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  1. ATA doesn't allow GPS, they told me turn it off and the reason according to them is security. I guess they don't want terrorists tracking plane pass.
  2. All geostationary satelites are located in equator plane which means atleast three things: 1. You will not be able to resolve between south/north hemisphere. 2. latitude resolution at the equator would be horrible, my guess is >100 km 3. GPS sattelites at north/south pole will be too low to see.
  3. It is called volume sales. Besides, about the only thing radio shack sells anymore is cell phones. 80% in retail I do not know were anyone gets the idea that it does happens, it may in some over priced store in Beverly hills were people have more money than brains. 50% may happen in the clothing industry becuase the stores need to carry a size range, they cannot buy just say a Medium shirt, they have to buy a size run. Some of which will have to be discounted at the end of the season. A size run may be 1xs, 2sm, 2md, 2lg, 1xl. with hard goods (Non clothing) a retailer can order just one of an item in most cases, unless it is something real cheap then they may have to buy a dozen per order. I always hear people that have never been in retail claim that retailers make a high mark up. VR12. go start a retail store, then tell us all your big markups in the land of fantasy Volume sales in RadioShack ? BTW markup doesn't include rent, it just markup - difference between buy and sell
  4. If markup is 5-10% then I don't understand how RadioShack is still alive. There must be something which has 50-80 % markup
  5. Vista is 12 channel reciever, don't think, take it for $75.
  6. I have CitySelect 5.0 (2 CD) and 6.0 Update (2 CD) I want to make backup on one DVD-R Is it possible to put everything on one DVD-R so I can install CS5.0 and Update from one DVD ?
  7. I think I get 30 hours with my 60CS.
  8. Map screen add just few miliamps of current. 2300 mAh battery should run for ~20-30 hours.
  9. Why ? I dont't travel too far and 56M is enough for me but still wish Garmin put SD in it or better - put 512M instead of 56M
  10. I meant - there is a way to turn off clutter If you have 60CS already you should see "declutter" option in the map page.
  11. 1. it is the way to prevent software piracy 2. City Select have autorouting and MG (except version 4) doesn't, City Select is pretty much "must have" when you buy 60CS. 3. Yes 4. Yes, no matter what you will be able to have 1000 waypoints
  12. It also set different shutoff voltage threshhold.
  13. it doesn't mean anything, Just don't rotate too fast and hold level.
  14. This is not correct, You will not find a Garmin Hand held in which you can expand the memory wth an SD card, which you can do with the explorist 400, 500 and 600. The exlorsist also give you the option is storing waypoints in a file system, you can have several thousand way pints store in files that can be broken down to regions, cache type, cache ratting and so on, this is also a feature that is not offer in a Garmin. You can also store more maps on an exlorist with the SD card. The Magnetic compass in the explorist 600 is traxial which means you do not have to hole the explorsit 600 level for the compass to be correct. Will any of this make it easier to find a cach, No. . The explorsit do not have a boomerang effect, the OP is asking about the explorist and not early magellans. I believe standard complain is that you cannot sort these thousands waypoints by name. in any case I don't see a need for having thousands of waypoints. The only thing (in my opinion) which is better on Magellans is SD-card slot.
  15. If only I got a nickel every time I see that question You don't need to erase maps, they will be replaced when you load mapset into GPS. as for the waypoints You can delete them all at once from Menu: Find->Waypoints->Menu->Delete->All Symbols
  16. I think 60C firmware will recognize 128MB chip because it is the same in 60C and 76C. As for the basemap, one in principle can copy it on a chip to be installed.
  17. Firmware and data use different memory, you cannot use memory where firmware located for data. You have no choice but play games
  18. Come on, this is exactly what terrorists want
  19. Honest Pleasure, you may start speak your native language, it will make little difference.
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