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  1. Dear Coin Spotlight Mission Members, I wanted to let you all know that Steve of Team Luvbassn was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer on September 19 and died on October 1. He loved doing these missions and received a mission shortly after his death, I'm not sure if it was for this mission or for the love of it all. I know he would have loved everything in the mission. He would remind me of a child waiting for Christmas to come when a mission was expected. Thanks to you all for making Steve a happy cacher. Elaine
  2. 1st mission pix. Thanks MaineGuy. I haven't actually seen the contents yet, I am on vacation in Oregon and my son e-mailed these photos.
  3. I can't count the number of useless e-mails I have received just from people who do not like to get e-mails.
  4. That post looked nothing like what I wrote. I got one from fttravler but not my second mission box
  5. I got one from flues let but have not receive my second mission boa
  6. Napa California's 11-11-11 event is on line. GC3371A
  7. I too am behind on getting mine out. I am scheduled to receive my last piece on Friday. I should get them out on Monday.
  8. No I didn't even know about it. Any iideas on where to get it
  9. I have finally have gotten all but one Mardi Gras coins. Guess which one? I would like a AE Ronaldo Mask. I will take activated or not. Please e-mail me using my forum address. I know it is futile. I have a California, Utah And Summer Solstice for trade or $
  10. I don't think I have received my second mission.
  11. When I started collecting I had no idea what to do. So half of my collection has the name changed and on most I can't seem to find anything about them. I guess I could take pictures, but I have at least a hundred by now. So I do not have an owned list. I am trying to figure out have to do it
  12. A five foot long wind sock of a bass 2 1 million dollar bills a bass xmas ornament fridge magnet beverage cooler, scented coaster a great coat with a fish and a "gone fishing rainbow trout geocoin and a geico traveler Thanks to FLtraveler for the box and a big thanks to sheltiedogshowlover for hosting it.
  13. 1st mission Signed up: I forgot, sometime in July Name received: 8-13-11 Mission Sent: Mission Received: 2nd mission Signed up: I forgot, sometime in July Name received: 8-13-11 Mission Sent: Mission Received: Now the fun starts!
  14. I did not know I could clo0se it. I thought it just fell off the end of the thread. I sure want to see the pix too.
  15. I hear that happens with age.... Didn't think you were that old?! Looks like this mission is finally over. Thanks to everyone who participated. These are harder to run than I thought,but maybe I'll try again. Steve
  16. Make mine a 2 mission mission if possible. thanks
  17. I finally got home from my vacation and FLtravelers box was at the post office. I will post pix in the next few days. I wonder how he knew I had just got back from a fishing vacation? The mission was packed with a fishing theme. Thanks FLtravelers
  18. From the FAQ I read "The hosts decide on the retail price as a group" as meaning we all decide, as a group, but that's cool. In Auckland, NZ, we'll probably go with about NZ$14 or 15, which is roughly in line with AU$11 (or US$11 plus a bit for the extra shipping). Unfortunately NZ$11 is too low. I have already told my monthly event cachers that I will sell them for $10. I don't know if I could change that, maybe.
  19. Am on two weeks vacation, will not have access to my mail till return, just a note so my senders don't think I'm lazy and didn't post pix,
  20. We are so glad you liked the package. It was the better half of Team Luvbassn idea to wrap everything. I think she did a great job. From now on we have to share the missions. But I keep the coins!
  21. How about we make this real easy. Anyone except KeeWee have NOT gotten theirs?
  22. Email sent: 24 June 2011 Name received: 27 June 2011 Package sent: Package received: Ordering some things now, should be within a week. Mission 1 Email sent: 24 June 2011 Name received: 27 June 2011 Package sent: 18 July 2001 Package received: Now just waiting for mine, <_< <_< <_<
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