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What is the oldest cache you have found...? List the GC code and location for all of us to see.


I was fortunate to visit the Oregon coast last year and found GC92 (Un-Original Stash) http://coord.info/GC92 on the way home. That is the oldest for me so far. I have a couple others in mind that have really low GC numbers..


Thanks for sharing!

PaneledZero :huh:

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I'm one of the Mingo graduates. http://coord.info/GC30

That's on my list for next week. Still, GC18, Tarryall is the oldest. :huh:


I am also a Mingo graduate.


And in the interest in accuracy Mingo is the oldest active cache in the world.


The first caches put into the database were entered by location and not by date placed. This caused caches on the west coast, closer to the person entering them into the database to have lower numbers.

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Would be:


Phil's Memorial Cache (Oldest CA. Cache)


Luckily it is fairly close to where I live.


Oldest CA cache with a big asterisk..... It was archived for 4 years.


Here's a list of the first 100 geocaches. Most have been archived. Mingo ( GC30 ) is the oldest unarchived cache.


Yep, the asterisks don't get any bigger than that one!! If it was my oldest, I wouldn't even officially count it as oldest. :huh:


I'm another one with The Spot in New York, as my oldest. Looks like the 18th cache placed in the world.

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GCD4 Bovine Hill Stash.


Sorry, I don't know how to linky the pagey.


Mine was GC92 same as the OP.


J, to link to things, in the bar at the top of the textarea, you see the B symbol for bold, etc. Click on the little globe with what looks like a chainlink on it. It will prompt you to put in the URL, then a title for that URL, and then click OK. That's how ya do it!

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My oldest is Mountain Marsh (by Mike Teague), GC8, placed 5/28/00.

Ditto. The first cache in Washington state, sadly now archived.

:huh: It makes me so sad. I'm equally sad that I didn't take any pictures of the logbook pages. That was one of the neatest caches, a bit of an adventure to get to, pretty location, and to hold the original logbook in your hands and read those first signatures....

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I'm one of the Mingo graduates. http://coord.info/GC30

That's on my list for next week. Still, GC18, Tarryall is the oldest. :yikes:

Here's an interesting bit of trivia...The guy who placed "Tarryall" was FTF on MINGO! And, he never logged another find online!

As for me:

Mingo 11/05/00 oldest in Kansas, World

NH#1-Mines Follies 29/10/00 oldest in New Hampshire

Another Brick in the Wall 11/12/00 oldest in Connecticut

The Fort Williams Cache 2/01/01 oldest in Maine

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I've never been to the northwest or Kansas since I've been geocaching so I don't have any of the GC12, the original location plaque, or Mingo, but I've also found The Spot in NY, as well as the oldest caches in Connecticutt (Another Brick in the Wall) and the oldest in Rhode Island (Breton Point).


I plan on holding a 10 year anniversary event at Brenton Point his coming December. Feel like return to RI to help celebrate?

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My oldest found would be GC8DO - Cruise Cache Labadee , placed in May 2001 .

It was the oldest cahce in the country of Haiti, located on a beach owned by a cruise ship line. It had been muggled many times over the years and replaced by cruising cachers several times. The present cache container is one I placed there last month after a string of DNFs threatened to archive it. It's a grandfathered "vacation cache" and I suspect that grandfathered cache types are ripe for archiving.

I was glad to play a part in keeping such an old cache alive.

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