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  1. Also looking for the trackable gold version of the Wyken Wizard if someone has one they would sell.
  2. Hi All!! Im desperately looking form a gold version of the Wyken county King Arthur geocoin. It’s a non trackable geocoin that came out in the UK in around 2006. This is the only coin I need to complete the set. I’m willing to pay for this coin to anybody who might have one or might know of someone who might have one. Thanks in advance! Tim aka The Weasel
  3. I would love to be added to the address group!!
  4. I think you misunderstand. Old finds on locationless caches still count as a find, and still give you a smiley. But given the nature of locationless caches, it doesn't make sense to report statistics (or to award souvenirs) based on their locations. No I totally understand, what I am getting at is if you get a smiley for the cache type (even locationless), then you should get all the rewards that go with it. I look at it this way, did I meet all the qualifications when I logged the locationless caches...yes. I feel that since you claimed the cache the right way, it should count towards the new stats/maps/ and souvineers.
  5. Anyway to change your mind about not allowing the locationless? A smiley is a smiley afterall
  6. I guess I have a little bit of an issue that all locationless caches don't qualify. Yeah, they were cheesy and lame, BUT they are still considered a cache and you did get a smiley for them.
  7. I kinda agree. 70mph highway and cachers pulling off the shoulder and back on is a bit risky, especially when people are in a hurry. I hope there is a way to keep the series in place, but maybe some safety measures of some sort.
  8. Hi There, Sorry if this has been brought up, but I didn't see it anywhere. I was looking at my stats and noticed that I don't have the "souvenir" for a locationless cache I did wayyyyyy back in the day. I was wondering if GS was reconizing these caches for souvenir's since I wasn't "physically" in that state. I noticed they don't include the state the locationales cache was in on my map page.
  9. I have somebody in my area that thinks that those stupid candy lipstick containers make CHOICE cache containers. They will then put a plastic baggie around the cache to make it water tight??? I just log my find with... DPM (des palourdes mortes) Les longs sanglots des palourdes mortes blessent mon coeur avec un languor monotone pendant qu'ils dansent à minuit Yup, they get the dead clams!!!
  10. I got one of these as well. Was it the "yellow jeep" locationaless cache? I would like to see a couple of souvenirs... 1) 81 diff/Terr grid filled 2) Day Filler grid filled
  11. I don't MIND doing them, but prefer other sizes. The BIGGEST issue I have with nanos are the following... 1) Trying to roll that logbook up (especially in the winter) 2) Those stupid magents that always fall off then you can't find it so you can't place it back in the same spot cuz it's no longer magnetic.
  12. The cache I have a combo lock on is kinda neat (I think). Curse of the FTF #3 It's a puzzle cache that has you go to 63 residences/buildings that have caches at them that a person may or may not have done. You have to get a specific number off the house/building number, and that coordinates to a number on the combination lock. Soooooo, if you think about it, a newbie to the area can get 7 caches by just doing mine since it takes you to other caches already published.
  13. I got one of these as well. Was it the "yellow jeep" locationaless cache?
  14. I'm in the same boat. Went on an AWESOME backpacking trip along the Beartooth Hwy back in "01" and started cached in "02". I can only imagine what I missed out on!!!
  15. Have you tried Craig's List for your area?
  16. The way I look at it, if people want to armchair finds, let them. They are only hurting themselves. These are the ones who usually bow out of the game early or people already know that they do this. If people are going to cheat they are going to find a way.
  17. I have a cache in a drain and helped placed an entire "gauntlet" seriers underground. The Drain The Gauntlet
  18. I personally have a yellow jeep wrangler (call me nostalgic) Does NOT get get good gas mialge, but it gets me where I need to go. I even customized it with "I CACHE" license plates and a sticker that says "Weasel Mobile" and another that says "Geocaching <a guy doing a karate kick followed by a donkey>
  19. I'll throw my 2 cents out there.... 1) Yes bring them back 2) Limit the amount that a person can place 3) Must be reviewd by a panal of no less than 2 people (An initial reviewer and a peer reviewer) 4) A picture of the virtual location must be sent in with the cache submission I think as long as you submit a picture of the location with your submission, the review staff could easily see the location and deem if it is worthy of being a vitural. Heck, I have been around around a while so I would be more than happy to review submissions for IA if they ever had a review panal by state.
  20. I have 1 cache currently out that uses the standard dial combination lock where you have to do the "left, right, left". It has done very well with the elements here in Iowa. I have another cache planned that will be using the same type of lock. I guess one thing what will matter is what type of place you will be putting it. If its in a location away from most of the elements, just about any loack will do.
  21. Hi All, Hopefully somebody can help me. I logged into GS today, and now all the language on the main page is in sweedish... Välkommen till Geocaching Geocaching är en högteknologisk skattjakt som utövas över hela världen av äventyrslystna skattletare utrustade med GPS-enheter. Den grundläggande idén är att hitta gömda burkar, kallade geocacher, utomhus och sen dela med sig av upplevelserna på nätet. Geocaching utövas av människor i alla åldrar, med en stark känsla av gemenskap och stöd för miljön. Sök efter en geocache här nedan eller lär dig mer om hur du Has anybody ever ran into this before or know how to cache that or what happend??? Thanks in advance!
  22. http://www.gpsfix.com/garmin-chirp-review/ This is PERFECT, thank-you!!
  23. My Chirp should be arriving today, so I can't wait to try it out. I will be the first to admit that I am not overly technical, but can figure most things out. I have heard that the instructions that come with the device is better suited for TP instead. I was wondering if somebody who is pretty technical could possibly writeup a short tutorial on how to use it and set it up. I have the new 62st, so I am curious as to how this is going to work. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!! (I can also be contacted at weaselts1@gmail.com if somebody would just like to send me some quick instructions on how to get up and running with it) Thanks!!
  24. I agree. I just "assumed" that it was already approved and dumped $30 on one. One way or another I WILL use it for a cache!
  25. Even if they DO allow a Chirp cache and only people with certian GPS's can do them, I'm sure it will be like Wherigo caches and as soon as a person finds it, they will give the final coords to people that don't have the ability to do them.
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