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What GPSr Do You Use?


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I started with a Magellan Pioneer. Not that accurate, but it got you close. I borrowed my friends Magellan 4000 XL many times, and in spite of it being over a decade old, and not that fancy, it really worked well. Typically got me within 10' of what I was looking for. I have borrowed a Garmin 76 (or something like that), but I had a hard time figuring out how to use it, and got all mixed up with the buttons on the top. I guess I've gotten used to the way Magellan works...


I now have a Magellan Meridian Platinum and think it's awesome. I've only had it for five days, but have used the heck out of it and am happy with the purchase!

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Wow thankfully you have an iFinder I was beggining to think I was the only one and had bought some obscure gps. There is an iFinder group on Yahoo by the way. I am totally new to this whole thing and so far I am happy with the iFinder, it has taken a bit to figure out how to enter a way point and navigate to it.


I guess it is just you and I that use the Ifinder. I have the map pack 6 now and use it daily. My original Ifinder was stolen. When I bought it, I updated the firmware and it seemed to work poorly after that, and then there was always a disclaimer that popped up upon "turn on" that I had to exit out of. I did not update the new unit I purchased and think it locks on better and no disclaimer. Once you update firmware you cannot go back.



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Started with a Garmin GPS38 in 1997. Worked fine for what I used it for. Started caching in 2003 and it did a good job but the display started to fail. Not worth fixing with all the new units out. Now have a Garmin 60cs. A world of difference in the reception. Love the 60cs but are there any really bad units for caching?

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I use a garmin Vista, GPS III+, GPS V, GPSMAP 60CS.

Used to use a Garmin 48 and a GPS 12XL untill I upgraded and have used Rockwells while in the Army (Don't tell them I used it for personal use <_< ).


I have used Magellans before and I would have to agree with the idea that what you start with is what you tend to stick with.

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I recently purchased a Geko 201. I wanted a small, lightweight, barebones receiver to take along hiking / trail-running. The Geko seemed like the perfect fit. So far, so good. Works well with my mapping software too (NG Topo!)


While reading the manual, I came across the term "geocaching", googled it ... and here I am!

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I started with a Legend. Then I got Metroguide 5 - The Legend's memory wasn't enough, so I got an eMap and 128MB data Card. That was goin' pretty good... 'til the 60C came out! Had to get me some of that! I sold my Legend and kept the eMap for backup.


If I'd known the 76C was going to follow so close behind the 60C, I probably would've waited and gotten one of those for the extra memory. But I've been happy with the 60 though.

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Just bought a Lowrance Ifinder. Had a friend with one on a motorcycle trip. Bought it and a RAM mount for the bike and thought I'd try it for geocaching. After much looking at different GPSs I found that the Ifinder had the most bang for the buck (about 125 delivered). Have only looked for about 5 caches and foud three. mostly not found because of lack of time not because of the gps. Also have been in thick cover and still got signal.

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I was always totally happy with my MeriColor. Now, with DirectRoute installed, it is truly a dual function GPSr. I will now only switch chips (to Topo) when going into the mountains/woods for at least a full day.

Switched to a 60cs in April after being beaten to caches while group caching on a regular basis by Garmin users. Now I'm on a par (or better) with this GREAT unit.

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Man...I sure am living in the past! :mad:


We use a trusty, old Garmin GPS-12 in the hand and my GPS III Pilot for the car. The -12 is actually pretty nimble, but a tad bit slow. It still gets the job done, however. :huh:


My next Garmin will be the Rhino 130. LabLady and I are both Amateur Radio ops, and we're thrilled about incorporating GMRS into geocaching using the Rhino's radio.


Also, I think the electronic compass and barometer features are a big plus in the hunt. :D


If you have the Rhino 130, drop me a line and let me know how it's working so far.




Apple Computer

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