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  1. I don't know much about him other than he is a member at the Multitool.org forums and he makes the Skinth bags along with making modifications to multitools.
  2. My Geo Bag is a Versapak clone that has served me well, but it some situations, it is too bulky and unhandy to have dangling from my shoulder. While I was snooping around in another forum a thread about the Skinth popped up. There are several versions available, but the TrailBlazer looks like it was made for Geocaching. Skinth Solutions It looks like it would hold a GPS, writing utensils, cache maintenance supplies and many of the little tools and gadgets that come in handy when caching. There many pictures of the TrailBlazer in the listing and some even show it with a match container and a pill fob in the pockets. For the record, I am in no way associeated with the maker of the the Skinth.
  3. My current frustration as a cache owner comes from my letterbox hybrids. People take the stamps and ink pads out of them. These items are in a separate baggie with "Do not remove stamp or ink pad from the cache" written on them. I get mad then I cool down and replace them.
  4. I buy mine at Meijer Stores, but they are only located in 5 states.
  5. I have done a lot of caching in parks, but have never had someone approach me like that. Does that mean that I am unattractive?
  6. There is a cacher in SW Michigan that is known for using leaky containers and not maintaining them. A few months ago he archived all his caches then re-listed them without even changing the logs. Many were still wet. Mad more than a few people mad.
  7. I usually drive to the general area then walk to the cache. Sometimes the walk lasts only a few feet, sometimes it lasts several miles.
  8. GC17E0 The CO for this one is still very active and moves a lot of trackables.
  9. You were around before my time, but welcome back anyway. What made you decide to get active again?
  10. Most if not all of the people who found the final for GC26RHZ did not find the first stage.
  11. I use the field notes feature in Cacheberry to log my visits immediately. If I want to record information for other purposes I use the notepad on my BlackBerry.
  12. I like the grip you tied onto the staff. HERE are some other ideas.
  13. You can pull data and map multiple waypoints at once with Cacheberry. I do it often.
  14. I have to agree with Gitchee and Sweetlife. Camo paint is more versatile, provides a better result and lasts longer.
  15. If you can meet the requirements then go ahead and log it. If the CO doesn't feel that you met the requirements they will tell you so.
  16. Ok. Maybe I need to spend more time around a greater variety of people, but What does 42 mean and how does it apply to this topic? Edited to express the complete thought
  17. It seems a little ironic. Because of privacy concerns GC.com changed the guidelines for requiring photos to log EarthCaches. Then GC.com added the "like it" button that exposes the users to the privacy concerns associated with Facebook.
  18. When I first saw THIS ONE on a log, I thought a muggle had found the cache and signed with a name that they thought would be cleverly offensive. But as you can see, its the name of an actual cacher. My next guess was that he was a phlebotomist, but that doesn't appear to be correct either.
  19. specially the ones that do it to look like they're important and they work at some burger joint. rofl. Important people never go to burger joints?
  20. We are still getting them for caches in our Old School Caches series.
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