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  1. Enabling this feature can cause serious confusion when traveling on a new road that is not on the map.
  2. I've got a few questions about the TT One: 1. How's the screen visibility in sunlight? Any problems viewing the screen at any times? 2. Does it automatically recalculate a route if you stray off course? 3. How's their customer service if there's a problem? Thanks in advance!
  3. WOW! I'd be inconsolably PISSED if I bought that crap and traveled all the way to China! How could Garmin release those maps with such a fundamental error? Boo! Hiss! !
  4. 1) There are a number of options in MapSource and on the unit that affect route calculation (for example, faster route/shorter distance and avoidances), and they may be set differently. 2) Not all of the settings available in MapSource have an exact counterpart on the unit (for example, preference for highways is a slider in MapSource), so it isn’t possible to set them exactly the same. 4) MapSource, running on a computer, has a lot more processor power available to it than the firmware running on the unit. Garmin probably did some things to the routing algorithm on the unit compared to the one on the computer, to make it work faster. For example, the 60/76 series have settings to trade off between better route or faster calculation which obviously will affect the results. These don’t exist in MapSource. I think roybassist touched on the root of the problem. Check your avoidance preferences on the unit! I've often gotten flaky routing results because I had previously set an avoidance on a previous trip. I wanted to take the "scenic route" through the mountains one time and set my GPSr to avoid highways. After the trip, I forgot to reset that preference. Then I found myself in Newark, NJ with my family one night and wanted to G.T.F. outta there quickly! After a while, I noticed the thing was taking me "the long way" through the city, and I knew I should'a been on the highway by now. I pulled over and checked the textual routing page and noticed one of the upcoming roads was "CR-9" (or something to that effect). I associate "CR" as being a "country road", so I was like "WTF?" Then I remembered to check the avoidances, and avoid "Highways" AND "Toll Roads" were checked... After unchecking those settings, I was on I-78 West in no time!
  5. Garmin West Virginia: 1. Robert C. Byrd edition (because EVERYTHING in WV is named after him) 2. Built-in compass (if it works, your trailer is level) 3. Links to birth records database (so you know if you're caching with your daddy, uncle or both) 4. Dog tracking system (like the Astro) 5. Works with Topo maps ONLY! 6. MP3 player which only plays John Denver's "Country Roads"
  6. We are waiting Who is the bravest in here? Somebody send me their unit. I'll push it!
  7. By default, Google Earth's altitude setting is set to "Clamped to Ground". You can RIGHT-Click on a track and select "Properties", go to the "Altitude" tab and change the setting to "Absolute". Sounds like you're looking for a "Proximity Waypoint" feature. It's my understanding that this feature is not supported on the Colorado.
  8. The Magnetic North Pole is somewhere over Northern central Canada. Magnetic variation is the difference in degrees between True North and Magnetic North. The variation is different depending on where your position is. There is also Magnetic Deviation. No compass is perfect! Each compass has its own magnetic error built-in. Its usually just one or two degrees which isn't much, but if traveling long distances, it can throw you miles off course. Unless you're navigating a ship or an airplane, or doing covert military ops, you're better off using True North.
  9. Hmmmmm... I can't seem to get this to work! The only send option I have in Google is email.
  10. in the past, new versions were usually announced sometime in June and started arriving in people's homes mid to late July. I imagine this year will be no different.
  11. Just remember that each press of a button is wear & tear on the device! Each time you waste the press of a button during a game, you will have one less button press for actual use later on. Garmin hopes you'll play the games frequently.
  12. My 60C shut off spontaneously as I was pressing buttons (scrolling through menus). As QuigleyJones mentioned, battery contacts were the culprit. Apparently pressing the buttons caused the case to expand/contract enough for the battery contacts to lose contact. I removed the batteries and gently pried them toward the inner battery compartment so they would make better contact with the batteries, and that solved the problem for me.
  13. Similarly to THIS POSTED MESSAGE, I have some GPX files built by MapSource. They're of tracks of flights I've made. When I open the GPX in Google Earth, the tracks do NOT show altitude. Any way to get a GPX file to show elevation in G.E. like THIS?
  14. Not really. I clocked 641 MPH on a flight from Salt Lake City to Atlanta, and 671 MPH from Las Vegas to Cleveland. Good tailwinds
  15. The first response in the thread I mentioned above said:
  16. Why buy GeoCalc from Blue Marble Geographics when you can use FizzyCalc? Download FizzyCalc for free! (just posting this for the benefit of people who google "Blue Marble Geographics geocalc" in the future. Hopefully this post will show up in the results and save some innocent, unsuspecting soul $500.)
  17. I agree! As a longtime, loyal Garmin customer and investor, I would absolutely hate to see Garmin devoured by the MicroSoft monster!
  18. In fact, you can use your GPSr as a card reader! It's a bit of a hassle if you were to use it as a reader for other cards, but the function is there if need be.
  19. Yeah - what's the point of acquiring such a huge company IF you're gonna put the screws to its biggest customer? They're spending 8.1 B-B-B-B-BILLION DOLLARS on NavTeq. Probably half of that company's revenue comes from Garmin. Lose Garmin's business, and they won't have much of a business! I think maybe Nokia may be paranoid that someone else might make a play for NavTeq and squeeze them out of the game completely. If things go awry, Garmin could resort to open source mapping as a possible solution.
  20. Garmin's Web site has a DEALER LOCATOR LINK. Click on the state of Texas and then scroll down to "S" for San Antonio. Call prospective dealers before visiting to see if they carry your desired model.
  21. It's about time that you upgrade your operating system to AT LEAST Windows 2000!
  22. Not necessarily. Autorouting means that when you choose a point to navigate (waypoint, Point of Interest, address, etc.), the unit can find and display turn-by-turn road directions between you and your desired destination. Many autorouting units (if not all) will indeed recalculate a new route to the destination if you miss a required turn. The Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx (and similar units) have the option to automatically recalculate the route, or prompt you first (requiring input from you) before recalculation.
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