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  1. I don't place much value on other people's DNF logs unless they are geocachers I trust to be thorough. In most instances, I will look for myself. When I have a DNF, I typically keep an eye on the cache for a while and if I might log a "Needs Maintenance" if it keeps getting DNFs.
  2. I don't worry too much about the cache itself, I research the location to make sure we can all get there and to decide what equipment we need for the littlest one. Actually finding the geocache is a small part of the overall experience, I don't dwell on that at all.
  3. It's totally okay to backlog. Owners appreciate knowing what's happening. I got a log on a long-archived cache the other day, and it was helpful that the log explained what she was doing so I know it's not bogus.
  4. The stat that jumped out at me was how many finds there are on my caches. I am thinking about that relative to my own find count, and it's interesting.
  5. Difficulty is reflected in its own rating.
  6. The boulder is camouflage and should not be incorporated into the size assessment.
  7. I once had a tinfoil hat type of person yell at me for geocaching, something something the gubmnt tracking people's whereabouts with GPS. Whatever.
  8. Again, since the primary function of the game is finding geocaches, external volume should be the basis for size categorization.
  9. All of these scenarios are legitimate reasons for posting a DNF. Ultimately, the main consumer of your logs is you. Log in the manner that is most useful for your record keeping.
  10. Honestly, if it doesn't involve actual geocaches that count towards people's stats, you probably won't attract many geocachers.
  11. What is with all the zombie thread bumping lately? Does this seem spammy to anyone else?
  12. A red wrench or multiple DNFs won't deter me from taking a look if I am in the area anyway, but I probably wouldn't set that cache as a main target.
  13. I don't see why this is alarming or why it can't be explained by the dramatic rise in popularity we all saw when app-based caching really took off. We are at a point now, in Canada and the US anyway, where the opportunity to attract new cachers through the app has been tapped. There was a surge, which included many people who didn't stick with the game. Until there is a new innovation that somehow taps into a different group of potential new cachers, we aren't going to see a surge like that again.
  14. As others have discussed, my main gripe with them is that they sometimes exploit geocaches without the owner's permission.
  15. Perhaps the mods could get this back onto the topic of new cache placements rather than allowing it to devolve into one user's detailed lamentation about wet logbooks, yet again.
  16. This analysis is flawed. You should compare similar new caches across time. Find frequency on individual caches naturally declines over time because people typically only find a cache once.
  17. An area with many caches shouldn't look interesting for cache placement... because it is already full of caches.
  18. So yeah, your comments about my area seem to contradict each other. I live in a large-ish city that is pretty cache saturated with caches. As I said before, that's going to inhibit cache placement even if the interest is there.
  19. If they were feasible for sustainable powertrail or other cache placements they would have gotten scooped up a few years ago when things were really hot. This area was very saturated with a highly active caching population and regular cache hiding events. I don't know where other users are located but in my area we don't see a lot of the roadside trails close to, or within, the city.
  20. Thinking about our area after the explosion of power trails a few years ago, there simply isn't the space for tons of new cache placements even if the interest level is there.
  21. Since we are on the topic of ethics, is it ethical to make this kind of mean-spirited comment? Is this behaviour more ethical than logging a virtual geocache with the owner's permission?
  22. Cache owners are always required to act according to the guidelines. This post is about virtual geocaches. No need to muddy the waters with more needless anxiety about hypothetical poor physical cache ownership.
  23. It interferes with their attempts to disguise personal preferences as ethics.
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