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  1. My old iPaq 3955 works well for paperless. The only draw back is that the screen washes out in full sunlight.
  2. Taxing vehicles by some other means than a fuel tax is becoming necessary because of increased fuel economy along with hybrid technology, which means less fule per mile is being sold now than ever before. ANd wait until the electric only vehicles come out, how are you going to collect a fuel tax on that? I see the day coming when there will be an annual base tax with miles driven tax on vehicles. That means would have everybody paying their share no matter what propels the vehicle. If GPS technology is used, then there will be a built loss of miles because of how GPS systems log distance. It's a constant series of straight line measurements, so any curve is shortened by that. Check it out for yourself sometime. Go for a drive and pay attention to the GPS and odometer. The odometer will be higher.
  3. Check to make sure you have the latest firmware updates for the GPS installed.
  4. I have not had much trouble with the Garmin mount in various vehicles, it can extend away from the surface some. The lower corners are my preferences for mounting the GPS to the windshield.
  5. I have been using the Garmin 60CSx and an iPaq 3975 in combination for paperless Geocaching. It works well. But I just got an iPhone 3G. That is a true all-in-one paperless combination!
  6. I was hanging around the sci.geo.satellite-nav newsgroup way back when the idea of Geocaching first came up. This website started up because of that. I was here in it's infancy, although those postings from the early days before the formation of Groundspeak are long gone.
  7. Ants! Millions of them! They had set up housekeeping in that ammo can.
  8. That is a great solution! I've found that the suction cup from Garmin works very well, I've used it in several vehicles already.
  9. How embarrassing, it turns out that I had loaded map sections from all over the place except for the section that I am sitting in! I'm still learning how to use the new toy. Thanks for the replies.
  10. OK, then I must be something wrong because I don't see the maps on the 60CSx. I'll have to mess with it some more.
  11. I'm still learning about my new 60CSx after 6 years of using the old GPS III+. The big question for me right now is will the maps from the Mapsource Roads and Recs CD load into the 60CSx? It appeared that they did, but I'm not seeing them on the unit.
  12. Only had to deal with the police once so far, and that was because I was walking the side of a very busy roadway tracking down one of the Madonnas.
  13. Great thread! I am making the decision between these two units and came here searching for just such a product comparison! This has been big help for me, I'm going for the 60csx model because of what I've read here.
  14. It would be illegal in some states. For example, in Ohio it is illegal to have any sort of frame on the license plate other than a couple of officially approved types for vehicles on public roadways. That being said, many thousands of motorists violate it daily with seeming impunity.
  15. I carry mine in my pocket. If I'm out in the boonies, then it might go in the fanny pack.
  16. In my case, it came from my first time logging onto IRC chat and trying to find a unique user name there many years ago. It has since become my trail name whenever I'm out in the boonies.
  17. "NYAH! NYAH! I know where the rocks are!" (You can see that he's standing on one.)
  18. The Garmin website allows you to compare their products side-by-side on a single page.
  19. Finders Keepers, they are there for the taking.
  20. I did post a note about such a cache once. I figured that the out-of-state cache owner entered the property from a hotel parking lot and missed the sign, which was on the road side of the property. It was a dangerous setup with a drop into a ditch that could be easily blundered into if you bushwhacked to it from the wrong direction.
  21. There are so many hotspots in my area that are publicly available (coffee shops, hotels) that I don't need to war drive for any.
  22. I got the 12 volt adaptor for my GPS right away. I also have a dry cell battery charger that works off of 12 volt, wouldn't be without either one.
  23. There's a couple that I still have not found.
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