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  1. Gatineau Parc is one of the most popular places to hike close to Ottawa. Most of the trails are designated for X-country skiing right now, but there are a few for snowshoeing and even some for winter hiking. There is also the Rideau Trail that runs south of Ottawa, with many trails. Try a search for either of those. Scott
  2. The one thing that bugs me about my Magellan is the fact it will not display meters in 100s. Instead of saying 600m, it will display 0.6 Km. I know its small but I find it kind of annoying thia it is so simple yet not implemented. That't it. Though I also wish Mag. would add Geocache icons, and the key lock thing is very cool. Scott
  3. Approvers have to worry about commercial caches, potential damage to plants and moss, proximity to schools, but to say they should not decide if a cache is in poor taste or not is wrong. IMO an approver is deciding if a cache placement not only falls within the guidelines but also within the sprit of the activity. Making a place like this part of a "family oriented game" is wrong in so many ways. Who would want to go there? My $0.02 Scott
  4. I recieved a three piece Komperdell pole last year for Xmas from the family. It has supported my 240 + pound frame several times, and saved me from taking a mud bath more times than I can count. Lifetime warranty covers bending too, as far as I am told anyway. If I ever manage to bend mine, I guess I'll find out... So far so good. Helps my bad knees both up and down. I don't use it for urban caching.. but if I am going far enough for a water bladder, pole comes with me. Scott
  5. I have never recieved any kind of unsolicited e-mail related to www.geocoins.ca. after logging coins there. Scott
  6. We also cache with the kids...on the short hikes anyway. Long ones I go solo. At the beginning we had a hard time containing their excitement from giving it all away. After a while we decided that when outside we don't use the word "geocache"... it simply referred to "you know what" probably another Harry Potter reference "you know who" .... We found by doing that it reminds them that it is important to keep the "big secret" My only worry is one of the kids when asked at school what they did on the week-end will reply "we did you know what".. and when pressed what "you know what is" will say "can't tell its a secret" and we end up in the pricipals office. Scott
  7. They are waterproof when new. Once that lid gets bent from repeated closing and opening, it won't be any longer. They also rust quickly. We have had a paint can out for over a year (including a Canadian winter) and it is still water proof. The area is also very wet in the spring. That being said caches up here do not get the traffic that US caches do... average about 1 /month for me. I painted it first with black rust paint then cammo. There is a opening tool attached to the handle and nothing but a rock to close it up... Scott
  8. I agree with most... finding a unrepairable unit for the window is a much better option. Look hard enough and you will probably find one realitively cheap. Working as a cell phone technician I wholeheartily agree with KF6JAX. Yelling and screaming, threatening this and that with get you no where fast. If they could sell you just the part, they would. No CSR or tech wants to get yelled at for the heck of it. However, sometimes, if you are a decent person and ask for help, or advice you might find what you are looking for. Go the "I want your supervisor" route gets you a one way ticket to "No, sir". Just my 0.02 Scott
  9. I have many registered firearms...and have never had the police fire shots to collect ammo for any database. Now all are long guns, does this apply only to restricted weapons(handguns)? Scott
  10. Some people have tried using a different sort of cap at the end. I think its called a pressure testing cap or something.. closes with a wing nut, instead of threading it, supposed to be more reliable. Never tried it, or seen one myself so can't say for sure. Scott
  11. November will be too early for skis ..... I hope! Please no snow until close to X-mas! As for renting stuff, I am pretty sure you can rent that kind of stuff from MEC. As for the mountainbike thing.. I am pretty sure (though the article doesn't go into much depth) that you will be able to ride the roads, and pathways, but they will be more strictly enforcing the no mountain biking on hiking trails. I saw many a tire gouge on a supposedly "hiking only" trails last time I was there. As for geocaching, sadly if it became an issue, from the general tone of the article they might prohibit it. As long as it doesn't become an issue, then it should be OK. In other words... be respectful of the trail rules, and be discreet. Just my $0.02 Scott
  12. I havn't heard anything... I'm not gonna ask either. Scott
  13. This time of year Gatineau Park is very popular for people to go look at the changing leaves. I was there a few weeks ago and planned on picking up that cache however it is very popular spot and I decided not to go because there were so many parents around with their little kids. This might work against you.. combine it with the fact that the last attempt was a DNF. Maybe contacting the owner "maddman" and see if he plans on checking it some time soon. Good Luck! Scott I'll be sure to check on the status next time I head to the park, but am not sure when that may be.
  14. Have kids... will trade. No kids, tradeing not likely unless its something I am looking for. Right now I am collecting patches from caches I visit in order to launch a patch themed cache. If you look at my numbers... you can tell its not about the numebrs! Scott
  15. I say, cache owners rules. Ask the owner. This winter the kids and I decided we wanted to get a cache in while in Montreal. We found one near our hotel, but once we found the cache it was frozen in there. I took a pic, and e-mailed the owner. He said it was OK to log it as a find, but if he had said no, I would have respected that too. Can't hurt to ask. If the owner says yes, then yes. Scott
  16. Same thing happened to me on Sunday.. Just deleted my log from the TB page and re-logged it and it was OK. For my case in particular, the site seemed to be having issues on Sunday when I did this. The wierd part was the "My cache" page and the TB page showed me "retrieving" the bug but still listed it in the cache. After the delete and relog it was OK tho. Hope it helps, Scott
  17. Go here: Canadian Geo-coin Website Scott Edit: Kealia beat me to it.
  18. Thanks! Here's hoping I can get a bug from Canada to Sweden by the end of December. That's when his semester ends and he returns home again. Scott
  19. Hello, I want to send a bug to a friend in Sweden (non-cacher) but don't know how to find a cache near him. We have it pretty easy here in NA for searching... Here is were he is located... Lund Sweden 222 70 There was more info, but it included numbers so I think it is his apartment, so I dropped it. He says he is near "Malmo" if that helps... How would I find a cache near there to make it the bug's ultimate goal? Thanks Scott
  20. There are a TON of caches in and around the Ottawa area! Have fun. Scott
  21. http://rtr.ca/geo Is the other...
  22. Mine is Violet's Loop I have made three attempts... and it has eluded me thus far. No one else seems to have any problems with it! Arghhhhh. Scott ;-)
  23. Just thought I would bump this as it is getting closer! Scott Cache Page Here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...27-5c52447a4e35
  24. Not sure specifically as I don't know where the Parc islocated, but I do know that Geocaching is banned in all Parcs in Quebec. I am sure one of the Canadian approvers will be able to confirm. Scott Edit Thorin beat me
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