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  1. Umm, one of the reasons that traveling caches were having problems is because a lot of them are just carried to events and have become pocket caches. Not sure how that's better than parking lot caches. I'll keep on enjoying caches by going out for a hike or traveling to an interesting new place. And so will I. I just wont be wasting my time looking for garbage (because really that's all it ends up being anyway) and enjoying the sites and walk more. As far as the other two delta bravos that think Im part of the melt down,, like I said I just dont care anymore. First post here in years and definitely the last
  2. Just when I thought this game couldn't get any worse. They go and pull this sort of stuff. I have turned off the auto renewal. I'm not really mad about it because I have lost interest a wile ago,,,, Good luck and thanks for all the fish. Enjoy your parking lots folks
  3. Agreed 100% I have zero interest in souvenirs or most challenges for that matter and wish I could remove that tab. Im not going to bust on the people that love them or created them Im sure they are proud of their work . So I am sticking to Letterboxing this month
  4. Hi and welcome to the game. As to your first question,, you can do both. You also can put under "a cache hidden by_____" just about any name you choose. The default is your account name. I would suggest what ever you think works the best or easiest for you. Question number 2,,, none that I know of
  5. I use a Mac but not Magellan. Make sure you have "enabled" the plugin either on Safari or Firefox http://www.magellangps.com/Magellan-Communicator-for-Mac
  6. I found one listed on ebay looks like a car mount satellite radio antenna,, very impractical. I dont think you will have much luck finding stuff for something so out dated
  7. I "Found/Attended" the maze in Rochester in 2009 Through site updates the Maze is now an event that you attend and not a find as I originally logged it
  8. Poor Charlie Brown That's all he ever got for Halloween is ROCKS
  9. Not all cachers find caches, the really dumb stuff is most likely left by kids,, that being said I have found cigarettes and live rounds most likely left by hunters(even had hunters sign my log books and they didnt steal my ammo box's ) people who leave any type of food stuffs have never bothered to read the guidelines or creed
  10. Sadly this seems like the norm any more. It used to bother me, now for the few box's I have, I will stock up on $1 store items go out once year remove the garbage people have left for "fair trades" and put in new stuff.
  11. I cant get a photo to upload from my phone, either in the field or at home connected to wifi. I tried the regular Waymarking site too, I received the error message saying my photo was not a jpg file. I tried the navigation wile I stood in the church parking lot. It seems to lag but if you said it works better when driving then it makes sense why it was clunky
  12. I dont stay logged in after I close the browser window and then reopen it. I can search all near by with out being logged in but I found that after I log in it will not show ones I logged still need to test the pic upload
  13. thought i would bump this topic,,,,works nice now Thanks!
  14. If the one you placed is to close to a waypoint for another, then its a cut and dry matter. It is to close to another cache or way point I have had this problem just like many others. I would suggest that you work with the owner of the puzzle cache. Explain the situation to them. I would bet they would be willing to help you out.
  15. I have 3 out and they work fine. I cover them with the cammo duct tape that they sell at the same store works great and faster than spray paint.
  16. Im tellin ya its true I have never seen the North East and parts of canada look so crisp
  17. Groundspeak has partnered with Cache Quest! Log into Google Maps click on Quest. Not only will it show you a direct route to a Geocache, you will also get to listen really cool music playing in the background! The music changes as you get closer to a cache. The new maps are in SPECTACULAR 8 BIT
  18. True DAT! get notification,,,look at cache page,,, its a micro,,, leave cache page delete email and dont look back
  19. Same with me. I picked up and archived 2- 30cal box's yesterday. To begin with I stocked them with better quality stuff from the $ store. Decks of cards, small tools, tape measures, crayons, toy cars ect. I ended up with,, ripped pieces of paper and plastic broken pencils and broken crayons business cards and a very large piece of blue cloth I can reuse maybe 5 items. It is what it is I almost never trade any more just like a dry log book and to keep bugs moving
  20. There is a NEW Western New York Group Please check them out http://wnygeocachers.com/
  21. You asked a very good question in your other post. Many times people have wrecked a GZ by their inappropriate behavior looking for the cache in the first place. Just as there are many caches hidden in places they really should not be. I am not a fan of special extraction tools. But to each their own just use your common sense. The use of "stealth" is not in my caching mantra
  22. I normally go on non cell phone cacheing friendly extended hikes. So I take along a drink and some granola bars. I keep a real compass and pocket knife and some times trail maps in my pack too. Oh and a towel if you have read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy you will know why.
  23. I have owned two Magellan's and did not like either one. I got a Garmin GPSmap 60 a few years ago and liked it a lot and keep it as a back up. You can get them pretty cheap now as the new model has come out. I now mostly use a Delorme Pn 60 and love it. So what ever your budget allows I would go with a Garmin
  24. You can edit as many times as you see fit. You also can post a note to add coins or TB's Just MAKE SURE you have it enabled so the reviewer sees it in que
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