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  1. I talked to Peasinapod and he confirmed that he and Team Geo-Rangers did find 626 caches in 24 hours which is a new world record !
  2. This seems more like an entry level Geocaching specific unit. I need that plus much more outdoor function. I'm hoping that'll come out in later models. Sounds like a great unit to have from your car to the cache,I don't need this unit to do what an automotive gps unit already does !
  3. How do you become an Magellan Insider ? I want to play with this new gps !
  4. I'm using a Kingston 8gb micro sdhc card on my 60cxs.
  5. I ordered the Out&Back from Amazon for $ 197.00 , I will post more info when I receive it !
  6. Here is a link to the latest firmware and manual to that unit . http://www.magellangps.com/support/product.asp?prodid=171
  7. http://www.hospitalitysuites.com/rates.cfm Inexpensive and near lots of caches within walking distance !
  8. To me it is not about the size of the cache or what the cache contains,it is about the thrill of the hunt and getting out of the house doing something with friends and or family !
  9. I have both units and I prefer the 210 because it takes AA batteries ! In sunny Arizona I also find the greyscale easier to read in the sunlight. The 500 lasts about 7 hours geocaching,the 210 lasts 12 hours with my rechargeables.
  10. Anders, if I remember right you can load multible pocket queries on a 60csx until they totaled 1000,then you could not load anymore so could you please test my theory by adding more than 1000 waypoints to the unit to verify that it can hold more in active memory ? Guy
  11. Option 5 is what I would probably do IF I really was convinced the cache is missing ! That also might be the best way of getting the owners attention.
  12. More colorado Reviews ! http://www.gpsmagazine.com/2008/01/garmin_...view.php?page=1
  13. I have been using a magellan meridian gold for the past 4 years and over 7000 finds,the only cons are I'd like a color screen for night caching and the reception is not as good as a Garmin 60csx ! The 60csx does get you to ground zero faster. Pros You can load as many pocket queries as your SD card will hold and load them into active memory when in that area. Large map display that redraws the map quickly. Can easily be seen in direct sun.
  14. Loading them into the Triton is the problem! The Triton freezes up after the upload and you can't do anything with it.
  15. You running Vista on your computer? XP home and XP Media, both up to date, on the two home machines I have been unsuccessful in connecting to Triton 400. You can get to to communicate with the vantage point software if you read the Vantage point manual. You need to select vantage point in the communications options under settings in the view setting.
  16. You running Vista on your computer? I'm running Win xp pro !
  17. Right now I can certainly not recommend buying the Triton 400 because I can not get a pocket query to load on the 2 different units I that I have attempted to load a query on using the vantage point software. Both units just froze up that I tried to load a query on ! Has anyone else experienced this ?
  18. I just bought a Triton 400 at the Sports Chalet in Tempe,Arizona. The only thing I can report so far is it did come with a cable to communicate with a PC.(almost the same cable used with the Explorist models,just a little bigger 6 pin connector) I just got home from the store so I'll be playing with it over the next few days.
  19. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=...areProduct=8580 The only difference I can see is the nuvi has voice prompts !
  20. It's easier if you do the pushawalla trail backwards, I think it's #1 then #2 ,then #29 on down ! I did both trails quite a while ago.
  21. Try plugging your ac adapter into the usb cable to add more power so your PC will recognize your unit. I had the same problem as you.
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