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  1. I am using version 1.4 and have been having problems with it not wanting to load certain cache pages when you click on them. I originally thought it was my PPC (Dell Axim X3i), but found out today that it was actually the gpx sonar program. There is an option under tools, performance where you can set it to use more or less memory. I had it on less and just changed it to more and viola! I can now open every chache page with no problems. Maybe this will help someone out if they are experiencing the same problem. I even went as far as cold starting my PPC and reloading all software. What a pain that was.
  2. I know that the sight was running fine for a while. Now it is starting to burp again. Seems like everytime they add new features or try something new, we start having problems. Are we sure that they are using the correct software to run this thing? Now I am not a programmer and ahve never claimed to be. I know that they have added servers and such, but surely that can't be the answer everytime they add a new feature. Seems that pretty soon we are going to have more servers than IBM. I know that they have hired outside consultants to help track down these bugs or issues, but enough is enough. Maybe they need to consider another type of software to run this thing. Just my 2 cents worth. I am not trying to belittle anyone, I know that the powers to be are doing their best to keep the sight up and running.
  3. so what am I doing wrong if I don't see any tabs.... Quick View | Watchlist | Geocaches (Mine) | Travel Bugs (Mine) | Benchmarks | Member Features Just the words is all I see.... Figures, I broke it already...... *****UPDATE******* I can see it on other peoples stats page, but not mine. Is that the way it is supposed to be???
  4. Can someone help an old man out. I can't see any tabs that people are talking about. I have firefox 1.5, I have hit the shift key while refreshing, but till nothing. Where are these darned tabs supposed to be. By the way, the new java hint decrypt works great. But I can't find no tabs........
  5. and if you have a Pocket PC or PDA that you use with this computer, make sure that activesync or whatever software you use to interface it is shut down also. Activesync is famous for taking over com ports. Hope this helps.. Baptist Deacon
  6. Yes, they will allow people to stick flyers on your windshield and they will allow people to set up tables and beg you to death for donations for their good cause. Yes, they allow the boy scouts and girls scouts to sell their wares at their times of the year. The secret? Permission. My old Sunday School teacher is a Wal*Mart store manager. When I complain to him about getting the flyers on my car, he stated that they had gotten permission from him and his corporate office to do so. Wal*Mart will allow just about any activity as long as you seek their permission. I have seen gospel concerts held in their parking lots along with rummage sales to help the local homeless shelter. The whole secret is getting permission - that and not hiding the stupid thing in front of a security camera in an employee only section. Baptist Deacon
  7. Since the cache had been archived, why not just log it as a Note. Since it was archived, you were not supposed to be looking for it anyways. (Believe me, I have done that 2 or 3 times..... ) Heck, I once we back on a cache 3 times before I noticed it was archived. Talk about being hard headed. Anyways, since that cache was not available, I would not log it a a DNF, but rather post a note telling eveyone that it is not there. Just my 2 cents worth. Baptist Deacon
  8. Ok, then how does the rss feeds work for the subscribed forums. I copied the above link to my rss reader and it worked, but when I look at the pages, they show as a guest login. Does this mean we can't use the rss feeds to follow the user subscribed forums?? Baptist Deacon
  9. I use an Etrex Vista, Dell Axim X3i (WiFi Built in). One suggestion. Get GSAK, Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. Available At www.gsak.net I believe. It will be the greatest asset to you in going paperless and at coordinating your cache finds. If you go windows PPC, I also suggest downloading gpx sonar to use to keep track of the cache's on your ppc. If you end up going with a Palm version, Purchase Cachemate. It is the best for the palm and costs less than 20 bucks. I think I paid twelve dollars or so when I had a palm. But either way, if you have not downloaded and tried GSAK, Just do it. Really simplifies things. Baptist Deacon
  10. But that may be something for the for the Bigwigs to consider on their next upgrade to the site, adding a Bee icon or even a Hazardous conditions icon of some sort that when someone finds a hazardous condition it triggers an e-mail to the owner to inform them so that can try and rectify the situation. Maybe even have it automatically archive the cache until the owner corrects the situation or makes some adjustments. Just an Idea... Baptist Deacon
  11. Is that the fred flinstone version?? Do I see pedals on the front of that?? Looks like great exercise.... Baptist Deacon
  12. You also need to make sure that GASK is set up with either your username or your Geocaching.com user id #, without those, the program can't identify the finds as belonging to you. Send me a PM or E-mail thru the board if you need help is setting this up in GSAK and I will talk you thru it. Baptist Deacon.
  13. Well, we need to get this corrected. GSAK needs it's on seperate forums.
  14. Wow, I just now found the export function for the field notes. I gotta play with this now. Thanks for pointing it out. Baptist Deacon
  15. Oh Well, guess I will not get the opportunity to try it out. Thanks anyway. MD
  16. I went to the website and then had to translate it into english. I could not find a place to download the program you are referring to. Am I missing something?? Baptist Deacon
  17. I am not too sure about the e-mail aspect, but I would love to see a GSAK addon for the PPC that would allow me to mark the cache as found and then when I plug my PPC into it's sync cradle, GSAK would automatically download the found tag, comments and such and automatically log them as found on the website. Now that would be worth paying for. I currently use GPX sonar on the PPC which has a report feature so that when I mark a cache as found, when I get home I just run the report and it tells me which cache's I need to log. If there were just some way to automate the process, that would be wonderful. And as a side not, if you currently use a Palm OS handheld, then Cachemate is the best way to go. I loved that program. Wish it was available in a Windows PPC format. Cheers. Baptist Deacon
  18. I have placed two waymarks now and both of them required a physical address. Since the address is listed, then I don't need to give directions on how to get there, that's what google maps and mapquest are for. But then I just had a thougt, both of my waymarks were BBQ Joints, maybe every catagory does not have the physical address requirement. Huh, gotta check that aspect out. Baptist Deacon
  19. Nevermind this post. I didn't clearly read a previos post.
  20. Hey Guys and Gals, This site is run by computers and software, both of which eventually require some sort of maintenance. Be patient and go take a nap. A couple of hundred individuals sitting there hitting refresh at the same time is the same thing as a denial of service attack. Chill out, go to Dairy Queen and get a waymark out of the way and get an ice cream cone and them come back and try it again. Nice plug for Waymarking if I do say so my self.... Seriously, lets give them some time to work thru the issues. Even Earthlink, Microsoft, Apple, Cnn....... they all have technical difficulties at times. We have had issues in the past and Jeremy and Elias have done excellent work in getting the site back up and running and I have every confidence in the world that they will succeed again. Cheers... Baptist Deacon
  21. Then this is not for you. Skydiving is not for everyone. I personally see no reason to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, thus I don't do it. Same principle applies here. If you think it will fail, then you need to focus your attention and efforts towards something that you feel will succeed. Baptist Deacon
  22. Hey as long as we are talking about the stats, why not develop a Leaderboard...... There used to be one offsite, but an onsite one, with each member having the option to participate or not, would be an interesting idea. Just a thought... Baptist Deacon
  23. If you search thru the list, you will find that this is a non issue. Only you can see your e-mail addy. I does not show up when someone else views your profile. It is confusing, but has been tested by someone. He could view his e-mail addy, but when logged in as his daughter, could not see it. Hope this helps... Baptist Deacon
  24. giving us the tools to filter out or lock out the adult oriented waymarks based upon our profile would be the logical solution. If there were a setting that we could check or uncheck to allow adult waymarks based upon our age would be good, but the age verification would be an issue. Placing the burden on the user by having then click on a statement each time they want to access those waymarks that makes them state they are over 18, placing the burden of proof on the user rather than on Groundspeak might be the correct legal way to avoid potential lawsuits. Will be a touchy area to get into. If Grandma wants to sue Groundspeak because Junior got rolled in the parking lot of a local strip joint because he was Waymarking the parking lot and wants to sue Groundspeak because they allowed him to access the database that had the coordinates listed could be an issue. Or how about the parents that want to sue because little johnny got ran over by a drunk driver at the local bar because Johnny was Waymarking the parking lot and that was the only reason their 14 year old would have been in the parking lot. Believe me, in this day and age, anyone can and most likely will take you to court over the most bizarre situations. Baptist Deacon
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