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  1. My first FTF was probably the most exciting as it was the first time I responded to a notification a cache had been placed and that I knew it was brand new. It was late, raining, and my wife was out with friends. I grabbed the kids my flip flops and raced out. It was a dark road and no one else was around. I was suprised that there was not several others given the close proximity to town. After making the grab I backed up next to the building turned off our lights and we sat and watched. We were fast but the seekers started to show up and you could tell they were trying to get it found before the others that were also there. It was like watching ants find the spilt sugar on the ground that they know was there. I felt bad for them after they realized that one had come before them.... but not that bad
  2. Still executing kindness.... Funny how things happen when you are thinking about it.
  3. Here is a recent video I made showing how technology can influence "fun". Geocaching is of course what lives between technology and fun
  4. So it sounds like you can use your hands to create recessed container (e.g. a coffee can) but you just can't use any sort of tool. The reviewer should check and see if you had to use your fingernails..... as they could be considered a pointy object.
  5. I enjoy milestones and it is hard to have milestones without numbers being involved. I loath the numbers right after a milestone and then start loving them again as I get close to another major milestone (Keep in mind I haven ot had that many major milestones... but I am getting close to another one)
  6. It was a random one! I may just go do it to someone else too...
  7. I got a "no" once when asking to hide a cache. I finally had to show them a map of other caches in similar areas. I also ende dup making the cache premium and told them it would reduce the traffic a bit. Sometimes people need education. Other times people just don't want to have to think/mess with something. Making sure we educate and follow their descision is the most important to the sport. Good luck!
  8. Sort on his last caches found..... the dude sure gets around. Also it is amazingh how he hits all the popular places regardless of where they are. They say that to each his own when caching... but I don't get this one.
  9. I like the competition between caching buddies as long as we are close.... when someone pulls ahead then I don't care any longer My cache find is at my pace. To the OP I say just remember if you don't care about the numbers.... then don't worry about what your friend does. Sounds like you may also be competetive but think you won't keep pace so therefore you need to bring up the thread. If you truly do not care... then don't. If you stay consistent your friend eventually will quit talking about his numbers.
  10. giddyup! Always a way even at this hour.
  11. Sounds insane.... I like to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the trail when I cache. To each his own I say
  12. I used to love GSAK and had a set of PQs to get all of washington "offline". Too limitted and too much work (even though I had some killer scripts and scehduled batch jobs). Smart phones makes life grand and targetted PQs when I know I will be going someplace where caching is on the front of my lobe. Would be very nice still if GC.com supported state by state or some sort of pre-built (rest based) links to GPX files. That way all of the work people to with PQs or gsak would be much simpler and less load on GC.com in the long run.
  13. I found a way to do it even before the sun was fully in the sky. Thanks for the CT.
  14. Given we are in a world of "paperless" caching I suggest the site provide an option to have a code in the cache container like that of a TB so you still have to open and find the physical cache but the only loggign coudl take place on this site... That would be "paperless", solve a big part of the nano problem (as I really only hate dealing with the little log) and provide a way to also ensure proof of find. Too bad that idea got shot down in the site feedback area...
  15. If you want it to be tough and truely a 5/5 you don't have to provide any details. you could just list coords and the description could say "good luck". If people think they need more info then maybe they are not ready for your challenge. Too many potentially good challenges end up getting watered down to make them "possible" instead of letting cachers use all of their wit and dexterity. (For those of you low on wit or dexterity I suggest you go do those new challenges....
  16. One for my wife.... she is happy and was pleasantly suprised!
  17. A dog bone..... to just mess with the cat.
  18. This cointest will motivate me to be purposeful and do more random acts of kindness. After seeing the post I decided I would start the day off doing something for someone that was not my norm. Thanks for the motivation!
  19. The cool think about puzzle caches is the mental hunt before the physical hunt. A majority of the caches I find are regular as I like to hit a trail and enjoy the physical but there is something about warping your mind about a logic problem the night before (or week before) that just adds a layer of fun complexity. The good thing about this site is there is a mix of everything. There are several puzzle primer caches - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=561c98bf-6dec-4e90-9eb7-b07e38a2a3f1 That are also good to solve whether they are in your area or not.
  20. Personally I like having the tiered system. I have used the premium member feature to sell the idea to the land owner on a couple caches. It won't get quite as much traffic and you will only get people who are super duper passionate about caching (not just super passionate). I also like the idea I am getting something for supporting the site. Although if I got nothing else I probably would support the site anyway If 90% of the caches were premium there would be a problem since a majority of them are open to the free membership then it should really be a non-issue.
  21. I can't say "we all..." but a majority of the active forum people are sarcastic.... and most of the time in a good way
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