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  1. Oat

    Missing Tb

    You can email him/her from their profile page. Here
  2. I'm not having any of those problems (or any at all) with my SporTrak.
  3. Check out the display model eTrex's at Wal Mart. I got one for $60 in perfect condition and downloaded the manual here.
  4. Or you can link to one of Accu-Weather banners for your area.
  5. After looking at photo requirements I found that this JV 1808 wouldn't meet the current criteria. The benchmark is located on top of a culvert that is in poor shape and is covered with overgrowth. I was able to remove some of the overgrowth to take the picture but I reported it as not being able to be seen from a satellite because of the overgrowth.
  6. Geocaching may get some bad publicity sometimes because of the dumbass who hooked up a trip wire to the cache in NJ. But has anyone thought about what geocaching does to the local economy near a cache? Leaving out the fact that we buy GSPr's. How much do we spend in the area's we visit? I know my girlfriend and I always stop for breakfast/lunch/dinner somewhere during our search for caches, we also buy gas, etc usually in the town closest to where the cache(s) is/are. Multiply that by thousands across the country and you have a pretty powerful voice. Your thoughts?
  7. I sent mine to Thales last week and got it back in about 6 business days. They replaced my unit with a new one and gave me a free vehicle mount.
  8. I got a basic eTrek to use while my SporTrak was at Magellan for repairs to the case and it's worked fine for me. I have 6 or 7 finds with it.
  9. at N 39 37.814-W 077.17.302 I can't find a listing for it on the benchmark search page using those coords.
  10. I got my RMA via their website. They responded in less than 48 hours.
  11. I have one. I didn't post it because it wasn't needed here.
  12. Looks like they're taking care of the problem. I got this today. Mail your unit to the following address THALES NAVIGATION 11333 E PINE ST. SUITE 111 TULSA, OK 74116
  13. Oat

    Used Gps

    Check Wal Mart. I picked up a new Garmin eTrek today for $60.
  14. I did. I've had it for over three months. I haven't heard from back from Magellan yet.
  15. I have a mount on my Specialized for my SporTrak and haven't had any problems while riding.
  16. Thanks. I emailed Magellen asking about this and did download the firmware from their site. I haven't opened the .zip file to see what version it is yet.
  17. Found another crack opposite the first one. DC 2503
  18. I fired up my SporTrak today and after a few minutes of trying to get a fix the screen said "NO POS" and stopped trying to get a fix. It is clear here today and I walked to the middle of a open area to see if that would help. Nothing. After about 20 minutes it "woke up" and got a fix. Strange. Has this happened to anyone else?
  19. Oat

    Nav Screens

    I just use the compass screen. Works good for me.
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