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What GPSr Do You Use?


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Rino 120, great unit that would be better with removable memory


It would be more suitable for me if it had a compass, larger screen, and more Track file memory. I haven't actually used a rino, but I'd love to test the communication features. I'm not sure how useful it would be though - there's rarely anyone within radio range. Even if someone else was nearby, the odds of them having a Rino...


Best Wishes,


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I use a Magellan Meridian that was on sale in a local sports store. After all the rebates and everything, I paid about $70 which appears to be a really good deal. The unit works well and seems to get me near enough to the caches to find them. Even though this my first GPS, it functions well and I can recommend it.

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I just got my Christmas present a little early (he knew I'd want to use it this weekend, since the weather was so great), and it's a Meridian Platinum. I also have a 315, will probably use it for backup for awhile, anyway. I got the 315 at a yard sale a few years ago for around $40 off an old guy who didn't know how to use it. Finally found a use for it this fall when we started geocaching :D

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;) I have a Lowrance I-finder. I am new (this month) to geocache and bought this unit out of desperation (boating trip at caddo lake, last sept.). Got it for 150.00 and have come to like the unit allot. has mem. card, and basic map. The detailed mapping software is and additional 150.00 for detailed maps of USA. This is not a popular GPSr. I probubly would not of bought it if I researched here 1st. But I am happy with my decision.



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Newbie here, great forum.


Anyway, I use a 2610 in my truck and am looking for a hand held to use when I travel. I'm going to Italy in a few months and a hand held will come in handy for places like Rome and Florence.


I'm trying to decide which Garmin hand held wil best suit my needs. What I need is good coverage in Lake Como, Florence, Perugia, and Rome. I will probably use the maps from the European Metroguide.


I trying to figure out if I'll need the Vista or if I can get by with the Legend or some other unit.


Thanks for any help.

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I have the Magellan Meridian Platinum. I also have a list of accessories for it:

  • 128 MB SD RAM Cards (3)
    • Topographical maps for all of Indiana and Kentucky.
    • Streets and Destinations maps for all of Indiana and Kentucky.
    • Direct Route maps for all of Indiana and Kentucky.

    [*]Car Mounting Kit

    [*]Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter

I do not have the combo adapter for the car because with the Direct Route, I do not need the laptop for routing on streets.


Yes, I have all three pieces of mapping software and yes, there is redundancy. I like the POI differences between the topo and S&D and the Direct Route is great. I have yet to have it fail, even on a 500 mile trip door to door, flawless.


I love the unit and all it's features. That is why I spent the extra money on the Platinum. The ability to use SD Cards has prooven to be GREAT, making switching between maps easy, only requiring me to power down the unit. That way I do not have to keep downloiading the maps I think I will need. I can take the 500 mile trip, using the direct route, then find a close resturaunt, then go caching or hiking all without needing a computer to switch the detailed maps.


Later all... And Merry Christmas.

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Just got a DeLorme EarthMate for use on trips, and am still using the Vista on foot, bicycle, and motorcycle, as well as for local/area use in the Jeep.


I will let the new 60CS run for a while on the market before considering a change of portable GPS receiver...... I do not want to be among the first owners of one, although Garmin's track record has been very good so far, so it may be worth the temptation.

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:o I have a Lowrance I-finder. I am new (this month) to geocache and bought this unit out of desperation (boating trip at caddo lake, last sept.). Got it for 150.00 and have come to like the unit allot. has mem. card, and basic map. The detailed mapping software is and additional 150.00 for detailed maps of USA. This is not a popular GPSr. I probubly would not of bought it if I researched here 1st. But I am happy with my decision.



Wow thankfully you have an iFinder I was beggining to think I was the only one and had bought some obscure gps. There is an iFinder group on Yahoo by the way. I am totally new to this whole thing and so far I am happy with the iFinder, it has taken a bit to figure out how to enter a way point and navigate to it.

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hiking: magellan map 330 - got it as the Meridians were coming out, so $125 at REI, connects w/ PC and laptop for caches and waypoint tracking.


car: just ordered a bluetooth 12v unit from deluo.com to put in my trunk/decklid - this'll run macgpspro.com's software on my powerbook.

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We have a Garmin 72. When I bought it I had not yet tried geocaching. I bought it for my sea kayak to track distance and speed. I put it in a clear dry bag to further the water resistance and have never had a problem. Now I also use it for geocaching and like it. I do wish that it had an electronic compass built in. At the time that I purchased this unit the 76 was about $30 more and it came with the data cable. If I could do the purchase over again I would buy the model 76 with the external antenna connector and get the included data cable. I like this unit.

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Using a sp2610 for the road & also on foot, it can be done!


I use a 12 volt 7 amp. battery in a holder that attaches to my belt, it was used for a camcorder light before. It works, but is heavy & I am looking for a more portable unit. Maybe a 76S for me.


Holding the weighted bean-bag mount in one hand & the battery on my hip tends to slow me down a bit.


If I change the voice directions to German it really scares the heck out of the wildlife in the area. ;)

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:D I had a Meridian - must have been an old type, since it is not to be found anymore. It was before the Gold and Platinum versions. It died once, but we had an extended warranty & traded it for the same thing, then the new one died - all withing one year. I am now in the market and thinking of an e-trex but still like Meridian. Would love the tooth fairy to bring me a Meridian Color w/topo, since Santa never did!!! :huh:
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I have a question for all of you that have had experience with various units. Which had the best display for those of us with middle age eyes?? (And how did that happen?????) We have a Legend, but I find that a bit small and hate to be carrying my reading glasses with me.





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Very happy with my Geko 201. It would be nice to have maps on there, but even with this basic unit, we can find our way pretty accurately on the road with a road atlas then a more specific map of the exact area using web site mapping, then follow the arrow.


Also very happy with my Garmin Forerunner; not designed for caching but may take it out and see how it fares, as you can upload waypoints to it. You don't get the compass screen, but the little walking person screen is there, and it could be cool for getting into the general area before whipping out the Geko.

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I just purchased the Meridian Gold. It should arrive in a week!


I ended up purchasing the Magellan Meridian Gold Traveler pack.


Harmony has them at a great price.. only $345 + rebate...such a deal.


It is Magellan's "everything you need" package..

Including the MeriGold, DirectRoute, 64MB SD card, Vehicle Mounting bracket and 12V Cig/Data cable




I am looking forward to playing with DirectRoute... Has anyone had any experience with it?



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I am currently using a Rhino 110 which is WAAS enabled. You have to change the settings yourself since it does not ship that way. I have a Gecko 301 on order and it should be here at the end of January.


My only complaint with the Rhino 110 is that you cannot upload waypoints via software...unless some of you more savvy techie people can help me!



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B) I purchased a Magellan SporTrak Map for $169.97 at Radio Shack. Right now it has a $30 Dollar mail in rebate which drops the total to 139.97. If you purchase any MapSend software with it, you’ll get an additional 20 bucks rebate for a total of fifty dollars. It’s a great unit with lots of bells and whistles. Plenty of memory for down loading maps. You wont be able to down load the entire United States, but more then likely you’ll be able to down load what you need with plenty of room to spare. I’ve down loaded a large section near my home, which includes 3 large cities, airports, roads etc. It was only 399 kilobytes. I still have over 5 Megs of room left on the unit. I’m really happy with it thus far and I've found every cache I’ve gone for. Still a newb, but I'm having a great time geocaching. ;)
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Tarzanadana and XMIT


Yeah, I guess I am only the third Lowrance iFinder here then. I grew up on boats, and Lowrance has always been focussed on the marine market, so I was familiar with their stuff, and trust it. I am EXTREMELY happy with the iFinder - big screen, great detailed SD map cards, and :D appears to be pretty drop/bounce resistant.


I have also just recently begun experimenting with a PCMCIA card from Trimble for my laptop. Still trying to get the NMEA translations straightened out, maybe on the weekend.

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Just got my new Geko 301 in the mail yesterday. I updated the firmware and tracked myself to work and back. Cannot wait to get it out in the woods. I live out in the country and it only took 15 minutes to load and get the D's.


I still cannot believe how small it is...



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I bought a Magellan Meridian Platinum from BestBuy the other day for $200:) Someone must have gotten it for Christmas and returned it:) Lucky for me!


So far I have found 2 caches with no problems and I haven't even calibrated the GPSr yet:) I have been having so much fun that I haven't taken the time to read the manual.


Right now we are finding the farthest place on earth away from our house:)


I had done research on the various models and decided to get a Garmin GPS V but when I went to actually look at the units, the Platinum had one of the largest screens in that price category. I love the compass and the altimeter and the barometer.


I really stink (w/o the GPSr) with directions so I am happy to have this:)


The only thing that I really wanted with the Garmin GPS V was the autorouting. Is there a way to rig up the laptop with some software to do this while using the Platinum?


If you are researching these, I would advise you to go to the store and look at them as well as research.


BestBuy has a deal where you can get one for 90 days same as cash:)

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I'm using the bluetooth Delorme Earthmate receiver which connects to my bluetooth PDA. It works great for both car and Geocaching. I attach the receiver to the top of me backback and keep the PDA on a laynard or in my pocket. No wires or cables and the rechargeable Earthmate batteries last for 10-12 hours.

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