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  1. If this is the option, they will have to choose carefully because referendums to leave EU will continue (as referendums for certain regions to leave the actual country). Maybe GS should register in all European countries.
  2. Will finders have the chance to change the content and/or type of log (DNF to Find, ie) when editing? This question is because it seems that log editions are not registered anymore with an aditional line as it used to be. I edited this log, several hours after having written it and there is no line registering my post edition. There is an allowed window of time for editing without the edit note text. I'm thinking 24 hours, but it might be shorter. I just edited this log written on Dec. 16th and there is no edition notificanon line. Seems that something has changed regarding logs traceability. Can you try to edit one of your old logs and confirm?
  3. One doubt about this issue. Will finders have the chance to change the content and/or type of log (DNF to Find, ie) when editing? This question is because it seems that log editions are not registered anymore with an aditional line as it used to be. I edited this log, several hours after having written it and there is no line registering my post edition.
  4. Recently I had to disable two of my caches because I received the notice that they needed the container replaced. When It was possible to perform the maintenance visit, I did it and when went to enable the cache listings I wondered why I have to make two logs to do it (maintenance + enable). Searched the foruns and ...ok, I found one more feature that it is not priority to GS.
  5. No teu caso - posso tratar-te por tu? já tratei - abro uma excepção, à regra de só actuar/adoptar em Lisboa, e, como vou estar na tua Mértola de 13 a 16 de Agosto, adopto-te por 3 dias a ajudo-te a colocares a tua primeira cache, conforme já combinámos, além de algumas outras dúvidas sobre Geocaching, que tenhas. Depois, ficas 'orfão' novamente. PS: Mas continuarei disponível através de email.
  6. Tópico inicialmente lançado no forum Geocaching@pt, pelo K!nder, e que agora se tenta reactivar e, se possível, replicar por outros Foruns nacionais e regionais. O desafio inicial: O link para o tópico: Adopt a Newbie! - Adopta um novato! O post de reactivação do projecto e discussão que lhe sucede. Basicamente é isto: Um conjunto de Geocachers mais experientes disponibilizam-se a ajudar quem se está a iniciar, adoptando-o enquanto Geocacher novo. O objectivo é contribuir um pouco para que a entrada, de quem decida aproveitar esta oportunidade, no Geocaching seja o mais esclarecida e correcta (de acordo com as guidelines) possível. Espero que esta reactivação da iniciativa do K!nder (que acompanha nos bastidores e vai actualizando a lista dos Geocachers que se disponibilizam a ajudar) seja bem acolhida e replicada noutros Foruns nacionais e regionais. Se tal acontecer, são livres de incluir aqui a ligação para esses novos tópicos de replicação do original. Ou, informem-me que eu próprio o farei. Cabe agora aos Geocachers novos, que iniciam a sua actividade e têm um montão de dúvidas ou receios, aproveitar esta oportunidade. Edit: Caso algum Geocacher novo, tome conhecimento desta iniciativa através deste tópico ou outro, decida ser candidato a adoptado, nem sequer necessita tornar-se utilizador do Forum do Geocaching@pt! Basta consultar o tópico indicado acima, escolher o adoptante em função da sua região, perguntar-lhe se ainda está no Projecto (o K!nder vai contactar todos mas a actualização completa da lista pode demorar uns tempos) e pedir-lhe para ser adptado ou tentar outro ou, caso não encontre ninguém, postar aqui que tentarei fazer chegar a informação ao tópico no Geocaching@pt para ver se aparece alguém que possa ajudar/adoptar o novo candidato.
  7. Nothing will happen as they don't have their email verified and, thus, they won't receive the log deletion notification. Unless they check the finds count and start investigating.. Please notice; they only do what they're allowed to do. It's Groundspeak that's in fault by allowing this situations (*) and not the persons that use the App. (*) access to the geocache database to persons that are not accountable for what they may cause to the geocache/container's status.
  8. The same applyes to me, regarding the signature... I thought that it is because I am a basic member... but you are premium...
  9. I think the problem was " when I navigate back to the query creation page". You were turning back to the page that has the previous status before accepting the terms.
  10. The answer seems obviuous for me: Groundspeak should start by enforcing the email validation to everyone who has access to the gecaches database. I know this is off-topic here and that there is another topic to this issue, but if cache onwers are responsible for geocaches maintenance, and for "quality control of logs in the geocache listings" then the geocache owners, and their work, should be protected against persons that are not accountable for their actions on the geocache sites. Then, an automatic system that sents an email to the geocache finder explaining why his log was deleted, would reach its destiny.
  11. Seems a good suggestion. I agree with it and would like to have it implemented. As a cache owner, I were involved in some of the above situations. Of course one can post a Note in the cache page - and this is what I do, now - but sometimes the finder doesn't check the cache page for an explanation why his log was deleted and reacts immediately against the cache owner, by email. The other option i know, is to ask the cache finder to delete the duplicated or the unduly find log but this barely has effect and those logs remains forgotten.
  12. In two months, my premium membership subscription will expire (it was renewed at march 2013 before this problem was known) and I'll be another Charter Member less if GS doesn't treat all premium member in an equally manner. It's a pitty but the values and self respect is more important for me than a title given by a company that doesn't respect me. I'll continue to use GS services, as a basic member, for as many year as i paid the membership fee: 11,5 years. So the health and the joy for Geocaching as a hobby stays with me.
  13. Here's a multi-cache like that: Downtown Campbell Walking Tour. It has 15 virtual waypoints, taking seekers to 15 different locations, many of which are very close to other caches. Eventually, it leads to a 16th waypoint, where the final physical cache is hidden. Only the final physical cache counts against the saturation guideline. It has a major problem: only counts as 1 find and that is the problem with the actual cache saturation policy. Virtual points of multicaches can show historical and interesting places but doesn't count as finds.
  14. Contact Groundspeak, explaining the situation and add a link to this topic, asking a refund of extra PM. I hope they will recognize you are paying too much for the service you get, due, in part, by confusing wording.
  15. I would like to support this Feature Request. I am a owner also, and the "to be completed" type of logs says nothing to us in terms of cache maintenance or quality of logs verification - responsibilities that we have. As "editing" i would like to add the upload of pictures when it occurs more than one day after as some of them have spoilers and we need to avoid them.
  16. You just helped to keep it active. "If you don't like it, don't buy it" I already cancelled the automatic renewal of my subscription. ps: I just noticed that i quoted the original version of your post as I received it in the mail box. The phone caught my attention and my post was delayed. Hope you don't mind that I quoted your first words...
  17. That's the correct thing to do when the cache owner is sure that the log is bogus and shouldn't have been issued. That's what I do and some others cache owners do. But, unfortunately, we are a minority and that's why these behaviours pays back positions in the TOPs / Statistics...
  18. That is something I'd like to know, also! Let's see if there is a simple explanation. Thank you for raising the issue internationaly. I'll keep this topic in my watchlist.
  19. This may be the explanation, since many cache owners doesn't allows duplicate finds on the cache listings. However, there those who sends an email asking for the duplicate log to be deleted, other just deletes the duplications without personal contact - in my opinion, both are correct.
  20. Contact the geocacher who wrote that log and ask him to remove the spoiler details. He can do it via an edit log.
  21. mh-gettorf, do you use a mobile phone or other equipment that transmits any kind of frequencies right from you pocket / suitcase, etc..? If that's the case, maybe you should be concerned about that and other means that criminals use to triangulate your location.
  22. I think this suggestion makes sense and seems to be quite simple to implement. Please, consider it.
  23. I support this idea. It seem to me a good suggestion. Sometimes I receive find logs with several years old - someone claims to have been in the company of someone that found the cache - and I need to verify it. It is a pain to scroll down through pages of several years aged logs. A filter would be fine for me.
  24. I find it sad... And it's sad that we came to an end like this. I'm not going to deny my country or my reality (language, currency, etc). As said, I already cancelled the automatic renewall of my membership. And, if at the time of the renewal, the situation is the same as it is now, I won't renew manually and will put an end to my Charter Member status. Maybe I am the only one to loose if that happens. Maybe. But, my convictions are more important than my status. I don' agree and I don't accept what Groundspeak did to us, europeans geocachers. And, it is not about a few euros. As I already mentioned, I wrote to Groundspeak offering to pay all vat amounts that they may have being paid all these years on my behalf. The only thing I asked was that they showed to me a clear evidence that the vat amount was paid to an european vat entity. They answered that they cannot charge me retroactively. But, if they decide to charge me, I'm still available to pay all the vat amounts that Groundspeak paid on my behalf. Just show me the evidence I ask. I don't want free lunches. I want respect. I want to be treated equally to all other geocachers. If Groundspeak needs to raise the fee, so do it, but, in a clear and equal way to everyone. And then add vat as due, based on the local regulations. Also, I'm still available to help to pay for an investigation to determine if Groundspeak is actually registered to an european vat authority. If Groundspeak refuses to reveal the vat regsitration number and claims that the raise is due to vat, we, european geocachers have the right to know if it's true. With the present behaviour of Groundspeak, I have doubts. See the promise to not raise the fee as long as one continues to renew the membership. See the promise to a more open and clear comunication... It is sad that, as seems now to me, people don't act. Groundspeak has reasons to be happy and we, european geocachers have reasons to be ashamed. That's the way it is. Congratulations Groundspeak. Shame on us, european geocachers.
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