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  1. I offerd this : This lighthouse, built in 1822, stood on the shore of Lake Ontario. In 1829 piers were built to stop sand bars from blocking the mouth of the Genesee River. The idea worked except that the sand began to fill the area outside the piers. This created a whole new landscape and the light now stands almost one mile from the shore. Scheduled to be torn down by the government in the early 60's, the light was saved due to a write in campaign by local high school students to their congressman. In 1984 the light and house were officially turned into a museum and opened to the public on weekends throught the summer. The a****** in control of this category replied with this: Uh-oh! Your waymark, 'Charlotte - Genesee Lighthouse' has been denied by the category owner. The following reason for the denial was given: "Having grown up in Irondequoit, I am well familiar with this lighthouse. Most recently, I visited last December to find a nearby microcache. Sorry, but I'm declining this for the landlocked lighthouses category. I feel that it originally served as a navigation aid for mariners, and although it's a ways down Lake Avenue from the beach, it's still in the general area of the lakeshore. Now, if you found a lighthouse in Chili, that'd be cool! Thanks for your interest in Waymarking!" The only waymark that has been accepted into this category is a manufactured lighthouse by a church in the year 2000 that never served as a light at all. What kind of crap is this How can this be a viable source of information when you allow ignorant idiots to control it's content. If this cannot be resolved, I quit
  2. You need to click the "IMG" button just above the message box and link to a photo on another server. GC.com does not host photos. You need to be able to link to it.
  3. I'll bet some of the posters here wouldn't think this was so OT if it were their homes. I'm over 2000 miles away and I hear their cries in my sleep. We, as a country, run to the aid of the world in trouble. Let's run to the aid of our own.
  4. I was wondering if I could have Train Stations and also Lighthouses if no one else claims them. I am a big fan of both. Edit: Both would be sub-categories of buildings.
  5. When you log in, use this link: http://www.geocaching.com/my/ . If I understand your problem, this should help.
  6. Hope I don't get chastized for this, but I donated to the ARC by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW. You have to specify that the donation is for victims of Katrina or the money will go to the general disaster relief fund. (No smiley appropriate for this topic)
  7. I didn't realize when I posted this that it was kind of a duplicate topic to Armchair Waymarking so I'm going to close it.
  8. I called the Ithica Journal. They said the article is not online because they only have so much room.
  9. "Landlocked Lighthouses" was created because a former locationless cache owner has already claimed plain-old lighthouses. He/she simply hasn't made it active yet. Since you can already filter the directory by location, having categories broken out by state or province would be redundant. K thanx
  10. Unlike signing a log book or taking a photo or answering a question, I've noticed that you can log a visit to any Waymark with no proof you've ever been there. This would make stats useless.
  11. I would like to suggest that the already established category "Landlocked Lighthouses" be changed to just "Lighthouses". The lighthouses in this country and around the world have a very large following and I think a lot of people would appreciate this category. Edit: I would also like to add that I think, as others have suggeted, that the idea of a geo-yellow pages could become enormous as well it should. Therefore, I would like to suggest that ALL primary categories be States or Provinces with the current list of categories as subs.
  12. I was just logging in to ask if .gpx files were going to be available. Thanks for asking for me.
  13. Correct, which is why I say it's only 1/2 their fault (not that it's really a blame game). I just know, on the screens I use, I have to have the font sized larger than normal. It works in firefox, not in IE! Yes, that's because Firefox allows you to increase the text size in smaller increments while IE has only small, normal, large, and largest.
  14. It's half a problem with GC.com as it's line breaking incorrectly. I have the same issue with IE (one of the many reasons I don't use it). You can see below that it is not that it's run out of space and needed to line break... I agree with that, but if you decrease your text size it won't break. I just experimented with my theory on my computer and got the same result you are seeing. This is not a solicitation in any way, but I recomend Firefox.
  15. It looks to me that your text size is set to be large. If you look in the drop down menu under "view" there should be a way to decrease your text size. I think this will solve your problem. i can assure you, the problem is not with GC.com CapnJackSparrow
  16. Could have something to do with your operating system not being compatable. What are you using??
  17. I am guilty of signing the log book and forgetting what I wrote and then writing something completely different in the web log. If both logs are relevent but completely different, does anyone find this to be a problem? This may seem to some to be off-topic but I thought this would be a good place to ask this question.
  18. Something you may want to look into that conforms to all of your specs. and are very light weight are Bear Canisters. The only problem is they may be a lot more expensive than you are interestd in. CapnJackSparrow
  19. I am still waiting for confirmation from New York Approver to let me know if my puzzle cache idea (my first cache hide) is acceptable under the rules of the game. If it is, my FTF prize is a $100.00 gift card for Dick's Sporting Goods. The gift card has already been purchased and is reday to go. After seeing the news this morning, I am happier than ever to offer this award. Reason being, Dick's Sporting Goods just donated 10's of thousands of dollars worth of soccer equipment to Iraqi children to start there own youth soccer league.
  20. Thank you LaPagllia, Obviously good advice. Just needed to know the propper avenue. I'm new at this!! CJS
  21. I hope this is not a duplicate post, but I think I have a somewhat unique problem. Someone logged that they retrieved one of my TB's that I hadn't placed yet. I think they just entered the wrong tracking number. My problem is that by the time I discovered this, it was too late to grab it back. Is there a way I can delete the registration and re-register this TB under another name? Thanks in advance for any help, CapnJackSparrow
  22. The web site will be freely accessible to anyone without any type of sign-up. The idea behind the web site is that when you aquire the nessecary dates, either all at the same time or on separate cache hunts, you will be able to access a piece of a puzzle. When all pieces are collected, they will reveal the location of the cache. I really think I understand all the rules and from the responses here I think my idea should be ok so I am going to get to work on it and put it up for review. Thank you for all of your responses to my post, CapnJackSparrow
  23. ...Or Plunder, Pillage, Sail The Eighth Sea, And Of Course, Make Furniture Protectors From Fine Lace Doilies. Be patient (I assume you have contacted your local approver). I have calmed down thanks to my fellow cachers. I am excited to hide my first cache and was just a little disturbed when I didn't know if my idea was going to fly and couldn't seem to get a response from an administrator. I hope that some of the cachers that have responded to my post are in my area becase my FTF prize is a $100.00 gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods and other items in the cache are just as desireable.
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