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  1. Thx for the info. I know the one property owner that it probably pertains to. I'm not sure that I want to list it on Waymarking, as when I found the disk, I was there by invitation.
  2. I don't know how to upload the pic in this reply, if you want to see it, I'd be happy to email you the image, send me your email through my profile.
  3. Thanks for the link, that is an awesome map! Unfortunately, the disk is not listed. Oh well!
  4. I found a benchmark about 3 weeks ago that was a few miles north of Cold Foot. I wasn't trying to find it, I stepped on it while walking through the town of Wiseman, in Alaska. I tried to log it, but I can't even find it in the benchmark listings. I'm not sure how to even look it up, as the zip code for Wiseman and Cold Foot both route back to Fairbanks which is a few hundred miles south. I then looked up a cache in Cold Foot and used the "find nearby benchmarks" feature, but it only goes to 2 pages, and I did not see my benchmark listed on there. Anyone have any suggestions on how to figure out what disk this was? I do have a pic, none of the data on it refer to anything in the listings that I checked. The disk was in great shape, and it is stamped with US Dept of Interior Land Mgmt, so I'm sure its an actual disk. Thanks for any input.
  5. Typing up a great log takes effort, no one puts effort out anymore, they don't have to. They log their find and are done with it, its sad, but no one cares, its complacent, its accepted, its the way its done, blah blah blah, excuse after excuse, on and on and so you have a log book full of acronyms instead of tales and stories. When I went caching with fellow cachers, there were times we wanted to read the logs in the cache, because we wanted to see how others crossed a certain obstacle, or if others took the same route, did they see that snake at the tree with the bear markings, did they take a wrong turn at the rock formation, was the creek water high, etc. One of the best loggers ever was geocacher Oregone, you haven't read a log until you've read one of his. Some of my caches I get the letters, but some of them I still get great logs from cachers, and I'm glad for it. Its a simple pleasure when you build a great cache, and someone writes a really nice log about it. Sometimes I think the change in logging is due to the change in caches. When I first started, caching required long hikes, you wanted to sit in the woods, and enjoy the view, and write about your experience, actually you wanted to sit at the final location because you were dam tired, and wished to god an eagle would fly by and drop off a nice cheeseburger and a beer before you began your descent back to the vehicle. Today, everyone is too busy trying to be igcognito, so they write a bunch of silly letters like it means something, and the cheeseburger, well just look up, cause you're probably standing right next to the drive thru. Just sayin.
  6. Bassoonpilot...There's a big fat throw back for ya. and QuestMaster.
  7. I love my mystery ranch pack, I have a Big Sky, mine is sky blue and gray, doesn't look like they offer it in that color anymore: http://www.mysteryranch.com/s.nl/it.A/id.3...amp;category=10 I filled it completely full, wrapped my Aku's in the beaver tail, put it on, and it felt like I didn't even have anything on my back, it was awesome. I also got a couple of flip top boxes and water bottle pockets to put on it.
  8. The PA AT is my caching playground. I have worn Montrails, which are so very comfy for me but wore out within 2 years. My Merrels have sucked since I bought them. My Danners are still in the box, no real reason why, just haven't used them yet. My favorites right now are my Aku Icaros. You need good ankle support in Rocksylvania, so go for something that feels good and provides that support.
  9. Hi NC Cachers... I will be visiting some friends in the Fayetteville area, and they do not Gx. I've been looking at the caches in that area, and I was wondering if there are any caches the locals could recommend that involve long tough hikes, multis are ok, overnights in the woods are ok too , be willing to drive about 1.5 hrs from Fayetteville. I will continue to look myself, but suggestions from the locals are welcome. Thx! Pol
  10. I usually arrange for this by phone/mail with the NPS for the permit, and site reservation, etc. However this year I went in person to tie up the loose ends, and I am glad that I did. When I reserved the site for this year's fire, the NPS neglected to tell me on the phone that the entire parking area is under construction, and they had no idea when this project would be finished. This meant that everyone planning on attending the bonfire would have had no where to park other than in an overflow lot. This would have been fine, except the overflow lot was across the main road beyond the fee booth, which is an additional 1500 feet away from the start of the dune crossing, which for cachers that have attended this event, know that once they hit the dunes they have at least another 300 feet up and over the dunes until they get to the fire site. I do not feel it appropriate to ask cachers to haul all their possessions that far, especially since when the fire ends, we all leave in the dark. I also cannot ask the guys to help with the wood hauling over that far of a distance. I tried to negotiate with the NPS to allow us at least one car trip up over the dunes in my jeep to at least dump the wood, and they would not allow it. I am bittersweet about this, I really enjoy the fire, especially on the beach, its been so much fun with everyone that has attended in the past. Its been a relaxing event, one of the few BYOB events that is not in a bar/ restaurant, the kids could make sand castles, etc., and the best parts were the sunsets, the moon risings, KrazyTrollz with her signature jello shots, and everyone just enjoying a great time around the fire. However, I don't enjoy dealing with the NPS. I am irritated that they omitted the fact of the construction, yet were going to be happy to take my application fee, and the parking fee for all my attendees. It hasn't made me happy in the years past that they keep raising the site rental fee, which has now doubled since the first bonfire, especially since every year they have emphasized on clearing all trash from the site, yet they do nothing about having the dumpster emptied, for us, when they know there is a scheduled party, and when I requested if it would be possible to have it emptied ahead of time, they looked at me like I was an alien....so much for CITO. You would think such an environmentally saavy organization would care to have the dumpster emptied, especially with the ponies trotting around that no one is allowed to feed. Then there was the evening the ranger stopped by to remind me that my fire was too far above the high tide line....yet looking up and down the beach my fire was closest to the water, go figure. Will there be a fire next year? I don't know. As much as I love dealing with the NPS, I won't let that determine whether or not I have the fire next year, they just 'are what they are'. I enjoy the fire and chatting with other cachers way too much to let the NPS be the determining factor. But anyway for now, happy caching, and have a great summer season! -Polgara
  11. No. And its not even the commercial solicitation thing that is bothering me here. What does bother me, is caching at one time was something that got people out in the world to explore, from a physical standpoint. If your cache can be done by going to the locations, then that is how it should be done. I don't support using the internet to find all the intermediate info needed for your cache. Your puzzle will probably be enjoyed by many cachers, so make them DO it, make them GO to the locations, otherwise what is the point in it all?
  12. He could have handled it better? By whose perception? He hiked out there, and performed maintenance.....just like he has on a number of other caches on past hikes. I know this because many times I have hiked with him, along with others, and performed maintenance, along with the others. I find it laughable that you see this as Paarker claiming "dibs" on anything, especially since his caches are quite reputable in his caching playground. He was just being kind. His interest also lets reviewers know that more than 1 person has considered adoption, which is not a bad thing. CCCooperagency and Paarker do know each other, and regardless of who adopts the cache, I see them remaining supportive of one another, as they have been supportive of one another in the past.
  13. I am heading down that way for a wedding in Fayetteville that weekend (1 hr from the event). Not sure what my plan is yet, I could drive and stop by the event in passing, or if I fly, I won't be there at all. At first, I was going to drive....until the gas prices went up again.
  14. LOL...I was thinking the same thing...so many people I remember from the 2003 posting of this thread!
  15. I have a Garmin GPS Map60C, which came with MapSource software trip and waypoint manager version 2.01. I got the Mapsource Topo for christmas with East, West, Alaska, and Hawaii version 3.02. Here is what I don't understand... I uninstalled waypoint manager 2.01 out of the computer before loading the TOPO software. Then i put the first disk in, the install thing starts. It asks if my unit is compatible, and to check, i tried to skip this, but it won'tlet me, so i have to choose the compatibility step. I hook the unit up via USB, turn it on. The software says it doesn't recognize my unit. I check the settings in the GPS, its says garmin serial info not transferable via USB. I don't own the serial port connector, or if I do, i just don't know what it is. So at this point, I am thinking this software is quickly earning a one way ticket back to the store. Now i used to be able to transfer waypoints via the waypoint manager 2.01, so, i uninstalled the TOPO, and reinstalled waypoint manager. Then I reinstalled TOPO. Now it lets me transfer waypoints. My next question is, i went to garmin website, and they have a patch, how do you decide if you should download the patch? After reading their website, it also looks like my software is older than dirt, since they have version 2.0-3.0 at the very end of their change history, with version 6.11.6 at the top. What is version 6.11.6? Is that on online update you download, or is that something you buy in the store? I'm thinking i should just go back to EasyGPS.
  16. Not from Elk County, but I've cached in ELk County! Pretty area, I even got the privilege to snap some close ups of one of the elk, . You have some awesome cache hunts up there.
  17. Due to the recent rains, Blue Marsh Lake was about to flood, so Authorities drained some of the water out of it today. The Shuylkill has crested its banks in the RACC and Penske areas of Reading due to release of the Lake water, as of 1pm this afternoon...this was not expected to happen before 8pm. If you own any caches near the Schuylkill banks, ya may want to check on 'em...they may now be travelling hydro caches!
  18. Sierra Dog caches with Polgara. Sierra Dog succeeds Keetah Dog, and Timber Dog.
  19. All I can say is Yellowbus you're takin too long, you're takin took long, so loopty loo i'll go tie my shoe. LOL
  20. ...And congratulations to the NPS for setting the new record of being able to piss off 154,000+ people with a single geocaching log.
  21. Well, I got a tent, and a sleeping bag, and i'd be fine with camping out on the PA Senator's lawn till he made this right. Anyone want to have an event?
  22. Quest Master's Falls City cache might be helpful for you. There is a beautiful view of the Yough within the vicinity of this cache...if you're not afraid of heights.
  23. That was totally OUR pleasure! Teeeheeee!!
  24. I saw that you had him sign the log book.Did he leave his phone number? Well, if he did its too bad....he told me to STOP putting wood on my bonfire...what a weanie!!!!!
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