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  1. I imagine TPTB are shaking their heads right now..........................again.
  2. Would like to see overhead walkways of any kind, either open air, or enclosed. Footbridges over roads, from building to building, schools, businesses, etc. Pictures of the stuctures would be a must.
  3. They are reporting over here that there are 40 dead, and up to 300 injured My prayers goes out to the people who have loved ones involved in this tragedy. This is utterly sad.
  4. Hey, I like those places. But not for caching. Caching is my sort of way of an outdoor adventure. C'mon, what do you get out of finding one in the Wal*Mart parking lot? I mean, if it was regular, you could read the log signs and swap stuff, but micros? No use in my opinion. Gee, what do you think about virtuals then? Oy vey Mopar!!!!!!!!! Dont get him started again...
  5. the latex he wears makes a good barrier. Why thank you Uper.....I never thought of that!
  6. Yea, but what does that have to do with trolling? It's just a picture, it has a bridge which I guess means that trolls live under it. I'm sick of you people like saying lingo I don't understand behind my back But then its really not our fault you dont understand, is it?
  7. I am not a troll, read the whole thing, other peopel stirred, I'm just a hot tempered person. Well cool down sonny...you will survive the forums alot longer if you do...
  8. A troll is someone who comes into a forum to stir up emotions by making outrageous statements. Then when confronted and slammed claim innocence.
  9. i dont like the chicken guy eh...once you get used to the smell, he is alright~!
  10. You picked up their lingo pretty quick Uper!
  11. Aw Webscouter that is wonderful!!! People in here thing we spend too much time on the computer, but at least we get out to cache!!! Over there (Ctv) they DO spend too much time on the computer speculating things that are just plain wrong, or trying to bend the things they *uncover* into a convenient mold for their thinking. It will play itself out, and hopefully with what you have done over there to explain will bring a few new cachers online.... lulu
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