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  1. Aint' that the truth! Sometimes, the "scaled" coordinates can be miles and miles off. There is one here that the description puts it in one town, and the coordinates put it in another. Probably someone fat-fingering the entry into the computer. I think I'll go hunt that one this weekend... There is also a benchmark on the building I work in, and a benchmark in another building about 1/4 mile away. If you swap the published coordinates between the two, they are pretty accurate. I figure it was just someone scaling the coordinates off their map and mistakenly switching the two when they wrote it down.
  2. Group benchmark hunting... interesting. It would make hard-to-find benchmarks a lot easier to find. It's possible I could make it, for a day or two anyway. Santa Fe isn't too far away.
  3. I know that the coordinates for "adjusted" marks are more accurate than my GPS. My question is: how do they "adjust" a mark? Do they already have accurate coordinates from when the mark was set and they are just changing it from NAD27 to WGS82, or do they figure it out somehow? Just curious...
  4. I wrote a program. It's nothing fancy, but I wanted to be able to put all the "Mark Not Found"s in a particular county/state into USAPhotomaps and my GPS. I wrote it for my own use, but thought maybe someone might find it useful. I use DSWIN to make the source file, and then I use my program to make the XML file that USAPhotomaps can read (and put into my gps). I made a little 'read me' file for it, so read it before you install it (and run it). I copied it's contents below. It is slightly on the rude side, but I find that it's usually the only way to get the point across. Sorry if you're sensy. here's the links: Use this one if you already have the VB6 runtime files & excel. I suggest you try this one first anyway, because it's only about 600k, and the full install is about 6 1/2 megs. Small install Full Install: Full install I plan on setting it so that I can do the same thing with 'old' benchmarks, where I just put in a date, and it will sort out the ones that are at least that old. I was just in a pinch for the not founds and that's all I made now. Later when I want to look for some old ones, I'll do the date thing. Here's the Read Me. It's also in the zip files................................. This program makes: XML file containing only "MARK NOT FOUND" entries for use with USAPhotomaps Microsoft Access 97 file containing all marks Microsoft Excel 97 file containing all marks Use this program at your own risk. Do not complain to me. It is intended as "Professional Level" (My way of saying that since I wrote it for myself, I didn't worry about writing error handling routines for luddites that probably shouldn't own a computer anyway). If you get an error, you are doing something wrong, or your computer is a pile, neither of which are my problem. If it screws up your computer then it sucks to be you. To get a source file, use DSWIN and do a "save as". Use "DSSELECT" format. "Position" format must be "Standard". "Output" must have all three boxes checked. For "Field Delim", use a space (you have to type it in). For "Desc Delim", select "NONE", and with "LINE DELIM", select "NONE". Pick whatever fields make you happy as long as you select "PID", "LATITUDE", "LONGITUDE", and "LAST HISTORY". My program doesn't look at any other fields. The order is not important. To process the file, run the program. Select the file you made with DSWIN. Now, type in a "base" filename. DO NOT ADD A FILE EXTENSION, the program automatically adds the appropriate extensions. Click, "Go" and stand back. All files will be put in the directory you selected with the base file name. **WARNING** -- this will overwrite any existing files with the same name without asking you if it's OK. If you delete an important file, then read the "readme" file next time you download something. If you have a really good idea for this, you may try to contact me through the Groundspeak Forums. I read them now and then. Mainly the Benchmarking forum. My user ID is ckhd. I will consider all suggestions. If you MUST have something, contact me on where to mail the check, and then we'll talk.
  5. It's not paranoia if they really ARE out to get you!!!
  6. If you do, make sure you put it in one of the 'gerbil' geocaches, so he doesn't get... lonely
  7. That's when I know my grandma will be home!
  8. FYI -- I sent the link to Deb Brown, and she sent me an e-mail that she is looking in to it.
  9. I don't know French, but this is what AltaVista says it is: the fish of my mother is happy to see you I don't know what it directly translates too, but I can imagine!!
  10. Yay! More regulations! My favorite! After we do that, let's go out and tell people what they can and can't do with their own private property. Then we'll tell them how fast they can drive their private property (cars), oh, and let's make them pay every year to keep thier private property, and then let's make them get our approval before they can build a house on their property, and then let's make them ask us before they are allowed to drive their own cars. Oh, and to pay for it, we'll force them to pay us a big chunk of money. Wait... Are we too late to make regulations to take the fun out of geocaching too?
  11. My MeriPlat is usually 7'-10'. I get a little frustrated when it's 13', and when it hits 20, I'm flat-out pissed off. I'd probably throw it away if it was 19-29 feet.
  12. Well, I'd bet that Garmin's tech support is just about like everyone else's tech support: Most of the employees don't really know what's going on. They have a 'script' on a computer that tells them what to say to you. If you ever run across someone that knows what they are doing, get their name and instructions on how to get them the next time something breaks.
  13. Watch closer between globe and Phoenix. There are a couple of stretches of road that they put a passing lane in, where it wasn't really wide enough to put one in. There's been times I've gone through and was concerned about the guardrail on the right and the vehicle passing on the left. I felt like it was a tight squeeze and I can't imagine what it would have been like if there was a biker pedaling up through there. It would have definately let me test out my brakes. Like I said, if you aren't riding that part in the evening, where the west-bound people have the sun in their eyes, you'll be fine. The canyon isn't too bad for width in most of the places. It's the up & down... & up that I'd be worried about. I don't know 88. I never take it. I think the last time I drove on it was in 88 or 89. I'd say that most of the highways in Arizona have less than 8" of shoulder. You're going to have to deal with that on any road you take.
  14. OOOOoohhhh,,, On a BIKE.... It's all so clear to me now... You're going through Globe to Phoenix on a bike? You're brave! I wouldn't do that if you paid me! There's a lot of narrow road with no shoulder. If it's in the daytime, most will be fine, but if it's at dusk, and the sun is in people's eyes, you'd probably get flattened. I guess the road from Show Low to Heber to Payson isn't a whole lot better... the road between Payson and Phoenix is like an interstate though... You'll do a lot of huffing and puffing as you cross the great divide and go in to Springerville (elevation 7000+), and if you choose to go the Payson route, it would be 7000 again. That and you have the Salt River Canyon between Show Low and Globe. Most cars have a hard time making it out of there! (look over the edges as you go through and you'll see several that didn't) You go from about 4800' on the east side, down to about 3400', then right back up to 4700' all in about 11 miles. Personally, I'd have a heart attack, but you're probably in a LOT better shape than I am...
  15. Back on topic... I believe in quality over quantity. That's why I primarily look for ones that are previously "not found", or have been last reported in 1970 or earlier. I like to find the ones that are along abandoned highways and railways. I can spot benchmarks while driving 65mph down the highway. There are literally about 50 Arizona Dept of Transportation benchmarks between my workplace and my home (some are even in the NGS database), and about 4 NGS benchmarks that I can see while driving past. What challenge is that?
  16. I can't tell you about the maps, but be careful about finding 'caches' over there! Who knows what would be in an ammo box!!
  17. This is almost as good as putting tin-foil on it's feet!
  18. ckhd


    It's definately a hootus. Unfortunately, it's missing it's orbit-nut.
  19. I'm confused by this statement. Define "odd." You mean it doesn't go through Albuquerque? Jamie I believe he means "odd" because you are taking highways instead of interstates. You chose US-60 instead of I-40 or I-10. Most people don't like traveling the 'back roads'. I actually prefer it.
  20. Me too. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my MeriPlat, it's just that I could have saved a few bucks on the Gold. The difference is that the MeriPlat has a barometer, thermometer and magnetic copmass, where the Gold doesn't (it still has a GPS based compass). The Meridian gold/platinum have a 16mb base map, and you can add unlimited memory for more maps, and more detailed maps (it uses industry standard SD cards). I have a 256MB card and I have the four corners states, Nevada, Wyoming and parts of CA on it. If I did more travelling, I'd just get more cards, or a bigger card, and have more maps. I'm not sure about the gold, but the platinum will also do autorouting if you have a Magelland Direct Route map loaded. I don't know anything about the Legend. I've only used 2 Garmins and found them hard to use (probably because I'm used to Magellans).
  21. I actually found out that my ISP has blocked access to it. Not sure why, maybe I got too many images... I mentioned it to them, maybe they will fix it.
  22. Since you bought it used, you have no warranty. Expect to pay a chunk of change to get it fixed.
  23. On the main geocaching page (www.geocaching.com), where it says: New! Benchmark hunting You can now search for NGS Benchmarks in the US. Check out the new section. you can click on the "Check out the new section" part and it takes you there. Or, you can remember www.geocaching.com/mark Whatever you like.
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