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  1. I see too many flies in the ointment for this to be anything that would work. Sorry if that sounds harsh...just being realistic
  2. I am a former firefighter/paramedic and would also be very interested.
  3. A bunch were mailed off this morning. We actually have run out of nickels at this point, but another order was placed 2 days ago. As soon as more are in, I will send them out to anyone we owe one too. I promise.
  4. I am a Christian. I do not use caches as a means to distribute material of a religious nature. However, I am disturbed by your actions. What do you feel gives you the right to "police" caches for religious materials. I could understand removing something like a knife, gun, matches, or something dangerous. But, removing something just because your world view does not coincide with another is quite heavy handed.
  5. Here is the image of our wooden nickel I promised. I have gotten several responses for potential trades. I will be responding to those folks shortly. If interested in trading, please continue to contact me.
  6. We also have a wooden nickel and would be very interested in trading. I will post pics this evening. If interested in doing some trading, PM me.
  7. Um, is Colorado looking to expand its boarders? Which state(s) are you planning to invade? They are going to take Texas back from Mexico. Somebody needs to.
  8. Yikes...Hope she is doing okay now... The worst injury I have received was a yellowjacket sting to my right ear while reaching for a cache. I had read in logs for this particular one that there was apparently a nest nearby. I cautiously approached and didn't see anything. An ear is not a place I recommend being stung. It HURT...but it seems pretty inconsequential after seeing that leg.
  9. Your police can _run_? =) -ajb I just have this vision of jiggling man-boobs...
  10. It depends how many caches I have on my agenda for the day. If I am making good progress, I will take additional time on a toughie. If I am having a run of caches that are taking extra time to find then I will tap out fairly quickly (20 mins or so)
  11. Got the Tombstone Justice geocoin today. No activation code. Geocoinclub.com doesn't recognize it. Snooped around a bit on coinsandpins.com to see if I could find an activation system on there. No dice. Thoughts?
  12. Same here...I am totally jazzed about this coin...We're just starting to get into coins and with me being a native Texan, I had to have it.
  13. Steve, Very nicely done. You can count on us ordering 1. Very cool.
  14. Our 1 day record so far is 19. These folks that go for 24 hours straight and wind up with hundreds are insane.
  15. Being a former firefighter/paramedic, I must have 2.
  16. This may have been discussed previously, but with the search function on the forums down, I am not willing to go slogging through all the messages in search of this. I purchased a new PC today and am getting all my software and such reloaded. The problem is this: I am now running Windows XP Home edition and Plucker will not run. The debugger comes on and gives me an error and will not progress past it. Are XP issues with Plucker a known problem? If so, is there another piece of software out there that will do the same thing but is XP-friendly? I am hating not being able to update my Palm (caching-wise) right now.
  17. We will definitely be in for 2 of each.
  18. I'm also interested in southern geocoins. 2 of each here.
  19. We placed Pamela's Dog Toy Depot in honor of our beloved dachshund, Pamela, who died January 15, 2004. She was and is much loved.
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