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  1. I have a yellow eTrex and a serial/USB converter along with it. Both are in working order and have been responsible for finding and hiding a number of caches. If you are interested, make me an offer in the region of $50. A PM is probably best... Thanks for reading, Allan.....
  2. Thanks to all who read the posts in this thread and particularly to those who replied. Both caches are now in the hands of others. They have been adopted locally. Bottlecap, thank you again for your offer of assistance. Also Miss Jenn for posting the notes on the cache pages.
  3. Bottlecap, thank you for your offer of help with this. The 'Phone Home' cache has now been adopted by a local cacher. As regards the other one, it will probably be archived in the next day or two. It has a complication in its nature that makes it hard to pass to anyone else. Again, thanks for your interest.
  4. MissJenn, thanks for posting the note on the cache pages - why didn't I think of doing that? DUH me!!!!!
  5. Due to circumstances I will be out of the country for some time. (I have been already and this is now due to continue) I have two caches currently in the Lebanon, Pa. area. These are G(eo)-C(acher) Phone Home and Big Money. The 'Phone Home' cache in particular has proved to be popular with 100 visits. For that reason I am reluctant to disable the caches. If you feel that you can help me keep them open that would be great but, obviously, I can not visit the caches for upkeep purposes. I am willing to allow them to become your caches if you wish to do things that way. My main aim is to keep these available for the caching community. I do not know when I will be able to access this thread next to see if anyone can help but if there is no response when I do come back I will disable the caches to avoid the possibility of a bad experience for any visitor. These are not 'simple box in the woods' caches. If you are interested in helping or adopting these orphans please let me know either in the thread or by email through the site. Thanx to all who take the trouble to read this and to all who have visited the caches in the past.
  6. Hey, I'll tell you where all his caches are hidden for $8.95! (and I'll throw in a few others too)
  7. (the 'bold' is mine) Yeah, good point. Come on, 'fes up, who are ya? (yeah, like that will work!)
  8. As far as I can tell, there are three maps available to buy right now. Thus, there are many more spelling and grammatical horrors on the site than there is available product. Thanks, but no-thanks.
  9. Ebay, roughly $10 or so. Get a modified one or you'll have to use special software to use it. Thanx Doc, why did I not think of that? DUH! But, do I really want one? Or is it just another toy? Yeah, I want one! Now, where is the eBay button?..... There it is!.......... Away......... Thanx again Doc.
  10. Hi! I want a CueCat! You know, the barcode thingie.
  11. It's not a new idea and it often gets a lot of negative response when it come up in the forums. I think it is a good idea if it were to be done well. However, the cache containers used for these items would have to be good quality if they are to stay dry. Laminating is a help but is not perfect. If the container is not good, or even if the weather is not good at the time of opening, means wet, nasty paper in the cache. I doubt if your idea of printing cards from the web page will ever come to pass but software to print cards of many sizes is readily available at little or no cost.
  12. Well, that kind of 'additions to the fun' rate right along with caching with a hot sausage up yer nose..... That's probably not a good idea either. (I say 'probably' coz I have yet to try it - may be a while before I do too!)
  13. I would have have taken hold of the woman by an arm and a leg and had my partner do the same. Then, swung her back and forth until the momentum built up, enough to throw her, either onto the roof of the building or onto the back of a passing truck. A possible alternative would have been to drag her down to the local tattoo parlour and had the words 'ydobysuB a ma I' tattood on her forehead. (in mirror image) That way she would have seen it every time she went to shave. Oh yes I would!
  14. Frisbee..... I'm with the poster who said "ask forgiveness, not permission"..... Does the guy who wrote this know what geocaching is? Seems like he is talking about hide and seek - 'looking for a GEOCACHER'?
  15. In essence it is an account opened by someone who already has an account in a different name. Generally such an account is used to stir some doo-doo without the posters real identity becoming known. This, by the way, is a false premise - GC.com can track the owner of a sock puppet account (most of the time) with just a little effort.
  16. The people who took the non-member looking for that cache were wrong to do so. Whether or not the cache is labeled as a PM only cache in third party software has no relevance. Ignorance of the status is not an excuse. The posts that say 'if a muggle had found the cache then he would have been the first to find' are completely specious. The muggle would not have been looking for it and his 'find' is only a find in the muggle frame of relevance - not in the cacher frame. If the cache placer has decided on a requirement for logging the cache then that is his right and that is how it is. There are plenty threads to be found in these forums supporting the right to place 'requirements' in a listing. For the above reasons I believe that this thread is really about how posters feel about the question of PMO caches. I have not decided what I think on that subject and, right now, I don't think I will ever place a PMO cache. However, like standing up for free speech, I may not like what you say (do in your cache listing) but I will stand up for your right to say it (place the cache)..... A lot of this is a grey area anyhow as regards group caching. Is there a real difference between a casual group of friends caching together (some PM's some not) and a so called caching 'team' with a single membership? I feel that the guiderules regarding team caching are open to abuse anyhow but that is a subject for a different thread. Oh look! It's the bottom line..... What should I say here? OK - In the grand scheme of things, and since 'everyone wins and the points don't matter', I am not even going to post this. Oh, sorry, wrong key, oh well.....
  17. Short people? Bah! Who needs 'em! They should be put down. Oh, wait, they are down already..... Heeheeheeheeeeeeee.....
  18. Isn't there something about playing a country song backwards that can get yer pappy un-shot and yer dog un-ran over and all virts re-listed? I think also that if locationless caches are not logged on line for a certain length of time then the pics start to fade away.
  19. You may well hang upside down but your ideas are right way up..... Well said.
  20. I agree with you. If it is necessary to indicate the legal way in to avoid the seeker getting in a position to be sued/arrested for trespass, whatever, then is it also necessary to list the safest way in to avoid the seeker getting hurt by slipping down a bank for instance? Where and when does the seeker become responsible for his own actions? If it becomes that the hider is responsible for any and every thing that can or does occur in relation to his cache then every cache description is going to be a thirty page legal document stuffed full of disclaimers, descriptions and lists of forbidden actions. Come on folks, take SOME responsibility for your own actions. Oh, by the way, placing a cache is an 'action' too. So, if you do place a cache with a tricky way in, it might be nice to up the difficulty just a bit, but that is the limit of responsibility on the cache placer.
  21. Seems that the matter is settled but I still want to add my own little thoughts. Some agendas just need supporting. Seems to me that, if there is an agenda involved here, I say again 'IF', then it is the agenda of the people who are against murder on a huge scale. To say that, 'allowing these caches makes it necessary to allow the terrorists to place caches too', is completely silly. A great example of political correctness which is a sad way to think and a sad way to live. I am not sure if there is an agenda involved in any real sense but, as I said above. If there is, I support it. The phrase 'Remember 9/11' does not offend me at all. The fact that such a phrase was able to come into the language offends me to a degree that I can't measure. Edited to add some punctuation!
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