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  1. I will be breaking them up into groups, so each group will have a GPS or a smartphone (I don't have enough GPS's to go around). So yes, each group will have a smartphone or two, but will be a mix of both iPhones and Androids. There will be a short training session after our next staff meeting (several days before the event) to teach the people with the apps on how to input coordinates and navigate, so we won't have that mess to deal with the day of the event....although I am prepared that there will probably be technical and/or user issues, which is par for the course. Thanks for the suggestion on Motion X. Will check it out.
  2. Ugh...I hope this is ok to ask...I know how they are about discussing any mobile apps besides the official ones here. I have been asked to run an event for a staff retreat for our company. It's about 75 people who haven't cached before, and will probably cache this one time only, thus paying $10 for the official app is pretty much out of the question. I just need a free app for the iPhone that's capable of inputing your own coordinates for the temporary caches I am hiding and then navigating to them. Even better if I can bring in a GPX file so I can just have them load that rather than putting in each cache manually. It doesn't even have to be a real "caching" app if there's just some kindof mapping or navigation appthat will do this. Anyone have any suggestions? I don't have an iPhone so I can't test anything, although I do see several apps available when I googled it. It appears there is a free "official" app but it only displays three caches and you can't input your own coordinates (just an introduction to caching app, it appears) I am good to go on the Android app of course, but am having trouble finding a free app for iPhone (preferably it will work on both the iPhone 3 and 4).
  3. I'm also seeing the cosmetic bug (probably related to the title wrapping onto two lines)
  4. I'll be interested in what things are added to take advantage of this feature, but I am building my friends list now. However, seems to be a bug in the table layout (too lazy to dig through the code, but it looks like my first friend might be taking up two rows in the table): Edit, I guess I should put this in the bug thread, so I'll cross post there.
  5. Man...I misread the title and thought this was about a topless cacher. Imagine my disappointment.
  6. I have no idea, but that cacher in the pic definitely needs to look out, as it's obvious there is a Predator nearby, watching his every move.
  7. Ok, this is probably OT and a longshot. It looks like it's part of a game (maybe) and thought maybe some cachers would know what it is about, since cachers tend to know about not only geocaching, but several other games people play. We were recently in Melbourne. We went to the St Patty's day festivities, and noticed this math formula spray painted on the sidewalk. When I pointed out to the guy we were with and jokingly said "Hey, you should use that in a cache" he mentioned they were everywhere. True enough, we kept seeing this graffitti everywhere (around caches mostly, or at least interesting areas where caches were also placed). It basically is a math formula done with stencil, usually accompanied by a head of a comedian (Richard Pryor, Bill Murray, and some other ones). Anyone know if this is another type of game people play? Here are a couple pictures: This is the first one we saw: Here it is again (you can see both the formula and Richard Prior in this one), and there is another face in front of my feet, which you can't really see but I believe was Bill Murray. We probably saw this same type of stuff at about 5 or 6 caches we visited, although I didn't take pictures of each one. Again, kindof a shot in the dark, but just wondering if anyone in the area knows what they are.
  8. I hope to actually get around to updating all this stuff in April. Unfortunately my work schedule has been killing me and I've been working about 80-90 hour weeks for a couple months here (my wife is a huge fan of how much time I spend in front of a computer). After this lets up, I hope to get back to caching and adding in new symbols and getting the macro updated. Sorry for the lack of updates to this stuff.
  9. I also have a cache similar to that, which also doesn't get a lot of traffic.
  10. Almost didn't see this since this is an old thread not on my watchlist anymore. Well, you'd just have to switch GSAK back to not use them again. If you want to get rid of them in the GPS, you'll have to copy and rename one of the default "blue circle" icons several times (naming it waypoint symbol 000.bmp, Waypoint Symbol 001.bmp...etc) and upload them to overwrite the custom ones. Soon you'll be caching again with every cache designated by the same symbol, regardless of cache type. Curious what you don't like about them though, especially since the writeup with screenshots is pretty straightforward about the pros/cons.
  11. I'm still a bit confused on what is and isn't allowed now. **sigh** Sounds to me like it's pretty subjective on the reviewer's part. Pre-approval seems like a good idea from now on.
  12. Glad to hear the OP made out ok. For the record, myself and several other people I know didn't have any problems. I had my rebate back in about 3 or 4 weeks, which I was impressed with. Garmin's CS is a thing of beauty. Probably the best large-scale company I've ever dealt with.
  13. I have tried to dupe numerous caches, but they always seem to outsmart me and turn the tables. Being duped by an ammo can is a bit embarrassing.
  14. I'm not sure what he's asking either, but if my guess is correct, he wants to find caches that are available for adoption. I've requested a couple of times that there be a new owner/reviewer log type of "up for adoption" that we could search on. IMO, too many caches are just archived due to lack of response/maintenance from the owner, and then they are geo-junk. My suggestion has been ignored though of course. Also, I find it funny that there appears to also be a typo in King Riched's username.
  15. The worst hint(s) I've ever seen are things like "a small camo'd M&M's tube" or "an ammo can" Thanks, because I saw one awhile ago but didn't think it was the cache
  16. I believe I said you shouldn't have to worry too much about being killed by wolves, not that if you see a pack of wolves, you should not be wary. Same as if you run into a bear or mountain lion or poisonous snake or rabid racoon or porcupine or squirrel or fox or snapping turtle. I would think no confirmed fatalities in 500 years (in North America) would be an good reason to not be overly concerned about being killed by wolves. That's just my opinion though, and your mileage may vary. I suggest if you are concerned about it, you better go arm yourself.
  17. I don't know why anyone would rape my wallet, but that's ok....as long as they leave me out of it. I was laughing about the explosion of snow bit (since I've never seen that happen in real life). On the plus side, there's never been a wolf attack fatality in North America (at least according to this report) so the odds were in his favor. However, I did find a story from 2005 about someone possibly being killed, but it couldn't be confirmed whether he was killed or died from something else and was scavenged. I think the point is to not be afraid of being killed by wolves.
  18. What has become of us? On the plus side this has nothing to do with micros, lampost hides, changing a username, bringing back virtuals, or the appropriateness of logging multiple finds. On another note, it is dangerous to climb trees in all types of weather. And even if it's really hot out, it's possible to drink too much water and die. However, I applaud V&S on the safety lesson. Everyday the news is filled with stupid people doing stupid things, so we should never assume people will know enough to stay out of the water in freezing temperatures.
  19. Don't see why not, unless those countries have some kindof law against it (which you'll want to check into). I heard Chinese prisons are pretty luxurious.
  20. Why has nobody told me about this Firefox browser before? Why keep it secret? You would think people would be spouting off the virtues of Firefox from mountaintops whenever someone has an issue with IE. [/sarcasm] I agree, it's a good browser...just think it's kindof like posting something such as "There is this other computer out there, called a "Macintosh" that's kindof like a PC, but..."
  21. Also might help to post this in (or have this thread moved to) the regional forums.
  22. I'm having a little trouble with that...
  23. I think we were talking about that in another thread. Maybe the new City Select broke something. Honestly, I don't know why that is happening. I see there's a new Mapsource Beta available...maybe you could try downloading that and see if it helps. Sorry that's not much help, but since I don't have City Select, I can't really take a look at it. Maybe someone else can help out.
  24. Finally. It appears the new firmware fixes the problem with the last 5 waypoints. I haven't tested it yet, but will shortly. I'll probably be adding a few more symbols then to the zip file in the next couple of days.
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