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A vast majority of my finds have been solo. I rarely shout anything.


If I'm with someone, a standard "Got it!" suffices for me, except for one time when I was on a group hunt for a virgin cache. The seven of us hunted for close to an hour before I located it:

Frankly, I'd about given up. I'd looked everywhere I could think. I was hoping we could just find this thing and get the heck out of there.


I figured I'd give it one last attempt, or at least give the impression I was trying. I found myself stumbling on the same 100 square feet of land as the other six hunters.


Suddenly, I saw the container. In my feverish excitement, I snatched the container, threw it high in the air, and let out a crazed-man whoop, thus denying all in attendence the satisfaction of finding it on their own.


Although this topic is a good candidate for the Hunt forum.



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When I'm caching in a group it starts out as a slight snicker, then a small laugh, then it turns into a maniacal evil cackle as I find great mirth in the pathetic search that as caused the rest of the group to overlook the cache that I found so easily.


Alas most of the time I'm on the recieving end of that evil mirth but that's life.


Ok really I just say "found it" in a group, or nothing.

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I normally cache with Renegade Knight. It has become a tradition for the first finder in the group to walk away from the cache and then point out to the rest of the group that he or she has already found the cache and snicker or laugh while watching the groups futile attempts to find it. No matter what Renegade Knight says he gives at least as well as he gets.



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we have some traditional choices:




"ive got a container", and


""do you want to know where it is, or keep hunting?"


likewise, when we're exasperated, we say: "don't spare my feelings" which means "just tell me where the honkin' thing is if you know."

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When my friends & I cache in a group, we have a rule, if you find the cache, you don't say anything, unless you want to be pummeled with water bottles and whatever else is convenient to throw at you. After we all find it on our own, then the first person that found it usually retreives it.

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This is funny... Genius Loci (cheesehead by birth) intorduced our little group of cachers to the Whootie-Hoo thing. I must have missed the memo because the guys started saying that one outing and finally I had to ask.."WTF is with this WHootie-Whoo stuff?". They told me the story and I eventually started using my own version (Whootie-F'in- Whoo). Sometimes we wait for the others to find it and sometimes we are working as a team and one find all find.


When I'm by myself I usually mutter somethig to the effect of... "There you are you S.O.B. "


When I'm with the kids, I don't even search. I sit back and watch them search only to help them when they are truely stumped.


Probably long winded but that's my story! :D

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The only people we cache with are my Sister and her family. And not much since last summer. We haven't established a tradition yet but I'm leaning to Whootie Hoo. Has a nice ring to it, and I wont get a chance to say it much.


When its just the two of us we compete, well actually Mrs. Rusty usually finds the cache and gloats. :D

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I am not sure if I speak out loud or if it is in my head. Come to think of it I am not completely sure all of the voices in my head are even mine. :D

They are not they are mine from the transmitter I implanted in your brain...now kill the mouse...I SAID kill the mouse and the... Um sorry, sorry everyone I got a little carried away.


I uh just do a little dance and curse the lineage of the cache hider.

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I am not sure if I speak out loud or if it is in my head.  Come to think of it I am not completely sure all of the voices in my head are even mine.  :D

They are not they are mine from the transmitter I implanted in your brain...now kill the mouse...I SAID kill the mouse and the... Um sorry, sorry everyone I got a little carried away.

Hah! Now I am wearinhg one of these. Ahh Blessed Silence, kill the mouse, Silence.



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When hunting alone: anything from "oh YEAH" for a quick find, to a loud whoop for a tough find, with volume adjusted to match surroundings, and number of expletives adjusted to match the difficulty of the hide.


When hunting in a group: find cache, continue searching in other likely spots, then very calmly announce "oh, by the way, I got it" in a manner designed to demoralize other searchers.

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I'm too new to have developed any sassy sayings, but I was thinking of jumping back, pointing at the cache and screaming "YEAH, TAKE THAT! WHO'S YOUR DADDY? YOU GOT NOTHING! YOU HEAR ME? NOTHING!"


Then I would proceed to point at several other imaginary caches in the vicinity and go "YOU WANT A PIECE OF OF THIS? WELL, DO YOU? ANSWER ME!"

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:bad: "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk". We have used that quote for years in our family. It is something our daughters learned in grade school, must have been a game they played and the finder yelled it, so who ever finds the Cache yells "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk"! One time my brother in law was out geocaching with us and couldn't remember what we say so he yelled "Huckleberry Hound". :rolleyes: We use it all the time when something in the house is lost and who ever finds it yells "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk" I just hope I am not out hunting for a cache and from the distance I hear someone yelling it! :)


Just rereading and noticed the Geocacher FLASK uses "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk" too! B)

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