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usually cache by myself. don't say anything, just look furtively around to see if anyone is nearby, adopt a suitably sneaky look and go for the cache. of course if i don't find it then a scowl is adopted and a lot of profane muttering comes forth, eventually followed by a dejected look and an "oh well". see you out there. -harry

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meadowmuffin and I use variations of the "Huckle Buckle Beanstalk!!!" yell - her cousin told us about it on one of his FL trips from NY. I've taught it to a few cachers around here, but I don't know how well its caught on. :unsure:


If we're out in the middle of nowhere, and want to give the others a chance, the finder will walk away, wait a minute or two, then yell "HUCKLE BUCKLE BEANSTALK!!!!"


If its a more urban location, or we need stealth for some reason, its a more low key "huckle buckle," as the finder retrieves the container.

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After aimlessly moving away from the hide with a smug grin, the words "Found it." eventually escape.  The first finder usually ends up seeking higher ground for some reason.

Since I usually geocache with others, we employ the Gazza&Girls method. Although, this makes you keep an eye on where others have been looking. ;)

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Slymed's quote: "I spy!"


Gulp says nothing, just sits down and rolls his eyes in a true teenage manner. Sometimes we get, "Well, duh guys, it's right here, you can stop looking already."


Slyther, who finds caches about as often as she manages to pull a run in pinochle: "YES, YESSSS, ha ha HA, woo HOOOOOO, finally, the lady's in da house, found-it-found-it-found-it, uh HUH, you KNOW it, OH yeah. Now somebody get over here and get me out of these blackberry bushes before I bleed to death."

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If I'm alone, usually nothing. BUT, if it's been a toughie, then "yes!" or "thank G_d!" usually does the trick.


In a group, the boring "got it!" or "over here" usually suffices.


If I am with someone who just about always beats me to the cache, "heh, suckah" mumbled under my breath works for me! Then I either say nothing and let him sweat, or I dance around waving the cache like a moron.

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When I'm alone I don't yell anything, I look around to make sure no one is watching.


When I'm with my local friends, I yell Here it is! or Aha! or something.


When I'm caching with cachers, like Ttepee and Cloudchaser, we agreed that this would be how we do it. The first person to find it pretends they didn't see it and looks a minute more or so, and then finds a comfy spot to sit down. It isn't long before the others realize you found it and they try to remember where you were looking, you know they weren't really watching you because they were also seeking the cache. I play this as a hide and seek game in the house with my cousin's kids too. Cache and Go Seek, I can't hide as well as I could when I was small, so hiding an object is much better.


When I'm winter caching and we've been looking under snow and ice for 45 minutes and I find it, you know I'll yell out I GOT IT! or WOO HOO!


But, basically, I have no set phrase to yell.

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I say "Tally-Ho", but only when I'm with someone. Otherwise I think to myself, "Tally-Ho"... :D


(It was a code word we once used on the F.D. radio when we found a plane that had crashed in the woods the night before, so the news people wouldn't be tipped off that it was located - and it worked!)



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My son and I are diehard Star Wars fans, so when one of us finds the cache we use the Tusken Raider yell from the movie: Luke is looking through his binoculars at two Banthas, then a Tusken Raider attacks him, knocks him unconscious and stands over him shaking his staff and yelling something that sounds like "arrrr-rrarrrrrr-uuugggg-arrrrrrr".


If you were in the woods, off in the distance and heard one of us yell this out, you would run crying back to your car.



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If I find it I usually whistle at Ironman114, then he just looks over with amazment. If he fines it, well he'll just walk away and watches me find it. Sometimes it takes a couple of seconds, other times longer.


Especially, when I think he just walked right passed it and then I find out he already spotted it. Now I just ask him,"Did you see this first?" Then he laughs. :lol:

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